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Have you ever walked through different stores and seen certain outfits that just remind you of certain people.  My sister and I would always roam around Macy’s, pairing certain pantsuits to different women in our church! haha That was our way of killing time while momma was in the dressing room! It is so funny how certain things just remind us of certain people. There are so many things that remind me of Britney.  Whether it’s walking down Broadway in NYC or looking at fancy journals in Barnes and Noble, Britney always comes to mind. She’s so incredibly unique.  I’ve just loved “figuring” her out the last two years of living with her.  She’s so passionate about so many things and It’s so fun to see her get excited about the little things in life!


For instance, Britney LOVES anything that is old fashioned and has a hint of theater!  We were sitting on my bed one night, look through my never ending list of blogs I like to keep up with and we found a session that had an old fashion, 1950’s theme.  As soon as I saw this shoot I thought to myself, “this is soooo Britney”! She would love this! I showed her and we immediately starting planning her session!


After an incredibly stressful week full of papers and extended stays at the library, it was so much fun to walk around with Steph and Brit and just take pics all afternoon! Steph was our visionary assistant and Britney was our beautiful model! Seriously, she’s gorgeous! That’s why I couldn’t pick my favorites and I’m blogging over 30 images! haha So please enjoy! I really love doing roomate shoots and getting to try out new poses and techniques! It helps me learn so so much!  Thanks Britfit for being willing to be my model! You’re beautiful and I love you to death! !

Soooo Britney! The high heels, floppy hat and sundress…yup, that’s her!

So I’m not going to lie, this isn’t a natural lens flare… it’s my HAIR!  My hair has gotten longer and it fell in front of the lens and this is what happened! New technique?! haha

yea… she’s gorgeous.

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  1. Sarah Hayes reply

    Gooorgeous! This totally looks like my kind of photo shoot. The first dress is soooo adorable. :]

  2. Kelley reply

    GORGEOUS! Love the pictures Brit! Gotta love the red lipstick!

  3. Steph reply

    absolutely gorgeous bitty baby…i mean good thing you had a person there to hold the bags and think of all the poses haha love it good job kk

  4. Lindsay reply

    LOVE the one in the red dress against the black door… Brit you are SUCH a sexy model!!

  5. Lindsey reply


  6. Mandy reply

    So, I’ve been checking the blog like three times a day waiting to see these, and they’re finally here and even better than I expected!!! Brit, you are sooo beautiful, and these pictures are stunning! :)

  7. Charity Knutti reply

    Gorgeous,and I love each dress more than the last she looks beautiful! Amazing pictures as usual:)

  8. Heather reply

    These are absolutely gorgeous! I absolutely loved the first dress; so cute, and the red dress was stunning! love you!

  9. zoe grant reply

    katelyn, this shoot is absolutely amazing.
    she wore reallly pretty dresses, shes a stunning girl:)

  10. Caryn reply

    I love how vibrant these photos are! Beautiful work, Katelyn!

  11. Mary Marantz reply

    these are awesome! I LOVE the floppy hat!!!

  12. Jamie Delaine reply

    Are you kidding me. Seriously. Are you?! This session is RIDICULOUS. Love the colours/style/location. Wow.

  13. Betty Rae reply

    What fun you must have had doing her pictues. They are great! Enjoyed them.

  14. Megen reply

    Katelyn, these are gorgeous..I recognize that bench! And I’d really love to just have that red dress :)

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