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I’ve been waiting for this day for a LONG TIME!!! I LOVE shooting friend’s weddings… especially friends that we have been able to watch their relationship unfold over the last several years. I remember living next door to Ryan in college and seeing Shannon walk across our backyard to go hangout with him. (Sounds like I was a creeper looking through the windows… but you could see everything from the Middle House kitchen! :) A few of her friends hung out next door for a few weeks and then we started to notice that JUST Shannon was hanging out at the guy’s house more and more. It wasn’t long before they were official. Ryan and Shannon started dating and they were inseparable. They were best friends from the start and

as the years and progressed,  the Lord has been preparing them for this past Saturday.  Ryan and Shannon were married at Stevenson Ridge in Spotsylvania, Virginia last Saturday. You may recognize this venue because I just shot there at the end of June! I’d shoot at Steveson Ridge all the time if I could because it’s gorgeous! Everything about their day was perfect. The massive thunderstorms bypassed their quaint, outdoor ceremony and we finished portraits just before storm #2 rolled in!  I couldn’t have been more excited for Ryan and Shannon as they pledged their life to one another and to the Lord on their wedding day. I loved everything about their day… the decor, the prep, the bridal party (Ok my husband was in the bridal party so I’m a little biased!).  I’ll never get tired of capturing our friend’s wedding days. There is nothing Michael and I love more than to see our amazing friends from CNU and so Saturday was such fun time! I hope you enjoy these favorites and Ryan and Shannon, CONGRATULATIONS FRIENDS!! Michael and I adore you guys!! Here’s a warm welcome into the old married people’s club!!!! (It’s an awesome club:). Have an amazing honeymoon and I can’t wait to see what the Lord does with your marriage and your new life together!! We love you!!!

LOVED all of their stationary! 

A pile of glitzy bridesmaids shoes!

Probably tweeting… he’s such a tweeter.

Looking good Ryan!!

beautiful!!!! ah!!

I love statement necklaces, I love hairpiece and I love dresses with pockets! Shannon you looked amazing!!

First look!


One of my favorites… and it’s one of Michael’s images. So proud:)

Love this WALL!!!!


Such a fun group!

nice boys, nice.

Love this.

They signed a family bible together during their ceremony.. love that idea!

Married! And excited about it!

Right before the storm blew in…


So cute!

I loved how Shannon’s theme was rustic but so “clean”. Everything looked amazing!!

Guestbook puzzle?! So cool!

Ceremony and Reception | Stevenson Ridge
Dress | Bella Rosa
DJ |  DJ Lauren Bobby
Videographer | Josh Gooden
Cake | Sweet Reasons
Caterer | White House Catering
Florals | Jane Guerin Flowers
Honeymoon | Western Mediteranean Cruise via Norwegian Cruiseline
Favors | Cotton Candy!
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Korie reply

    Giiiirl, this wedding just brightened up my morning! So much pretty and such wonderful captures! Way to bring the fabulous everywhere you go! Whaaaat!

  2. Gabrielle reply

    This wedding looks fantastic!!! I went to high school with Shannon, so it was an extra joy to see her day captured. Can’t wait to see Stevenson Ridge in person for a friend’s wedding next year!

  3. Katie Nesbitt reply

    Love this!!! Their wedding was on my birthday!!

  4. Regan reply

    Goooorgeous!! This wedding made me all kinds of happy just looking at it! So so fun and classy! Beautiful job as always!!

  5. Jessica Fike reply

    I’d love to know where Shannon got the stickers for the cotton candy favors. Also, where did the puzzle come from???

  6. Samantha reply

    This wedding is gorgeous!! I love the Bride’s dress and necklace – oh so beautiful! Great work, Katelyn!!

  7. Elizabeth reply

    love this so much!!! fabulous!!!!!

  8. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Absolutely beautiful! This is one of the most joy-filled weddings I’ve ever seen! Her details were beautiful. Also, her coordinator Kim is one of my dear friends!! Congratulations Shannon and Ryan!!

  9. Janelle C. reply

    Oh. my. word! She was a beautiful bride and she had POCKETS!!!! I love it!!!

  10. Sharon Elizabeth reply

    LOVE this wedding… what an adorable couple… and even the details – ahh!!!! Without trying to be too terribly rude, does anyone know where she had her programs/stationary made!?!! Thanks in advance! =)

  11. Laura Kelly reply

    This is the most beautiful wedding post I’ve seen in quite some time! I fell in love with EVERY. SINGLE. IMAGE. Amazing job girl :)

  12. Fiona MacDonald reply

    I adore all these photos! what a beautiful wedding! Could I ask who the designer of the Brides dress is? Stunning!

  13. Caitlin Sullivan reply

    Gotta love pockets in a wedding gown! ;) Beautiful!

  14. Kristina W. reply

    What a cute wedding! Love the cotton candy favors — so clever! Congratulations Shannon and Ryan!

  15. Annetta reply

    What a pretty wedding and theme. In my church all couples get a Bible signed by the paster as a gift from the church. You did a wonderful job, Katelyn.

  16. sandie s. reply

    It was such a beautiful wedding. Everything was perfect. For those who asked, Shannon made the invitations and the stickers for the favors. She even had a cute stamp made up for the little bags of popcorn served from an old fashioned popcorn popper during the dance.

  17. Kevin Smith reply

    Awesome work Katelyn. Ryan you’re the MAN and Shannon you are so so beautiful!

  18. kari reply

    i LOVE this necklace!! do you know where she got it from?!

  19. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Love the pastel yellows and pinks!! They are such pretty colors together! Also, I love the photo of the bride praying with the bridesmaids…so beautiful. :)

  20. Rachel Cutherell reply

    KK, these gorgeous pictures help me remember the day I stood beside my sister as she got hitched to the man of her dream. Thank-you so much for capturing this day and their love so well. You’re awesome.

  21. Faye Bernoulli reply

    This might be my favorite wedding of yours!! They look so happy and so beautiful!

  22. britney reply

    SO GREAT. Shannon – that dress! I love it. You both look so happy :)

  23. danielle honea reply

    uh please tell me you submitted this to a blog for publication! :) I LOVE the details, her dress and unique ideas!! The bible signing, the puzzle killer idea! And their beaming love for each other is beautiful! Great job Katelyn!

  24. Stephen reply

    You hear this all the time… GREAT IMAGES!

  25. Kathryn Grace reply

    Absolutely STUNNING! Such a beautiful bride. The images are gorgeous. Love the location, amazing light… just wonderful!

  26. Heather reply

    Beautiful wedding! I love the bride’s dress and bouquet and Katelyn, those shots against the red wall are perfection!

  27. haley reply

    i LOVED the puzzle idea! :) loved this post… everything about this wedding was PERFECT! :)

  28. alvina reply

    WoW!!! Absolutely gorgeous photos!!! LOVE every detail…especially love that the brides dress has pockets!!!! :) :)

  29. Megan Lesley reply

    Argh what pretty details! Love the pink + yellow xx

  30. Abby Grace reply

    I remember seeing their e-session and knowing their wedding was going to be gorgeous, but Katelyn. SERIOUSLY. These are incredible!! You took it up a notch with their portraits- everything is just perfect. She’s such an incredibly stunning bride!

  31. Ashley Jeter reply

    You two looked amazing. Absolutely beautiful wedding and GORGEOUS photos!

  32. Eryn reply

    Gorgeous!!! I know you posted the link to the bridal store where she purchased the dress, but do you happen to have the designer and dress name? I am recently engaged and LOVE it. I live in Louisiana so I’m hoping to find it either online or locally. Thanks!

  33. Katie reply

    . Do you know where they got their invitations & programs?

  34. Angela reply

    Beautiful! Where are this bridesmaids dresses from? I’m looking for that exact yellow and can’t find it anywhere!

  35. Vanessa reply

    Wow, such a gorgeous wedding! :) You did a fantastic job, and WOW is Shannon gorgeous. So stunning- congrats to this lovely couple!

  36. Lisa reply

    Gorgeous wedding photos!! I would love to know where the bridesmaid dresses came from, that is exactly what i am looking for!

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    […] remember seeing Shannon’s own wedding invitation suite & being in love with it!! Then when I realized she designed it, I was blown away!! You could […]

  38. Dlin reply

    So cute and beautifully captured.

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