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on an older generation Mac Book Pro. My office went everywhere! Then I started this crazy business and I invested in an imac…. best decision ever. I can’t imagine culling, storing, editing, blogging, etc. on my laptop….even my new one! My imac was one of my smartest business decisions. However, once I got my first imac in college, that meant I had to have a desk…. and that’s when the “Office Evolution” started. My business and my dorm room were the same thing for almost 2 years. Once I upgraded my imac…. I had to find even more space! Talk about a cramped lifestyle! Thankfully I had a room to myself and I cannot thank my roommates enough for that!

If I had to share a room with someone else AND try to keep a business running while graduating college… I probably wouldn’t have made it. I was so thankful for my little room in the Middle House. It was my first “Official Office” and I loved it. It was the best option for me at the time. My files were stored in a little teal Martha Stewart Living file organizer and whenever Christmas or summer rolled around, I would pack up everything into my little VW bug and the office moved home with me. It was CRAZINESS.  After graduating and moving home before the wedding, once again, I had to create an office. I had a summer ahead of me that was FULL of weddings and I needed somewhere to work!! So my office evolved into THIS.  I like to call this my “Ten minute office” because I literally set it up in 10 minutes.  From that little office space in the landing area of my Parent’s house, I edited 17 weddings, re-designed my website and totally re-branded my whole business. It worked for one summer…. but oh how I dreamed of the day when I would have a REAL office! My desk at the time was made of metal and was on wheels…. a $49.99 Target special. I longed for a REAL desk!! A desk that actually had DRAWERS and would hold FILES! I just wanted a real space to be able to say “Here…. come into my office”.


Michael and I were so SO thankful that God has perfect timing and we were able to find a house in the middle of June last summer. It wasn’t just adorable on the outside, it was exactly what I had hoped for on the inside. I wanted an office upstairs with slanted rooflines and since we bought a Cape Cod… my dream came true! I now have an office that looks like a little cottage and I’m obsessed with it! Ahhh!!! It’s SO me and so my brand! I really believe that when you work in a space that doesn’t inspire you, you can very easily lose your desire to be creative (that was a constant issue in my Ten Minute Office).  Now that I’m working in a space that I LOVE…. I feel more creative AND productive!  And guess what…… I have a REAL DESK…and it’s huge….. and I LOVE it! I’m beyond thankful for my space to work and grow this business. It has a few little areas that need some tweaking but that’s just because I’m picky about decorating:).  Enjoy these before and afters!!!





Thank you Wendy for advising that I look for “Settee”…. I now know a new furniture “term”.

Notice some of this stuff?! Definitely re-used wedding decor! Hey, if your brand is based off of “YOU”…. everything is just naturally branded by YOU!

My little babies have a home now!

How cool are these?! Pier One! 50% off!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Amy reply

    It’s GORGEOUS!!!!

  2. Rachel reply

    Ah! I love all of the furniture. All of it. Every single piece. And I love the paint. And well…. I love everything.

  3. Lauren Wakefield reply

    Ok…I’m inspired.

  4. Jennifer Rodick reply

    Your space is absolutely gorgeous! So much loveliness in one room! I can see how easy it would be to be inspired in this office. You have great taste, girl!

  5. Kirsten reply

    Gorgeous! I love your style!

  6. Emily reply

    It looks absolutely amazing!!

  7. Michael reply

    This is mind blowing…and I even get to see it everyday! You did awesome! Does this mean no more trips to pier one?? I love the links to old post…one said you were working on a Lit Review…bad flashbacks. And lastly I love that Jared and Lauryn are on the Website and on the wall in one picture. When are we showing my Youth Room??

  8. Nina reply

    girl…you should be a decorater!! OMG….beautiful

  9. Brendan reply

    The Oval Office looks awesome!!! And #fatsusan now sits so beautifully on that desk, in all of her glory. Its funny to think that you used to do EVERYTHING in that tiny room in the Middle House, now you have your own personal office. However, I did notice there is only 1 think missing from your desk… a Diet Mountain Dew

  10. Amanda reply

    It is amazing! Love it!!

  11. Ashley reply

    LOVE it! It’s beautiful!

  12. Jennifer Krieg reply

    You GO GIRL!! Photographer/Interior designer extraordinaire!!!!!

  13. Katie Jordan reply

    This is incredible. You have such a knack for decorating and I can clearly see how much this office is a reflection of your brand. I am so glad this was a long post — I love all the details!!!

  14. Korie reply

    I ADORE your office!!! It’s so you :) And I know where you got that desk, because I looked at that one too! Hope you’re loving the space!

  15. Emy reply

    HOLY CRAP! KK, your office looks so wonderful! Its so classy, fancy, and teal… im kinda scared to go in it anymore. ill just sit in the hallway where I can’t break anything and I definitely wont be sitting on that sofa designed for a royalty!

  16. Kendra reply

    Your office is amazing!!!!!!! :) now I need to get to work on mine!! If you’re willing to spill the beans on where your beautiful chairs are from I’d love to listen :)…

  17. Angela reply

    OMG! it is so amazing!!! i can stare at those images all day!

  18. Julianna reply

    Katelyn. I’m absolutely in love with you and your office. Now come visit me and Emy. Please and thank you!

  19. amanda hedgepeth reply

    I fell in love TWICE today. Once with my Mark II that just came in the mail, and secondly with this blog post. I am SO impressed! I adore this! :)

  20. Camille reply

    Oh my sweet goodness…..what a gorgeous transformation. I love love love it!!!! Seriously. Beautiful details. NIce work!

  21. Rebecca reply

    OMW!! This office is GORGEOUS!! If you ever give up photography (which I hope you don’t), then you should be an interior designer!! I came across your blog through a photographer friend of mine, and I love it!! I LOVE that brown and white couch!! Where did you get it?? I’m getting married in June, and as I’ve been registering for things I have decided on the blue and chocolate brown theme. This room fits that perfectly! I hope I can decorate as well as you!! LOVE it! Looking forward to more posts! =)

  22. Lesley reply

    It looks AMAZING! please become an interior decorator on the side. ;)

  23. Mandy reply

    This is SO amazing!!! I had no idea it would turn out this gorgeous. I want to come see it in person soon! I love you and your awesome decorating skills KK and maybe I can hire you someday to decorate my house ;)

  24. Nikki reply

    bookmarked for future reference! love it.

  25. candace reply

    Oh my! This is gorgeous!!! We have the same desk and the same computer. You have no inspired me to make my office area much, much prettier. :) I would love to know where you got that awesome white file organizer thing on your wall! I love that! :)

  26. Cecilia reply

    Wow! i am in love with your office!
    It is fabulous! Totally inspires me as I’m redoing my office right now. :)

  27. Kristyn reply

    Katelyn – your office looks amazing! I love all the colors and textures, from the furniture to the chandeliers. Such an inspiring space to work in!

  28. Stephanie M reply

    you are awesome! i wish i had your decorating skills!

  29. amanda reply

    I love it, every single bit!! It’s so fabulous and definitely inspiring!

  30. stephanieb reply

    seriously???!!!! You are GREAT!!!!

  31. Tina reply

    WOw, that looks AMAZING! I now feel the need to completely re-do my office:)

  32. Sabrina reply

    oh my word… my mouth DROPPED when I scrolled between the before and after pictures. And then the drool began to collect. Holy cow, I would love to live there. In your office! It’s so pretty, and perfect, and pleasantly teal! :-) Fabulous job, Katelyn. I’m so impressed! And a bit jealous b/c I want an office (with a desk!) so badly…. One day it will happen!

  33. Lauryn reply

    GIRLLLLLLLLLL!!!! I love love love this room!! so refreshing and calm and pretty. yay!!!! love it.

  34. Tim Powitz reply

    Please tell me there’s a “candy bar” up there

  35. Jennifer Jar reply

    Um can you please come decorate my house??? Love it!

  36. Kelsi reply

    No ones first house should look this good! This room is SO you Katelyn! I love it.

  37. j gar reply

    27 comments?! j-star territorryyyyy!!!!! The multiple y’s and exclamation points were just for you, i felt queasy inside just typing them. Also, “your” font makes that question mark look like one of those upside down hook things. but that’s besides the point. clearly you need to redo your office every month or so. next month, i’m thinking greco-roman, then maybe middle eastern, and then right into the taj mahal! the possibilities are endless. anyway, tell j star what up for me when she’s the only person more famous then you in vegas. gosh, i miss these long comments. they’re making a comeback. starttttting now.

  38. Amanda West reply

    WOOOOOWWWWW!! this is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!

  39. Katie Schoepflin reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I can’t wait to get our house this summer so I can organize. Your style is stunning.

  40. Katie Schoepflin reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I can’t wait to get our house this summer so I can organize. Your style is stunning.

  41. Jennifer reply

    OMG Katelyn could you please come over this silly little ocean and do the same with my office ! I looooooove your new office…. just imagine you can work there everyday – awesome.

  42. Nancy Mitchell reply

    LOVE it Katelyn! It is amazingly BEAUTIFUL!

  43. Michelle Ocampo reply

    My jaw is on the ground…it is THAT gorgeous! And I’m dying to get my hands on those Tiffany blue chairs! Love everything about it…simply fabulous!

  44. Kristin Nicole reply

    Love it! Absolutly stunning, I love that it is a more grown up version of your college dorm room Very classy.

  45. Brittani reply

    Wow!! SO amazing! I love your style and everything is so light and airy. Being a blue/brown junkie myself, I love all of your decor and how everything is so seamless. I am very much like you, currently a college student making it work in my little apartment but I can’t wait to have a space of my own…you’ve done such an amazing job with yours!

  46. Kristina N. reply

    I had been looking forward to this post for months and was not disappointed! You are so talented Katelyn and your office looks amazing! Can’t you please come and fix my new apartment? (Tyler and I moved in at the beginning of February!)

  47. Elizabeth reply

    LOOOOOOVE it Katelyn!!!!!! That is one amazing office!

  48. Meredith Sledge reply

    Katelyn, you are the most incredible decorator. My goodness gracious, this room is beautiful. Along with your bedroom. SERIOUSLY. You could easily get a job on HGTV if you didn’t feel like doing photography. But you’re insanely good at that too so you have nothing to worry about. But really, this is fabulous!! The wall color is my favorite color. Good choice. =D And I’m hoping you got those chairs from TJ Maxx. I definitely saw those exact ones there and almost got them. :)

  49. Stephanie reply

    So beautiful! *Sigh* Makes me feel all peaceful inside…

  50. Megan Garrison reply

    Wow. Seriously.. wow!! Love it!

  51. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Oh – I absolutely LOVE it, Mrs. Alsop!!! I’d love to have rooms like this all over our house!

    That pastel teal color that you painted on the walls is GORGEOUS. Love it! I also love the canvases of your clients on the walls…I just love your pictures in general! :)

  52. ERIKA reply

    this is just gorgeous!!! you could do shoots in your office! Come decorate my house :)

  53. Amelia reply

    Ok so I was trying to figure out what lamp you were buying when I saw you in Homegoods… I will guess the one on your desk???

  54. Allie reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your office! It is absolutely gorgeous! Totally going to inspire me for my one-day office!

  55. Holli True reply

    Oh my goodness! I am so in love with your office!! Seriously, I have office envy right now!! Congrats!!

  56. katie reply

    WOW. I am suuuper jealous of that place. super jealous. I LOVE IT!

  57. Sarah Brewbaker reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Awesome workspace!!!

  58. Emily Hite reply

    Katelyn, your office is AMAZING! What an incredible job you did!

  59. Elisabeth Carol reply

    Oh my gosh!! This is so gorgeous!! You did an incredible job!!! Is that a personalized dry erase board?? Where did you order that??

  60. Becca reply

    Auh-mazing! So jealous!! Such a soothing and glamorous office! Wonderful before and after!!

  61. thegirltyler reply

    Gasp – your space is incredible and I am totally envious! Wish you could help me turn my loft-office into something this grand!

  62. katie yuen reply


  63. Jennifer reply

    It looks amazing!! I love the mid-century modern teal vinyl chairs. You are correct, this room is so you. Your office has inspired me to work toward a similar goal.

  64. Erin reply

    I *ADORE* your office! You did a fantastic job on it! I love teal too… maybe it’s a redhead thing. Glad to see you doing so well. ;)

  65. Eryn Kesler reply

    LOVE your office. like, REEEEALLLY love it. I want to live in it.

    My first house with my hubby had a bedroom that was shaped just like this, and I LOVED it. It was my office, and then, it was our first baby’s room. :) LOVE.

  66. Lauren W reply

    I covet your house….esp your office! You wanna come decorate my new house when I get it? =P

  67. Ashley Terry reply

    Wow, this is stunning. It gives me so many ideas to use with my own personality. Beautiful work…Congratulations! I’m a big fan of your work, so I have no doubt you will continue to do great things here.

  68. Sindy reply

    Oh WOW. I’m speechless. All I can say is you can make a living as an interior decorator. Just amaaazing.

  69. Emy reply

    WOW. WOW. WOW! 65 comments… hello little miss popularity! just call you J* junior. You need to do more before and after pics of your house… people obviously LOVE it! Golly gee I have a famous sister, im speechless!

  70. Lindsay King reply

    Office loooks great, you go girl!

  71. elizabeth r reply

    you are seriously talented katelyn…..that office looks like a gorgeous ice palace! i would seriously live in your office if i could haha

  72. dawn chapman reply

    Absolutely love it! You could make a living at decorating and photography. I would love to know what color paint you used. I’m looking for the perfect color teal/blue for my bedroom and the one you used looks like it may work for me.

  73. Dianne reply

    What paint color did you use on the wall? I love EVERYTHING about this room! I’m just a little bit jealous that I have to share my office with my husband who is adamantly against girlyness… or else I would totally emulate this style!

  74. beverly reply

    katelyn–it is stunning! my favorite touch to the room is the clutch!!

  75. Kristen reply

    Love the desk area, looks great!

  76. Brenda (momma) reply

    KATELYN!!!! Don’t let all of these wonderful comments go to your head . . . . but, can I add mine!? I absolutely LOVE it. It’s beautiful. It’s so you. And I know you enjoyed every minute of the process. After you get every room, every wall, and every closet the way that you want it . . . then what? Can’t wait to see the next project. Sooooo glad I taught you the benefits of budgeting, recycling things, and smart shopping! Luv you.

  77. amy reply

    Can I ask what color your walls are?

  78. Resi reply

    Beautiful transformation! You are so talented! Can’t wait to see the rest of your cozy new home!

  79. Brittany reply

    o.m.gosh. LOVE the final product!!!!! It’s perfect!

  80. Karen Stott reply

    OH MY GOSH!!! It’s like my dream exploded all over your house… And I have the SAME couch….crazy… Beautiful!!!

  81. Sarah D’Attoma reply

    I literally gasped when this post popped up on my screen. I don’t have a place for my studio office right now, but you made me to DRREEEAAAMMM for that day! :)

  82. Amy reply

    I don’t think my previous comment came through, but I was wondering if you would tell me what paint color you used?! The room looks beautiful!!!

  83. Alex reply

    my only question is, how do i book you as my interior designer for a week or two?

  84. Christy reply

    Ummm… can I hire you to come remodel my home office?! Seriously. Wow! Totally beautiful. You are SO detail oriented and it’s lovely! I’m trying not to be too jealous right now! haha :)

  85. Allison reply

    Umm can I come over an hang out there?!?!?! ha Love it!!! :)

  86. chesley reply


  87. Alex reply

    Oh my gosh – this is totally and absolutely stunning! I’m in love!

  88. jenifriend reply

    ohmyword you did an amazing job! that is definitely a place i could be inspired in! love the settee — you are truly a great designer!

  89. Catie reply

    Oh my gosh this is fantastic. I don’t know how you did it but can I hire you as my personal design consultant! So beautiful!

  90. jamie delaine reply

    katelyn! gorgeous, gorgeous! i don’t know how i missed this. i must have been reading your blog on my phone because i saw the post before this and the biz card post AFTER. gorgeous. so lovely to see you here. you and michael are a true light + i wish we lived closer.

  91. Nate reply

    Haha Oh man KK! I remember standing in the ‘before’ room with Mikey and Brit last summer. This is incredible! Well done!

  92. Kathrina reply

    GAH! seriously my office right now looks like your first one. ha! I am sooo jealous. This is fabulous!

  93. Tira J reply

    Katelyn, this is so beautiful! You did such an awesome job and if and when I get a new space, I will hire you as a long distance consultant to help dress it up. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  94. Lindsay reply

    This room is absolutely a dream!! You have done an AMAZING job. I think that room will change your life!!!!

  95. Elana reply

    Wow! This room is beautiful! I can’t believe the before and after photos. You have definitely inspired me!

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  97. leslie reply

    you have almost 100 comments on your house. 100 COMMENTS! ARE YOU J*STAR!?! im so proud to call you my friend. YOU ARE SO TALENTED! you used to always hate when i said that but its true!! amazing photographer, designer, singer, friend, WIFE (weird..), SOON TO BE MOM ;). you’re just great and i love you a lot!!!

  98. natalia reply

    best color choices ever!!

  99. Denise Chupp reply

    I love everything about this room! We have a room that is shaped just like this, I cant wait to re-do my room. I love your website…..

  100. Lisa Crookston reply

    Absolutely stunning! The color scheme, the overall feel of the room, the wedding paraphernalia & photos, that settee and chairs!–all of it has come together perfectly. You have inspired me! Thank you!

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  103. hope reply

    Your office space is awesome. You could come decorate my house anytime.

  104. Lindy Baker reply

    Can you tell me where you got the leather chair sitting behind your desK?

  105. Kim reply

    I love it! If you don’t mind sharing, what paint color did you use? I’m thinking it would be perfect for my kitchen!

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  107. Kara reply

    Amazing! You are very talented!

  108. chantal reply

    wow. this is gorgeous!

  109. Home Sweet Home reply

    […] Katelyn James, probably one of the most talented photographers in the area, designed her home office and did this all herself. She has such an amazing eye and I’m so envious. If I could ever get an empty room somewhat close to what she has done here, I’d be proud. You can see this empty room’s transformation, here. […]

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  111. Jena @ Involving Color reply

    Katelyn, your office is amazing and the colors are beautiful. I would love to add this to the paint and room galleries on my site and include you in a feature post. Let me know if you’re interested!

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  114. Inspire Me Heather reply

    Gorgeous space! I linked it to my offices post too today, for inspiration!

  115. Ashley reply

    I love being on pinterest and seeing your office desk repinned by someone! i was like…. hey i think i’ve seen that desk before!

  116. tori reply

    this is my DREAM office. colors and everything. omg.

  117. Jennifer Thiers reply

    I need the deets….where did you get the perfect white desk? I need it. I need it in white. I need it for my studio. I need it now!!! Help?

  118. Lindsay reply

    i’ve seen this posted at least 10 times on this post but Oh My goodness I love this room and desk. Can you tell me where you got it?

  119. Julia reply

    Just found you through HofT. Love your office space! I also love that you’re in Richmond. I just moved here this summer! I actually just stalked your website and passed along your info to my second cousin. I’m just starting out in portrait photography and she asked me to do her wedding and I had no one local to refer to her. Now I do! I like to stick to the babies! xoxox Julia

  120. Valeria reply

    OMG!!! If I’ve already loved Turquoise before, imagine now, after seeing this office based on this divine and marvelous color!!!!! God is Turquoise Blue, for sure!!!! Congrats!!!!

  121. Casey reply

    I simply love your office. I found the post via Pinterest. I just want to say that you could start a home design business! Cheers all the way from Orange County, CA!

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  123. Michaela reply

    I read your blog all the time, but must have missed this post! I saw your room on House of Turquoise and was like, No way! Katelyn James…I read her photography blog! I write a design blog also, so this post is just up my alley. I adore everything you’ve done. Quite the design eye, girl! xo Michaela

  124. Lesli @ reply

    I naturally love everything turquoise and I came across your beautiful blog. Thanks for so much inspiration in one post!

  125. Katie reply

    I am remodeling my home office now! What an inspiration yours is for me! I l love that color would you mind sharing it? I could only home to have an office as beautiful as yours

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  128. Julie McNeil reply

    So beautiful! It’s shaped very similarly to my own office, and I love the colors you chose! Great job. I saw it on pinterest, btw ;-)

  129. Inspiration Wednesday: Office Mood Board « perpetuallydaydreaming reply

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  130. Kim Jestus reply

    Beautiful! We share the same initials and favorite colors in decorating. :0) Were all the chairs from Marshall’s? I love them!

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  132. Lindsey reply

    I love this room! What paint color is it?

  133. Lauren M reply

    Amazing transformation, so inspiring!I love that desk, and have been looking for one like it, where did it come from?

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  135. Rebecca Block reply

    GORGEOUS! I love me some aqua & white! Where did you get the wall filing system from? I think I need that!

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  137. Bailey reply

    Hey there! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this website?

    I’m getting tired of WordPress because I’ve had issues with hackers and I’m looking at options for another platform. I would be awesome if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

  138. Verona reply

    It’s hard to come by educated people for this topic, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

  139. Megan reply

    This is ridiculously gorgeous! So so jealous! Amazing transformation!

  140. nikki reply

    What color did you use on your walls??

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  142. Jackie reply

    The room is beautiful! I love the color combination. what is that delicious color you used on the walls?

  143. laura reply

    Will you please tell me the color of the paint, it is so lovely!

    Thank you!

  144. Alyssa reply

    This office is SO beautiful!! Where did you get your desk?

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  146. Jen reply

    What color is the paint, please?

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  148. Kara reply

    I love your office! This is very similar to what I have imagined for my home office. I have been looking everywhere for a desk like yours. Would you be willing to share where you bought it or what brand it is? i’d really appreciate it. thanks!

  149. Jean reply

    This is absolutely beautiful! I’m redoing my small office at work and have been looking for something that’s inspiring. I think I just found it. Can you please share where you purchased your desk and the colors you used on walls and ceiling. Thank you

  150. Jean reply

    This space is absolutely beautiful! I’m redoing my office space and looking for ideas that are inspiring. I think I just found it! can you please share where you purchased your desk and the colors you used on walls and ceiling. Than you so much for this beautiful inspiration.

  151. Jean reply

    can you tell me please the color of the walls?

  152. Leidy reply

    What color are the walls? Just moved to a new space and about to paint and I love the color of these walls !

  153. Kaylene reply

    This space is amazing :) i was just wondering where your desk is from? its so feminine and just makes the space look so inviting as well :) Thank you.

  154. Sara reply

    Can you tell me what the wall color is and where the desk is from?

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  158. Bridget reply

    I absolutely love what you did! The colors that you chose are my wedding colors and i would love to do this in our new home. Can you tell me what color the walls are and where did you find that white desk? thank you!

  159. Diane reply

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    Isn’t that what it’s all about ?
    We’ll done !

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  163. Brooke reply

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    Thank you!

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  167. Karry reply

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    Thanks so much

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    Nathan Whitworth

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