So how lucky am I?! I just spent the night in a little studio, packed full of photographers, and got to experience Justin and Mary Marantz‘s Spread the Love workshop.  What an honor!

I started following this amazing husband/wife team about a year ago and haven’t stopped since. There are just some blogs you can’t stop looking at and theirs is one of them! They spoke tonight about so many topics such as branding, vendor love, client relationships, going above and beyond and so much more.  That really just scratches the surface of what they offered us tonight.  I’m so glad Jessie and I made the 2 hour drive.  It was worth it! I’m rejuvenated for 2010 and overwhelmed and excited! Whew!

So thanks Justin and Mary for sharing your wisdom and experience! You’re an incredible example of what it looks like to run a genuine, passion filled business in this industry! Have fun traveling the country together and doing what you LOVE! (so jealous!!)

And noooo I’m not a super organized, type A blogger that got this up as soon as I got home! I just have a super busy weekend filled with retreats and a new wedding! So I wanted to share this with you before my life hits 115mph!  Happy Friday!

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  1. Tira J reply

    So much fun! They are coming to Los Angeles in February! Equally excited!!!!

  2. britney reply

    AHHH omgosh they are famous around the Middle House. I can’t believe you met/ did a workshop with them! So cool.

  3. Michael reply

    I like the big Mac in the corner of the first pic. I am a fan of them…macs and justin and mary

  4. Mary Marantz reply

    Katelyn you are an absolute doll!! Your smiling face is what helped us make it through the whole 5 hours. Thank you for coming with such an open heart. If we lived in VA, we would be bff and go boot shopping all the time, I’m sure of it!

    Much love,

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