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This is a little quick peek of some of my favorite spreads from Emily and Tim’s album! They upgraded their coffee table album to a 10×10 and it turned out marvelously! Love it!

Favorite spread! Loved Emily’s detail shots!

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  1. Michael reply

    I really like the album…but I also like the table that we bought at the thrift store.

  2. Anna reply

    I love it! And I love that you’re doing another wedding at this location on June 19th!!!!!!!!!

  3. Julie reply


  4. Rich reply

    Beautiful album and great photos!

  5. s h e r r y reply

    Ooh, such a pretty album!

  6. caroline reply

    ya know its funny – i was going to comment on the cool table too! well i guess i did anyways haha. i love all of it. yep. i cant wait to have one of my own (an album that is, although i wouldnt mind the table either) whew look at me ramble. love ya looots!!!

  7. caroline reply

    ps i want a sneak peek of the photo shoot you had this weekend…you said they were cute!

  8. Mary Marantz reply

    ooooh looks awesome!!

  9. bonnie kaufmann reply

    I love thrift stores, love the table, I love the book on the table! Love you all, Tim’s mom. Love, you Katelyn

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