Relaxing in Low Country!

  • Creative at Heart Charleston & A Mini-Vacay!

A couple of years ago I had NEVER stepped foot in Charleston! It was a magical place that I had only heard about. The last several years, I have visited Charleston at least once or twice a year and I’m loving it! The food, the old homes, the spanish moss, the shopping! It’s one of my favorite places to travel to! This time we were visiting Charleston for a very exciting purpose! Creative at Heart ROUND 3!! I seriously can’t believe C@H has only been around for less than a year!

It seems like this conference has been in existence forever! We absolutely love the community that is involved in this amazing conference!! If you’re a creative of ANY kind, this conference is a “must-attend” event to add to your list! There are so many incredible speakers that cover a ton of different topics. It’s not about photography… it’s about growing as a creative small business owner! The exciting news is that CREATIVE ROUND FOUR has been announced!! Annapolis, Maryland we’re coming for you!!!! REGISTRATION OPENS NOVEMBER 30TH!!

Creative at Heart was our last conference of the season (technically) and so I didn’t hold back during my talk. I always get self-conscious when this happens because sometimes I worry that I’m a little too intense.. or too emotional.. or too in your face… I don’t know! It’s just a vulnerable place to be in when you share your heart with a room of 100 people. Every time I feel like I share a little too much of my heart… I just have to remember that this opportunity was given to me for a reason and what I shared came from a genuine place. What I love the most about this conference is that I’m not the only one who speaks… Michael speaks too! Michael shares about some of the foundational beliefs we have about finances and while finances aren’t the most exciting thing to share about, Michael does an amazing job of making this topic relatable and impactful!!!

After the conference, we actually shared two days together with some dear friends in a quaint air B&B condo!!! It was a blast! Michael and I have struggled the last two years with the fact that we know that we’re called to speak and impact people in this way but this means that we’ve missed church at home. It breaks our heart that we can’t be as involved as we used to be because we’ve been gone so many weekends.

However, God has been so gracious to us because he’s given us such an amazing community within this industry. We’re so thankful for these amazing friends who love the Lord, who draw us closer to Him each time we’re with them and who challenge and encourage us in so many ways!! What a gift. In the midst of feeling like we’re missing out on community at home, God has given us community right where we are…. and we’re so thankful. :)

Enjoy a little peek into this sweet time in low country!!!

We took a carriage ride and it was AWESOME! I’m not even a history lover but I loved it!

Totally stole these next shots from Amy and Jordan’s NEW blog! Check it out HERE!

Then Michael and I had some afternoon fun with The Herrintons and we went to Magnolia Plantation!

Just PREPARE yourself!! These next few portraits are epic! …. If I do say so myself!

Gah!!! Obsessed! So risky, so worth it!

iPhone fun!


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xoxo, Katelyn
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