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She emailed me last fall with exclamation marks and ALL CAPS, asking if there was ANY way that we could meet up and do a “Just Married” shoot!  I’ve done this several times for different couples and I love to make them happen whenever I can! Corey and Shelby were married last summer at the Williamsburg Lodge and their wedding was gorgeous…I mean just look at them… of course it would be gorgeous! Shelby told me all about her details and things that she had handmade… planning a wedding when you’re a detail oriented bride is a lot of WORK. (I would know:) And so I think it’s perfectly reasonable to want to have a second wedding shoot to capture some more

portraits that you didn’t have time for on your wedding day! We even made time to capture a few more detail shots as well… and OH do I love them! Teal mason jars make me HAPPY!  So we shot some details before we started and we talked about their big day and how wonderful it was. My good friend Josh Gooden filmed their wedding day and did a phenomenal job! And because I follow Josh and watched their video like 10 times…. I already felt like I knew them! They’re such a sweet, fun-loving couple and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon! The weather cooperated with us and we were able to walk around Williamsburg and shoot in every cute nook and cranny we could find! When I was pulling in to meet them I noticed some Wisteria on the side of the road and in my mind I thought “Oh please Lord let them be ok with STANDING in there!!”. And luckily…. they were 100% on board with climbing into the Wisteria vines and posing while cars were passing and honking. The two are awesome! …. And their pictures show it! Enjoy this super fun and springy “Just Married” shoot!! And happy Thursday!!!

These were some of the first shots I took… and I KNEW it was going to be a good day!! woohoo!

Shelby you’re gorgeous! And so is that bouquet!!

A few shots with their venue….

And then we found the purple goodness!!



So beautiful!!

Love it!

They met at a bar called “clementines”….. so this is super appropriate!:)

Oh Williamsburg, you’re beautiful!

And this is when it started sprinkling! So we worked FAST!

One last shot and then we scooted over to the next location…. and Corey thought it just be faster to carry her… and he was right:)

Love. this.

Shelby you’re adorable.

And stunning!

More purple goodness!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Deborah Zoe reply

    SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! those are amazing!! please send that purple flowering tree to my house!! and then come up and take our pictures again;)

  2. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    My goodness, Mrs. Alsop! I never cease to be amazed at how beautiful your pictures are…I’m constantly like “that’s a good picture” or “Look at that picture!” You have me oohing and aahing over every. single. one. Love them all!

  3. ashley barnett reply

    Yes yes yes yes yessssssss!!! SHELBY YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!! I love these Katelyn! So happy to run into you all randomly that day and I’m SO happy Shelby and Corey chose you to do this for them. :) These are perfect!

  4. Sara B. reply

    HUGE fan of your work! I live in Williamsburg and I’m amazed that there’s not a single person other than the couple in all these shots. It’s always so crazy in the Colonial section. These are gorgeous :)

  5. Elizabeth reply

    love love LOOOOOOVE!!!!!!! katelyn, i am like in love with these pictures!!! they are FABULOUS!!!! i want to go and pin all of them!!!!

  6. Jen Jar reply

    When I ran into you on Saturday and saw Shelby standing there in all her gorgeousness…I just KNEW that she was in good hands. You totally rocked it out!!! :)

  7. Melissa reply

    These are just beautiful! What a fun idea.

  8. karen allen reply

    Holy jamoly these are AMAZING!!! The purple wisteria makes my heart melt! And these all make me want to have some 2nd wedding portraits done! Awesome, awesome, as always!

  9. Stephanie Stewart reply

    LOVE this! All the ones with purple goodness ROCK! Cannot possibly pick just one favorite! Gorgeous couple, gorgeous images, they have to be over the moon!

  10. mollystillman reply

    OHMYGOLLY. wow. are they professional models? because they sure look like it. WHOALYMOLY these are GORGEOUS. seriously. i’m blown away.

  11. Josh Gooden reply

    Love them Katelyn!! They are so sweet and easy to work with. :] Glad you got to shoot of their details!! They had a ton.

  12. Emily Lincoln reply

    Katelyn- EVERY picture is beyond gorgeous! Gosh, it’s evident that even on a cloudy day you can make a picture brightly pop! And what a gorgeous couple!

  13. Sabrina reply

    Oh my heavens… these are GORGEOUS! I just kept thinking with each one I looked at that it was my favorite… and then I’d get to the next one! You’re just amazing :-)

  14. Maggie Fortson reply

    WOW! The locations, colors, poses … stunning!

  15. Mary Jane Mooney reply

    Katelyn, you never disappoint! I love this! I am particularly fond of their wedding rings!!! And who doesn’t love teal Mason jars? :)

  16. Gail reply

    Those wisteria shots are TO DIE FOR!

  17. Gayle Driver reply

    Beautiful work, Katelyn! Love all of these!

  18. Caroline R reply

    so fun that they did this!! every single one is breathtaking!! LOVE LOVE LOVE :)

  19. Shauna Ploeger reply

    Awww! This is just super sweet from start to finish. I think this is my favorite session I have seen from you. LOVE it. I would love to do something like this for my anniversary!!

  20. Girish reply

    Beautiful photographs. As always it’s fun to watch so many of them. Different style, different poses. Superb work.

  21. Kara Buccat reply

    Amazing! Love the wisteria shots! Super cute couple!

  22. Elayna Bond reply


  23. Tim Rothwell reply

    Beautiful work Katelyn…I am sure Shelby and Corey will treasure these beautiful images for a lifetime. You can just see how happy they are together…again job well done!

  24. Regan Carter reply

    It SERIOUSLY does not get ANY better than this!! Oh my goodness. Every photo was incredible. You make me want to do “Just Married” photos and I’ve been married almost two years!! Amazing amazing job.

  25. sharon elizabeth reply

    We must have JUST missed each other!!! I had an E session there the other day! Wahhh – I would have given you a HUGE hug! Great shots girl!

  26. Camilla Jørvad reply

    I am SO jealous right now. that wisteria wilderness is one of the most absolute gorgeous locations I’ve ever seen. And you must be proud; you worked that location amazingly so many great shots. in my humble opinion your best wedding portrait session ever! :)

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