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  • Connect Retreat 2014

This is fun!! After the Connect Retreat this past year, I didn’t do a massive recap because I knew that down the road, the promotional film would be done and I would want to share it! Well it’s here and it’s AWESOME!!! However, not only do I get the share the film but I’m also SO excited to share that Michael and I will actually be SPEAKING at Connect in 2014!!! We’re so honored! We know we’re such newbies when it comes to being a husband and wife team but we’re so excited to represent the newer crowd at the retreat!!

This retreat this past year was absolutely incredible and the BEST part of about it was that it has nothing to do with US. You can’t really PLAN to make something awesome and life changing… that’s God’s department. However, you CAN pray for marriages to be healed and businesses to be transformed and then provide a venue for that to happen! Connect is just that. It’s a place to get away, reconnect and grow together as husband/wife AND as business partners! If you want more of a taste of what it’s like, watch this film from this past year!! We would love to see you there! Registration opens June 13th at 12pm! Be sure to checkout the CONNECT website for more info and images!!

Last but NOT least, this has NOTHING to do with the Connect Retreat, however, it’s important! We announced new coaching dates last night and they are sold out. If you’re interested in WORKSHOP information or COACHING information, I highly recommend signing up for the NEWSLETTER so that you can receive information a day in advance before registration is open to the masses! We WILL be hosting an early fall workshop in September! More info about that will be available in July when registration opens! Again, the newsletter is the BEST place to receive the most receive info about all of the education we offer for other photographers!

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  1. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    That promo video was amazing! I’m really hoping Matt and I can go next year – it seems like such an incredible experience!

  2. Jody Gray reply

    So pumped you guys will be a part of CONNECT again this year!

  3. Jody Gray reply

    So pumped that you guys will be a part of CONNECT again this coming year!!

  4. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Wow…connect looks absolutely amazing!!

  5. Suzanne Mellott reply

    This looks incredible…would love to go! Maybe I’ll plant the seed with the husband ;)

  6. Ashlyn reply

    Looks like an amazing time for couples… So needed in this day! I love your focus, Katelyn and Micheal, on Jesus! So encouraging!

  7. Sarah Adams reply

    What a powerful video and amazing idea for a retreat…One day when I’m married…. :)

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