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needs a hobby. My hobby used to be photography. In college, my favorite thing to do in my free time was hangout with people, take pictures and then post them to facebook. I literally have hundreds of personal albums on my facebook account! But after Photography became my career….. it started to feel less and less like a hobby. I have to be really careful that I shoot for ME sometimes and not JUST during sessions and weddings. After doing this for three years, I’ve realized that there are other creative outlets in my life that give me a break from photography.  I love to sing Adele and play the piano (by ear, I have no idea how to read music… I wish I did!).

I also LOVE TO DECORATE!!!! I told Michael that decorating has officially become my new “Hobby” since photography is my career. And since it’s healthy to have hobbies… I see nothing wrong with wanting to redecorate the living room!! I think his response to that was a slight eye-roll. Anyway, I love to decorate and there is SO much more to decor than just some pretty pillows and a few lamps. Decorating revolves around all the same design concepts that go into creating a great image, designing a good album, etc. There needs to be balance and contrast and good lines, etc. This is all so interesting to me! But to those of you out there that could care less about decorating….this post is going to bore you and I apologize!


So last year, one month after Christmas, I was walking through Target and I “just happened” to walk down the decor aisle and found the clearance. There were so many red tags stacked one on top of the other that it was hard to tell how much these items even cost! This hurricane vase that you’re about to see was $3.99 and the original tag read $29.99! So OF COURSE I had to get it!  Then the little wood chip rose bouquet was $2.99 as well so I added that to the cart. Little did I know that with these two pieces, a new rustic Christmas display was going to be born!  Until THIS year, I had totally forgotten that we had a red wreath that matched the bouquet and some red beaded garland that was unused. After decorating the mantle at 2am, I was still on a roll and I found enough bits and pieces to put together this small rustic Christmas display in our living room. It’s not much, it’s tiny. However, I was proud of myself for actually using my  awesome bargain finds from Target and creating something with those left behind clearance items that no one wanted!! So have a happy Wednesday and if you happen to stop by Target any time soon, be sure to checkout the clearance section… you never know what goodies you may find!!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Chelsea Patricia (Atlanta Wedding Photographer) reply

    Oh my goodness–I looove it!
    You are SO freaking good at decor! I don’t know how you do it!

  2. Kelley Finnegan reply

    I have that same flower poof thing from Target in black. It’s in my bathroom! Target is fabulous!

  3. caitlin reply

    honestly. i absolutely adore when you post these things. HOWEVER. it just encourages my somewhat unhealthy obsession with owning a house and decorating (as well as my love for target and pottery barn. for seriously.).

  4. Deborah Zoe reply

    Can you please come decorate my house?! Love it!!

  5. Abby Grace reply

    Sometimes I read/view our blog posts and seethe with envy at your prodigious design and decorating skills. This is any area where I have ZERO talent!

  6. Meredith Sledge reply

    Your house is seriously perfect. I want you to decorate mine when I get a house. Hahahaha. You’re amazing.

  7. Erin Schrad reply

    I wish I could just get my house de-cluttered, let alone “show model” decorated!! Katelyn, I wish I could bottle your energy!!

  8. Erin Schrad reply

    I wish I could just get my house de-cluttered, let alone “show model” decorated!! Katelyn, I wish I could bottle your energy!!

  9. Becca reply

    I love it!!! Like 2 days ago my friends and I were talking about furniture and registries– I had to show them your awesomely decorated bedroom, which I then further exceed their wildest wants by showing them your office! Everyone went gah-gah. So I of course showed them the bathroom and Christmas decor of your house as well- lots of blog personal category stalking happened from EMU nursing that day. Needless to say everyones way jealous of your decorating skills and trying to copy with pottery barn registries!

  10. Annia reply

    I had to reread the part where you mentioned that the wreath was, oh just lying around… as if it didn’t match the bouquet EXACTLY. Like, what ARE the chances??

  11. Christy reply

    I seriously need you to come decorate our place for the holidays for me. Your eye is just amazing at this stuff! So beautiful!

  12. Brooke Summer Photography reply

    Just *happened* to see the clearance right? LoL! I’m decorationally challenged, you can decorate my home and studio too. :)

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