Hermitage Hill Farm Wedding

  • Manny + Alison | Part II

about shooting a friend’s wedding is that you get to REALLY be a part of the experience. When you go to a friend’s wedding, you normally only get to say hello at the reception and give them a big hug… but when you’re photographing a friend’s wedding… you get to be a part of the whole wedding day and that is such an honor. I got to help Ali and her wonderful bridemaids set up reception details (heaven for me!), I was there when she was getting her hair done, I watched her see her husband for the first time on her wedding day and I got to capture their first moments as “Husband and Wife!” after the walked out of the church. You see what I mean? Such a privilege.

It is a lot of work to shoot a wedding where you know almost all of the guests and you really just want to sit down and talk to them the whole time…. but I wouldn’t trade my job for anything. I loved being there with Michael and saving bits and pieces of Alison and Manny’s wedding day for them to remember! …. and let me just say… they have a LOT of bits and pieces to go through when they get back from Jamaica! Very exciting!


Alison and Manny had a fabulous wedding day. They were surrounded by so many people that love them and support them.  The weather held up and we even ended their portraits with some SUNSHINE! Imagine that! The reception was laid back, country style and SO them. I loved it. Mason jars and burlap!! I can’t wait for you to see her details!  Enjoy this last installment of their wedding images and be sure to watch their slideshow for even MORE special moments from their day! (Link at the bottom)

Ali….you seriously make my job so incredibly EASY!

Okkk! Here’s the good stuff! LOVE Ali’s dad’s vintage Chevrolet!

Manny, WOW! … Killer model face!


Aaannnnd she’s wearing another cardigan! Yes!!!!

What a perfect portrait to end with!!  Now on to the details!

A Country Candy Bar!

Love this!



Ceremony: Augusta Stone Presbyterian

Reception: Hermitage Hill Farm and Stables

Cake: Buttercream Dreams, Beaverdam, VA

Dress: David’s Bridal

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  1. Hope Helms reply

    Oh my gosh! You were totally right. That wedding definitely needed two posts!!

  2. Kristyn reply

    Katelyn – these are absolutely breathtaking! Manny + Alison’s love is just pouring out of the images. Awesome slideshow too! :)

  3. Emy reply

    So Ive decided… this is definitely one of my new favorite weddings!! I love the cardigan idea, the cowboy boots, the car, the flowers, EVERYTHING! What a beautiful wedding and KK great job capturing it, your images are beyond amazing!

  4. amanda west reply

    great day, these are amazing. i can not wait until the workshop. it’s going to be like photography cpr! breathing in your talents/gifts and breathing out a new eye for when I shoot!!!!

  5. Happy reply

    Amazing Katelyn! But then, when you use your God-given gifts and talents to bless others…why should we expect anything else. Soli Deo Gloria. Always.

  6. Julianna reply

    Oh. My. Goodness. Incredible. What an absolutely gorgeous wedding! I’m obsessed with her dress and necklace. Also the cake! Annnnnnd the guy’s face to the far right in the last first dance picture. Captured excitement!

  7. Stephanie reply

    Wow. I know this is supposed to be about the bride and groom (and they both look wonderful)…but that car is AWESOME!

  8. Cati reply

    wow. this makes me want to get married all over again. The cardigan is the best part!!

  9. priscillajoy reply

    ohsweetbabyjesus i believe i just fell totally in love with this wedding. every detail is ridiculously simple and gorgeous. for a not so fussy gal, i would love to follow this style when we one day renew our vows! rock on KJ for capturing and congrats to your dear friends!

  10. Allyson reply

    GORGEOUS…. as always, I just love looking at your work!! And I love the way this wedding was decorated!!

  11. Elizabeth reply

    LOVE!!! Such a beautiful wedding!!! Amazing job Katelyn!!!

  12. Elizabeth reply

    LOVE!!! Such a beautiful wedding!!! Amazing job Katelyn!!!

  13. Katie reply

    AHH! I LOVE THEM!! I want to go get married right now so I can hire you to shoot it!! :)

  14. Kendra reply

    Your work is beautiful!!! I always love seeing that you’ve posted something new :)

  15. Hope Carroll reply

    Katelyn – I am so inspired by your work. I found you through Chris Isham (you did his wedding) and I cant stop following your blog. You are so genuine and I’d love to have you come talk to my photography class one day. I teach at Clemson. I have been asked to shoot a friend’s wedding and I am so nervous. Pointers? I am no professional, just a teacher.

  16. Nate reply

    Absolutely incredible

  17. Elise reply

    I love these ones too!!! All of these are GREAT! I love this wedding a lot! :)

  18. Kristin Nicole reply

    Stunning wedding. I just love the cardigan over the dress!

  19. caroline reply


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