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drill this into your head from the time you begin kindergarden…”Believe in yourself! Accomplish your dreams!”.  I remember being told that when I was in primary school….all the way through Mrs. Douglas’s english class senior year. However, at the time…. I had no clue what my dreams were. I remember sitting in Trig with one of my close friends and she decided she wanted to be a national geographic photographer…. and I said “Oh… and I’ll be a professional scrapbooker!”…. and I was serious. At the time I liked 3 things….Yearbook, scrapbooking, and crafts.

Before you judge me and feel bad for me because I seemed like a nerd in high school, you need to know that I started a business selling these “crafts” and I made good money for a 16 year old! (But we won’t explain that business right now….that’s for another blog post!).


In high school I had a few things that I was passionate about. I liked AP Art…I enjoyed designing things in InDesign during yearbook class when I should have been working on the Sports section and I also loved making scrapbook pages. I liked designing the layout of the page and then adding in little details… but I had no idea how to make this into a career.  Teachers said to “follow your dreams” but I had no idea what my dream was to begin with!  I liked all of these little things that really didn’t go together….but I kept pursuing my love for design. My room was filled with little things that I had made, my carpet in my bedroom was permanently stained from multiple accidental paint spills and I constantly had burns on my fingers from my hot glue gun.  I surrounded myself with what I loved… in hopes that one day it would turn into a dream.


Last week Michael and I went home for a day to celebrate his dad’s retirement and we stopped by my house.  My younger brother Corey wanted to show me his newly decorated room and I was amazed at what I saw. Corey’s room used to be MY room when I was in high school (I gave it to him when I graduated…easiest gift ever!)  Corey’s room has always been awesome since the day he moved into it. The stained carpet that I left behind has been replaced with a putting green.  A REAL PUTTING GREEN.  Corey and daddy took up the old carpet that I had destroyed with paint and replaced it with astroturf. Then they cut out holes in the floor for the cups and added flags. Wa-la! An indoor putting green. You see, Corey has 3 passions… 1. Golf 2. Flying airplanes and 3. 4wheeling. Obviously 4wheeling is hard to incorporate into a bedroom but if he could find a way, I’m sure Corey would park his 4wheeler in his closet.


Corey’s new room is filled with his dreams…every inch of it. There are pictures of Kodiak planes and coast guard rescues. (yes, I know airplane names… I DO pay attention when you talk about these things Corey!)  On another wall hangs his shirt tail from his first solo flight and under his desk he has a map of the different air spaces in Virginia.  He’s surrounding himself with his dreams and I KNOW that one day… he will figure out EXACTLY what he is called to do…. and he’s going to love it. Seeing his room was inspiring. He’s so young…. and yet has so much passion for his dreams. It’s easy to get excited about something but it’s not as easy to REALLY pursue it and make it happen. You have to be surrounded by it and inspired to keep going and that’s why I love his room….. that’s why I love my new office!…. It inspires me!!


So you many think that this is just a filler post because Katelyn didn’t shoot a wedding this past weekend… but it’s not. This is a really special post dedicated to my little brother because he’s awesome and he’s going to do amazing things one day… and I’m proud of him!!! (He’s going to HATE me for this! haha)


Happy Monday! Be inspired!

And my favorite part of the room:)….

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  1. Adriana Morett reply

    Beautiful post, I also felt all that “follow your dreams” thing was kind of surreal until I found out that I love photography. At 28. Still convincing myself that after 5 years of college and 2 masters in engineering, it’s still possible to change dramatically your career.
    Thanks for the inspiration and beautiful photos as always!
    Saludos desde Madrid.

  2. Megan Garrison reply

    Your famiily SURE knows how to decorate!! What a fun boy (man?) room! :)

  3. Julianna reply

    Corey is growing up. He has accomplished so much for his age. I’m excited to see the plans that God has for him! My only question is, did he make his own bed or did you have to make it before snapping a picture?

  4. Kristin Nicole reply

    So neat…I love the putting green, I bet he is the coolest of all his friends. :)

  5. Emy reply

    Awww Corey…. he’s such a little man!!!! He’s so grown up… i remember when he was always running around as walker texas ranger., he couldn’t have wrinkles in his socks, or his shirt untucked EVER. Gosh now he’s so handsome, about to go off to college and he’s pursuing dreams bigger and more inspiring then most people dream in there entire lives! Im so inspired by our little brother… i adore him!

  6. Tanya Rogish reply

    I’m glad you enjoyed AP Art and I don’t think anyone ever thought you were silly for starting your own business in high school. You found a market for something people wanted that they were not able to do themselves. You succeeded because you were so good at cranking them out fast so you could make a profit. If you had struggled or if they would have taken longer to produce, it wouldn’t have been worth your time for the prices you charged, but that’s not to say it wouldn’t have still been therapeutic for you to be creating something.

    I’m proud of you and proud that you followed your dreams!

  7. Lexi reply

    holy cow! that is one cool room. love the putting turf carpet. thanks for the reminder to follow my dreams!

  8. Allison reply

    1. AWESOME room!! Love the putting green! haha 2. Ya’ll are the cutest family ever!!! :)

  9. Jessica Beale reply

    LOVE this kid!!!!!!! ;)

  10. caroline reply

    WOW!!!! the putting green is actually IN the floor!! how awesome is that. GO COREY!! your dreams will reach new heights…..cuz they’re in an airplane ;) love you!!

  11. Wendy Kelly reply

    I love it! Your family is wonferful.

  12. Kristina N. reply

    What an awesome room! Is every James’s room this cool? We’ve seen your room, Em’s, and now Corey’s on the blog!

  13. Heidi reply

    What a great post! His room looks awesome. Does he always keep it that clean?!

  14. Brenda (KK, Emy, & Corey’s Momma) reply

    sorry it’s taken me so long to comment, KK. I luv this post, of course. Thanks for showcasing your brother’s room (even though he is not happy about all the attention). And just to answer Julianna’s question . . . Yes, Corey made his own bed!

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