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  1. Lauryn Galloway reply

    I cant wait to see more. White is my favorite color!! Pretty light :-)

  2. AshleyP reply

    Ahhh….you make me soo happy, Katelyn!! I’v been stalking all day for this! Ohh, it’s the little things in life. lol Cant wait for more!

  3. j gar reply

    1st comment on sneak peak in 010, as the fia would call it. Yes, i shortened fiance. Deal with it.

  4. j gar reply

    Dang it, I wasn’t 1st. So pissed. This is my rebuttal. We were doing our workout, and we proved that Michael’s legs are much longer than mine.

  5. britney reply

    aw maaan. sneak peeks are such a tease kk! hey its 5am and ur not up with me at the middle house. but maybe ur still up working on some pics for an upload tomorrow?? ;)

  6. caroline reply

    AAAHHH!!!! I’m sooooo excited about this one.. GAH! the suspense is killing meee
    i cant wait to see my friends on your blog….epic :)
    oh hey, i love you!

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