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blessed with great friends in my life…. GREAT friends. Friends that I know I will be close with for a LIFETIME. I’m so thankful for the girls that I grew up with and then the girls that I spent my college year with . They seem like family to me and I adore them. However, as close as I am to those girls, there is one friend that sits one notch above them all and that’s Emy… my little sister. Sure, we went through those high school years where we hated each other and were embarrassed to be seen together but that phase was short lived for us. As we grew up we quickly became friends….. REAL friends.  Ya know, like that type of friends that you

love spending time with and it’s never awkward or boring or forced. I just love being with my family and I especially love time with Emy.  I’ve seen those cutesy signs that read “My sister is my best friend” and “Sisters are forever”… and while I’l never decorate with those (because I have high decor standards, I’m such a snob), I have to agree that they are true. Emy is my closest, most trust worthy and reliable girlfriend in my life and I love her. I love spending time with her and I’m so thankful that I have a sister…. some people never get to experience what it feels like to be related to one of your best friends… it’s pretty cool!! So today’s blog post is in honor of Emy!! She just moved to PA and I miss her already! However, I did get to see her twice in one week which was unexpected!! I think road trips up north are going to become a regular occurrence for us:). Emy I love you! Goodluck at your first day of work in the real world!!


ps. 3 weddings ago Emy helped me out and so of course I made her model for some location scouting shots! Love these! My sister is beautiful!

Those other shots make her look so sweet and quiet… oh she can be loud! This is more like the real Emy….

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  1. Anna Burke reply

    I love this post! Sisters are the best :) And I remember those days of you and Emy growing up and I’m so glad that the two of you (and all 4 of us Beale girls) have grown to be best friends! Love you girls :)

  2. Emily H reply

    Emily! You are so beautiful!!! I hope you have the best first day ever! I love you!

  3. caroline reply

    YAY!!!! well done and well said. Grateful for the crib-crew :) I love you both so much!! Emy James you are GORGEOUS!!! Hottie….

  4. Julianna reply

    YAAYYYYYY EMILY!!!!!!!! LOVE this post, Katelyn. I known she thinks the same about you! Emily, you are soooo beautiful!!!!!

  5. Greg D. reply

    Yes, Katelyn, your sister is beautiful – inside and out. And, so are you. I know without a doubt how proud your parents are of Emy, Corey, you and Michael. When I see pictures of Emily, it reminds me so much of your beautiful grandmother, Doris James.

  6. Meredith Sledge reply

    These are SO cute! I love the first and last one!! I wish I had a sister!

  7. Brenda (KK’s & Emy’s mom) reply

    What a sweet post! So glad that my girls are best friends and enjoy each other so much. What a blessing they are to me and their Daddy. :)

  8. Daddy reply

    Beautiful. I am a blessed, blessed, blessed man. Luv u

  9. Carly Arnwine reply

    I thought this was you for a moment! Beautiful post :)

  10. Caitlin Sullivan reply

    Isn’t your sister being your best friend the BEST?! I’m in the same boat! One of life’s greatest blessings!

  11. Faye Bernoulli reply

    Your sister is beautiful! I’m one of those unlucky ones with no sister :( I’m an only child, and I grew up completely jealous of those with siblings, haha

  12. Emy reply

    KK, you are sooo sweet! I started reading this at work yesterday and literally got through like 4 sentences before I had to stop because I was about to start crying. I am so incredibly thankful for you too!! You are the greatest sister a girl could ask for… I love you so much and I love that we are more than sisters, we’re best friends! I miss spending half my weeks with you, michael, and Bokeh. :( Come visit again soon!!!!

  13. Kristina W. reply

    Yay Emy!!!!

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