Fireworks and Spontaneity

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So friends, I realized that I have been a little bit of a blog slacker since school started again and I’m a senior and actually have WORK to do! I seriously don’t really know what the word “WORK” means! Evidently everyone else is used to reading 50 page articles every week and critically analyzing their theoretical value in communication. Yea.. doesn’t THAT sound like fun?  Meanwhile, all I want to do is be a fiance’, and a roommate, and a worship leader and a small group leader and a PHOTOGRAPHER! I have never wanted that more than I do right now! I just want to do what I love! … and school doesn’t fall into that category.

However, I realized tonight at our weekly “house time” just how much I am going to miss the college life. I really have it made! I live in a house with the most amazing women on the planet and we share life together! I love it. I love the freedom of staying up until four and sleeping in until 10. I love having an open-door policy where friends just constantly come and go as they please.  I love making quick, random decisions to go do something ridiculous and loving every minute of it!

This past Saturday a group of us randomly made the decision to drive to Downtown Hampton and saw a fireworks show at the annual BayDayz festival.  We really had no idea where we were going or what to expect but we were up for doing something new. After rushing through swarms of people and sprinting to the side of the bay, we found a little spot to stand and we enjoyed one of the most amazing fireworks shows I have ever seen. It was incredible!

During those random, spontaneious times, life is so exciting and fresh. I want to remember these times. I want to cherish them and I want to document them! I hope that even during this busy year, I can become a better blogger and I will not only introduce and show off my amazing clients but that I will be able to document little pieces of my life as well!

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  1. Alex Kulifay reply

    i love how you captured the reflection

  2. Michael reply

    They call that one Christmas Morning, and that one Reign on Terrorism. That’s for Mandy

  3. caroline reply

    yayy fireworks. mine never come out that well. i guess you know what you’re doin kk :)

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