August 2012

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me all the time “Who did your website!?” and the answer is always so complicated. If you’re talking about the Blog, Flosites designed it and they did a magnificent job. I loved working with them and I’m STILL working with them! If you’re talking about my Website, I designed it through Showit! The thing about Showit is that it’s not just a web design platform, it’s a community! Now, do I pay $39 a month to have friends? No, the community of Showit is just an added bonus and I really cherish these relationships! We recently had a Share Group meetup in Downtown the other night. It’s hard to get together in the middle of CRAZY season

but a few of us showed up to shoot the oh so lovely Tori Watson from Marvelous Things Photography. She’s just gorgeous and if I had curly hair, I would want it to be JUST LIKE HERS!! So enjoy a few from our night on the town!!

Oh Tori please!! It’s not fair for one girl to be so photogenic!

Oh and look who graced us with his presence!

Bahahaha! A GREAT model never loses her pose until she’s told… Tori… you crack me up!!

Love them:)


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  1. Abby Grace reply

    All I can think when I see that last frame is you exclaiming “GUYS! Don’t step in her way, she’s shooting FILM.” I had such a fun time last week! Can’t wait for the next one :)

  2. Sara Eastman reply

    How did I miss this awesome meet up? I use Showit but don’t know about a meeting :-( Looks like fun!

  3. Serena reply

    LOVE this post! Tori is adorable + I love her outfit + her hair is awesome. :)

  4. ali w reply

    maybe by the next one I’ll be able to come because I’ll have a showit site!! so exciting :)

  5. Erin reply

    Absolutely gorgeous shots!

  6. David Jay reply

    You’re amazing Katelyn! …and Showiteers are seriously the most wonderful people ever and we are so stoked at how they continually support and share with each other. Thanks for leading and serving and encouraging them to get together!

  7. Tori reply

    love these, katelyn! it’s always so much fun hanging out with my showiteer fam & you all made me feel like a million bucks. :)

  8. Michelle Feeney reply

    Beautiful work Katelyn!

  9. Lauren Rogers reply

    We seriously need to do this like every other week. I had so much fun! Forget shooting for money, let’s just drag Tori around Richmond in cute clothes.

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