A Super Sweet Saturday!

  • Snow + School

think that snow days were the best when I was in high school. I got to stay home, miss school and watch TV.  It was awesome. However, what I didn’t realize was just how amazing snow days are at college! You’re already with all of your friends! And when 40+ college kids get excited about snow, there is NO WAY you won’t have a good time! We waited and waited for the snow to come last night and finally, at 3 am, it started to fall! We woke up this morning and I knew it was just a matter of time before the crowds would start to gather.  Everyone started to trickle in and before we knew it, there were 40+ people involved in a massive snowball fight.

Newport News doesn’t see much snow and so when it actually amounts to something here, it’s a BIG DEAL!

Now, I’m still working on that Literature Review that’s due Monday but I have been rewarding myself in small increments. If I finished one page, I got to edit the snow pics.  If I finished another page, I got to blog them!! So I am making progress. It’s just a slow process. So enjoy the pictures from today as I go back to work.

My sweet friend Lindsay let me be in a picture! yay!

Aw, group pic! Thanks Lindsay!

Check out the pics from our last big snow! Click Here!

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  1. Connie Beth reply

    I knew you were going to take super amazing snow pictures!!! So cute! <3

  2. AshleyP reply

    I LOVE how your rocking the famous teal with the camo jacket! Beautiful as always!

  3. Brendan reply

    Katelyn, I made the blog! I believe that is a 1st.

  4. michael reply

    wow alteration. great job…glad I was here for this one…love you

  5. SARAH BRAWLEY reply

    wow. i am litterally in awe. these are brilliant. in love love love.
    you are so good at what you do! LOVE the group shot and the bike one!!!!

  6. deebs reply

    kk these are awesome! gorgeous and so fun! miss you guys, glad everyone in nn had a wonderful snow day!!! xoxo. ps first pic in the set is def my favorite ;)

  7. britney reply

    so many people were there! what fun… love the shots of blue baby and my red hat (thanks alice!)

  8. Anna reply

    KK! I thought you only wore the camo jacket here… guess I was wrong! Love it :)

  9. Melody reply

    So cute…looks like you had a blast!

  10. Jessica Beale reply

    I love the jacket and the scarf…it that doesn’t capture the essence of you in one picture, I don’t know what does! I love youuu! Beautiful pictures as always, wish we were all home for a Beale throwdown!

  11. Kevin s reply

    love love love these pictures

  12. Christine Pobke reply

    Oh my gosh… LOVE THIS! :) Looks like a Gap ad for their winter season! :) Love the colours against the snow… sigh, makes me wish American winters! :)

  13. Mandy reply

    Oh my gosh KK! These turned out soo well! I think the group picture turning into the giant snow fight is so awesome. You are such a great photographer! I’m so glad you always document the fun times with such gorgeous pictures!

  14. em reply

    HA katelyn james in camo… never thought that day would come. But its been happening a lot this winter. just sayin.

  15. anne taylor reply

    willie + david= best garb of the day

  16. Cathy Crawley reply

    That looks like a fun way to spend the day! I want to go to the snow now! LOL

  17. katie g reply

    i love love love these!
    everyone looks so happy! & that makes me happy

  18. Lindsay King reply

    THIS IS MY FIRST TIME EVER BEING ON THE BLOG!!! Big day. Sent it to my Mom. Great pics!

  19. Narrelle Joy reply

    Oh this looks so gorgeous, and so much fun. I could do with a bit of that weather down here at the moment.

  20. J Gar reply

    so i’m lookin at these pictures for the 15th time already, and they keep gettin better every time. i think that snowball throwin one is the best one though, that face is just supreme. me and the fia were just talkin about how much we like lookin at em, so i thought i’d comment since you had 1100 hits because of it. about half of them are me and him, so don’t get too excited. but good work nonetheless. done and done.

  21. ruth BETHANY* reply

    soooo much fun and tenacity!!! love it!

  22. caroline reply

    snoow snooow SNOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!! great pics. the second one looks fierce and i am lovin the camo kk :)

  23. austin wedding photographer reply

    This looks like too much fun!

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