Sneak Peek!

  • Sneak Peek!

SOOC! It means “Straight out of camera”. No editing except for a tiny bit of sharpening that comes from the wonderful Blogstomp! I don’t normally have the guts to show SOOC images but I’m being bold tonight! Get excited for More of Ben and Mary’s images! Yay for awesome light!!

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  1. Leslie reply


  2. Molly Anne reply

    This is a beauty. Can’t wait to see more!

  3. Britne reply

    such a tease! …I want to see more! :)

  4. michael reply

    Aww yeah these are good!!! and I can say that cause I got a bigger sneak peak…I’m sure the middle house girls are gonna miss seeing everything before it goes on the blog. I know Katelyn will want you all to come over and help her 5 star them. Great Job, Love you!!! THANKS FOR MY Ipad!!!

  5. Stephen reply

    SO GREAT! And yes Michael, our only look into Inspired Designs will be through the blog. There were also some Leslie Boisseau celebrity shots this wedding too and as her labor representative, I expect her contract to be delivered in full, and if one is posted on the blog; full credit given.

  6. Alex reply

    the lighting in this picture is awesome! the effect on the dress…very nice

  7. Terresa reply

    Looking forward to seeing these! Wish we could have been able to make their wedding but I’m sure all your pictures will make us feel like we were there! :)

  8. Laura reply

    If my SOOC looked like that I probably wouldn’t ever edit. This is gorgeous!!!

  9. em reply

    so excited!! these are gonna be great!!!!

  10. britney reply

    can not wait for more!!

  11. Abbey reply

    Katelyn that’s an awesome image! I wish my SOOC looked like that. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Lindsay Rawley reply


  13. caroline reply

    well good job!!! i love that dress!

  14. Kelley reply

    Ahh such a fun day!! And this picture of yall is gorgeous… so happy for you both!!

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