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so so tired of hearing about our wedding.  I understand… I’ve been talking about it for over a year and I can imagine that could get pretty old! … Well, I was going to show some Christmas decor ideas for Wedding Wednesday today (even though it has nothing to do with weddings!) but instead, once again, I chose to do a little post from 101010.  I can’t help it, ok?! I think I’m just trying to relive that day over and over and I’m making all of you go through it with me! There were so many moments in that day that I wish I could replay over and over and over…. and thanks to Katie Beale ….. I can! Katie is a dear dear friend of mine that does amazing things at

Watermarks Camp in Scottsville, VA and she agreed to shooting some video clips throughout the wedding day (and I’m going to LOVE her forever!!!! and owe her big time!). Luckily, this clip was one of those amazing moments that I NEVER want to forget…. The Daddy/Daughter Dance. I warned Jasmine a week before the wedding that just the THOUGHT of dancing with my daddy made me break down in tears and so be warned, the dancing shots were not going to be pretty! She promised to snap away before the floodgates opened wide.  If I remember correctly, she didn’t have much time because as soon as Daddy took my hand, I lost it. Tears were flowing, makeup was running and I will NEVER forget my dance with my dad. Daddy and I had VERY different views on wedding decor and wedding planning in general. Daddy would have thought the reception was gorgeous if we had just had a single votive on the table! He just doesn’t “get” the twigs and vintage vases and old birdcage idea….and every time UPS delivered ANOTHER box… his response was “MORE BIRDCAGES?!! MORE?!”.  Well, after seeing the reception glowing with lanterns, the tables decorated with twigs and the mahogany chivary chairs…. daddy looked at me during our dance and told me everything was perfect…. everything…. even all of my birdcages that he thought were so unnecessary.  I buried my head on his shoulder and cried some more and then I got to share a little something special with him that my wonderful DJ and I had put together the week before! (Thanks Richard!)

So all brides to be, don’t be afraid to try something a little new and different for your daddy/daughter dances…. for ANY of your dances really. I worried that this idea would be a little cheesy but it ended up being one of my favorite moments of our entire reception! So enjoy and get creative!!! Love you all!….Even though I have no idea who I’m talking to! ha!

As always Jasmine… Thank you! You captured moments for us that are so so precious to us and we love you!! xoxo
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Kaitlyn reply

    This is simply beautiful, it made me tear up! I love how the photographs captured the exact emotion of that moment. Simply beautiful.

  2. Jennifer Krieg reply

    All I can say is.. WOW! I’ve never met you and you both brought tears to my eyes. Touching peoples lives that profoundly is a gift! Just beautiful!!

  3. gladys jem reply

    i lost it when i danced with my dad too. a moment i will never forget!

  4. Heather Corporan reply

    Katelyn, I never tire of your wedding wednesdays! This is so precious, and definately NOT cheesy : ) I’m all teary eyed and I’ve never even met you! Beautiful post, thanks for sharing!

  5. Anna Burke reply

    Yep, this was one of my favorite moments at the reception, too! It was right up there with the look on Bobbi’s face when she realized YOU were singing the Mother/Son dance song, not Carrie Underwood :) LOVE YOU!! And I can’t wait to see you this afternoon!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

  6. Amy reply

    This was incredible, it made me cry!!!!

  7. katie b reply

    you are such a sweetie, i have never met you but i check your blog everyday! I love it, your so upbeat and encouraging with a wonderful heart. I love your wedding wednesdays and 101010 will live in your heart forever!! God bless you, Katie

  8. Shuva Rahim reply

    OK, that was an awesome post! I have DJ friends who do the voice-over as well, and it’s great that you had someone actually capture it! What a wonderful memory to have documented!!

  9. Katie Beale reply

    :) I LOVE seeing these little clips pop up here and there!! Glad you’re actually watching them and can somewhat tell what’s going on through all the blur ;) love love love you!

  10. Mimi reply

    How can anything be sweeter! You all are blessed, sweetness! But blessings also take work and time and love and understand within families.

  11. Cecilia Flaming reply

    Awesome post! (Don’t think I’m tired of hearing about your wedding yet!) :)
    Love the photos of you dancing with your dad… they are great memories to have!

  12. katie yuen reply

    this was such a beautiful part of your day and I’m so honored you wanted to share it with all of us [the big unknown]!!!! Your surprise idea for the dance is so so so sweet and of course the pictures capture it amazingly. love the video!

  13. Sandy H. reply

    Uhg, now I’m crying and ruining my makeup! Nothing is sweeter than a Daddy-Daughter dance. It was captured perfectly! Beautiful!

  14. Sarah Danaher reply

    oh my gosh. I just cried, and I’m NOT a crier. that’s the sweetest thing ever.

  15. Holly Chapple reply

    I am crying at my desk. Beautiful!!!!!!!

  16. Courtney reply

    Well, that brought me to tears too. Such a special moment…

  17. Courtney Reese reply

    brought tears to my eyes, beautiful!

  18. Chelsea reply

    Katelyn, as soon as I hit “play” tears were streaming down my face. What an incredible beautiful gift and memory. Thanks for sharing!!

  19. Alex reply

    this is truly beautiful, the emotions and memories are priceless. you have such a wonderful story and this is such an exciting chapter in your fairy tale.

  20. Nicole reply

    Katelyn, this is so sweet! What a wonderful idea! Brought tears to my eyes as well. :) I love seeing parts of your big day!

  21. Rebekah reply

    Not a dry eye in the house! What a wonderful idea and I am going to suggest that to my sister!! great song and what a wonderful moment to share with your Daddy!!!

  22. LeolaK reply

    Oh that is so sweet! You are such a sweet person..and clearly talented….continued blessings to you and your family!

  23. amanda hedgepeth reply

    dont think ive cried like that in a long time, katelyn!!!! reminded me of my day with my best friend, my dad, oh and im still crying as i type this!

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  25. Lacy Dagerath reply

    Oh my GOSH! I am DYING over here! That was so great!! What a sweet moment and I’m so glad you caught i on video!! My dad and I have a special bond…and that is just…PRICELESS!! Can’t wait to meet you at J&M’s shoot in Vegas!!

  26. ami reply

    I am such a girl and totally eating froyo while reading this post/watching the video and crying. I remember seeing your photos on J*’s blog and so glad I found my way over. Going through your archives and loving all your posts :)

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  28. Bec reply

    that’s gorgeous. from someone who doesn’t have a dad, that definitely made me tear up and I’m sure it’s a moment that your dad will treasure forever.

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