• Snowmageddon 2014

it “snows” and then other times it REALLY snows! Like, flakes the size of quarters! Thats the type of snowfall that requires a mini photo shoot! Yesterday I was sitting at the kitchen table, working on my WPPI presentation when Michael told me to look outside! The flakes were absolutely beautiful!!! And they were coming down hard! It’s the type of snow that you see in the Christmas movies and you think “It never looks like that”. Well yesterday it TOTALLY looked like a movie outside of our house! After a few minutes of watching the snow fall from the kitchen, I realized “Hey! We need family pictures of this!!”.

Our friends Buddy and Jill took a shot of them earlier in the snow and that made me want one of Michael and I! …. And Bokeh Boy! Now I know that everyone thinks that their dog is awesome… but Bokeh really is a great dog. He can be a little hyper when visitors first arrive but when it comes to listening, he obeys commands. I realized this when I told him to “SIT” on a pile of cold, wet snow for a picture and he did… he was reluctant, but he listened. Sweet boy. We love him so much… if you can’t tell by these pictures. :) I also love my husband and I’m so thankful he has been my valentine since I was 16 years old!! My first Valentines he gave me a white teddy bear that was holding a heart and inside the heart was a mixed CD of love songs. 11 years later he wrote me a 3 page love letter and I cried as I read it… not because I was sad but because I am so thankful to have him.

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