Isn’t this fun!? I like giving you sneak peeks that don’t give too much away but get you excited!! So get excited! Jared and Lauryn’s wedding is coming to the blog sometime next week!!

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  1. Anna reply

    yay!!!! I’m ready to see all of them :)

  2. Garrett reply

    I Love the color of that truck! Can I have it? Psst I commented KK

  3. Allison reply

    OMG I love this picture!!!!

  4. Karin Dowling reply

    I don’t want to wait ’til next week to see them :(

  5. beth reply

    bahaha… this so so reminds me of that painting of the farmer and his wife- the really famous one. :)

  6. sydni reply

    oh… that comment was supposed to be made by me…

  7. patti lashomb reply

    LOL, this is the PERFECT teaser for whats to come!! can’t wait to see all of it! Katelyn, you were awesome last night!

  8. Lauryn and Jared reply

    Katelyn!!!!!!! This is perfect, and youre so awesome! Thank you for everything, and we will be patient and wait for the rest :-) God has truly gifted you and you were a huge blessing to our wedding!

  9. Shar G. reply

    It’s so hard to wait! Even if it was cloudy that usually makes the colors pop more. I think they are going to be beautiful!

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