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ago I received an email from UPS saying that a package had been delivered. I don’t know about you but whenever I know a package is waiting at home… I get anxious! It’s not even like this was a surprise! I knew exactly what this package was! It was from Leather Craftsmen!! These packages are always fun because there is nothing quite like seeing you finished work in album form! Albums are like the finishing touch that wrap up all of my hard work and so I LOVE when they come in! This round was Colleen and John’s wedding album and Hunter and Becca’s engagement album! They turned out wonderfully!!! So since I’m in the “album mood”, I thought it may be nice


to get OTHERS in the album mood as well! I have blogged before that I use PhotoJunction to design my albums. While I don’t always stick to templates, I always START with them. I’m honored to be an affiliate for Templates for Photographers, a site for photographers to purchase templates specifically used in PhotoJunction!! So! If you’re a PJ user and you’ve been eyeing these templates, here’s your chance to take some home!! To enter:


– Leave a comment about why these templates would CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! (dramatic much? haha)

– And “Like” the T4P fanpage and mention them in a comment! for example: “I can’t WAIT to win a free set of templates from Templates for Photographers!!”.


I’ll announce the winner on Friday!!! Goodluck!!! Happy designing!

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  1. Abby Grace reply

    AH!! I want these so badly!! I’ve been pining after them and have been waiting to receive enough album orders to make it economical, but it took me TEN HOURS to design ONE wedding album. I nearly fell out of my chair that one time you said you can do it in an hour and half. I really LOVE designing albums and these would make it that much easier to design more!

  2. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Ahh I already bought it!! So fun though – it literally CHANGED the way I design albums, saves so much time. You are awesome for recommending them!

  3. Leah Hopkins reply

    Just starting out in the photo business, would be a very helpful start for me!

  4. Ashlyn Dawson reply

    I wan’t these so badly, I’ve been eyeing them for a while. This would make my workflow SOOO much easier and quicker!!!

  5. Ahna Beth reply

    WOW! I was literally looking for templates THIS WEEK & was trying to figure out what you use. This is my first year in business & everything is really picking up! I have several weddings booked as well as a lot of seniors, families, maternity pictures, & babies. :) These templates would be SO HELPFUL in designing books for my clients & showing books to potential clients! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! They really could help my business grow even MORE!

  6. Lauren Gocken reply

    These album templates would change my happy little life by helping me create an amazingly beautiful and super-packed album for my first ALL-DAY wedding–they’ll have a Cathlic ceremony early in the morning, portraits in the afternoon, then an outdoor ceremony and recepetion in the evening. It would make that awesome wedding even more complete! =]
    Thanks for all you do Mrs. James, your blog is a weekly must read.

  7. Jessica Fike reply

    Templates = LESS TIME scratching my head, slumping at the computer, trying to figure out what to do with images when designing albums. Time is money and time is CRUCIAL when I have a 16 month old daughter who only allows me to do three hours of work a day! TEMPLATES (would) SAVE!!!

  8. Dana Cubbage reply

    These templates would be so wonderful as I start building my wedding photography business. As a pet photographer, I don’t use many templates for my albums because they are so straight forward. Wedding albums are on another level and these templates would save me so much time!

  9. Kaitlin Hebert reply

    Not dramatic at all for me to say that winning these would change my life. I am not the BIIGGGEST fan of album design…but looking at your completed albums all the time literally leaves me drooling. There have been many a days where I have tried designing my own, using horrible templates that I could never get right. My clients heads would be distorted and then they would look like CONEHEADS in the final layout! FAIL! Every recommendation you have made for my workflow, business, approach to new and different things has worked wonders for me. Your workflow tips have allowed me to spend more time with my two little baby boys and interact more in social platforms with my clients. Album design is one of those things that I always push aside because “its too hard”, “too expensive” “too time consuming” —but maybe with this template. this awesome company, and yet another great piece of advice from you Katelyn….maybe I too will get to see my work in beautiful album form and present my clients with a priceless air loom that they can brag about for generations to come. Katelyn you are a rockstar and angel. Winning these album templates would save my life. Save my sanity. Save my business in new and daring and beautiful ways! : P Hope to win! : )

  10. Adele reply

    As a busy mom and full time photographer these templates would allow me to spend more time with my 2 boys, 4 and 6, instead of struggling through designing them myself! I have 2 weddings this month that are fabulous in every way and deserve the best possible product! I have 3 albums to print for each wedding and the sweet moms and dads of brides and grooms would fall out of a chair with these. Help me bring 6 grown peeps to tears about their babies’ wedding day!

  11. Alison Mish reply

    I would absolutely LOVE these! I just started offering albums to my clients this year and have already spent MANY hours trying to design albums!! I love PhotoJunction, but these templates would be aweeeesome :)

  12. Kristi Schenider reply

    I’ve been a huge fan of PJ for 3 years now. They’re all I know, really. With some HUGE albums about to cross my radar, templates would make my day more … tolerable!

  13. Katie D. reply

    ummm I have yet to ever even make and album because I am so overwhelmed by the idea… I would LOVE to get some templates so I can ease into the process and I have NO DOUBT that when I start adding albums to my packages I will be such a petter photographer for my clients! YAY! hope I win! :)

  14. Julie Villarreal reply

    I love your work. You are so talented and I enjoy your posts every day! I have yet to do an album, completely intimidated by the whole process! Templates would sure be a blessing!

  15. Amanda Gerling reply

    I am going to just preface this comment by saying- KATELYN you are making it so incredibly hard for me to get anything done right now! I just stumbled upon your blog the other day (SO happy I did! :)) and I have just been blog-stalking you ever since!! Instead of stressing over wrapping up my last couple days of undergrad you have me daydreaming of album designs! haha. I am about to download PJ right now and would LOVE to grab these templates as well, seeing as how I am documenting a wedding in less than a month and it is the first wedding that I am offering albums and I am SO EXCITED! Quick question though: you design in PJ and order your covers from LC, do you have them printed elsewhere? Sorry for the rambling, but I seriously cannot thank you enough for your inspiration and for continually brightening my day with every post I read through! :)

  16. Catie Watkins reply

    Ohhhhh I am so INCREDIBLY EXCITED for this giveaway!!! This would CHANGE MY LIFE in a couple ways: First, I spend hours upon hours dreaming and drooling over albums that I find online. If I won this giveaway I could wipe the drool from my chin and MAKE ONE!! :D (ohh yah!!) Secondly, I am wanting to take my business to the next level and I feel that this would be pretty much the coolest thing ever to accomplish that!! Can’t wait!! Thanks Katelyn!!!!!! :)

  17. Lauryn reply

    These templates would CHANGE MY LIFE because I have a bunch of albums to design this year and I am just getting started with PJ, basically I have no idea what I am doing!! Having templates there as a starting off point would be a LIFESAVER!!

  18. Colleen reply

    This would be a wonderful gift to win – I love albums but the designing does take quite a bit of time! Thanks for the contest!

  19. Valerie Robinson reply

    These templates would change my whole LIFE – seriously. I have a busybody toddler, screaming infant, barking dog, whiney husband (threw that in there for kicks lol)…..and I dont have TIME to fool around with album design. PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE I PULL MY HAIR OUT! Love, Val (smiley face)

  20. Karie Murray reply

    WOW! I would love having these templates! I started using Photo Junction per your suggestion! I love design, but it’s taking a little while to set everything up and get used to the program, so it would be a huge blessing to have a jump start if you will! …And your layouts are lovely! Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Mia Bjerring reply

    These templates are so amazing! I would love love LOVE to win them! It would just be wonderful to win them and I would love using them! I have never designed and album before, but it would be a great way to start designing! :) Thank you so much for all that you are giving Katelyn! It’s really so sweet of you!

  22. Jess Porter reply

    Winning these templates would be a Photoshop dream for me! I love working with templates and seeing what kind of designs I can create from them!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    God bless :)

  23. Mary Powell reply

    These would CHANGE MY LIFE (matching your drama) because I am overwhelmed at the idea of making an album! I am shooting my first wedding, well as the first shooter at least and under my name, this coming Saturday. They have ordered an album and so I will just be winging it! I’d love to have these in order to make that ‘winging it’ easier! I would be SO appreciative!!!

  24. Kara Buccat reply

    Katelyn! Your work makes me drool! You are such an amazing photographer…I aspire to be as good! Thanks for sharing all the ins and outs of everything you do! Seriously! Thanks!!!

  25. Becca reply

    First let me say how awesome both the albums look!!!!! And that I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ours!! I can’t believe we’re going to have such a NICE LEGIT album!! Hollerrrrrrrrrrrr! Perfect way to showcase those perfect photos! You’re auh-mazing girl!!! Then second, totally have to enter the contest. Reason why- I have been dragging my feet with deciding to move ahead with Leather Craftsman (after your post about them the 1st time I was ready to do it b/c they look so awesome but..) I know you need your business license. The templates would be a kick in the butt to get motivated and get my license finally and start designing for the first time ever! I have let school & the wedding keep me from making changes to the business and I’m ready to take the leap forward now! Improvement coming =)

  26. Rebecca reply

    Winning this would change my life because I would start album designing the right way! I have shot a lot of weddings, engagements, bridals etc. and I guess when it comes down to it, my brides and grooms see an album as something they can do at a later time. The pictures don’t go anywhere and they really want to use the money for the album for something else on their wedding day. I am anxious about a couple coming to me one day and they say OK, It’s time Rebecca! Anxious and nervous. I would love to see my work in an album one day. I know it will come, and I hope to make this a part of my normal album editing!

  27. jamie reply

    Love your albums Katelyn!! So beautiful!

  28. Galia Farris reply

    Please please please! Change my life! I’ve been eyeing these for months and would love to take my business to the next level! Right now I’m outsourcing and would love to get creative with these :) This way I can outsource less fun stuff like accounting..editing..underwater basket weaving..

  29. Emma reply

    These templates would CHANGE MY LIFE and the way I do business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m super new to the wedding photography industry (Just shot my 3rd ever wedding this past Saturday!!) and I’ve JUST started considering offering albums to my clients and have YET to complete an album design because about 10 minutes in, I get so frustrated that I literally want to throw my computer out of the window!!! Designer I am NOT and I DROOOOOOOOL over your album layouts everyDAY! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! I heart you!! ;)

  30. Renee reply

    These templates would change my life because I am just starting out in the wedding business, and have yet to create an album. I would love to be able to create a great sample album to show clients, so I increase my sales! Thank you for this opportunity!

  31. MistyAnn reply

    I would love to win these! I have the hardest time with deciding a good “path” to take and what looks good. I need a swift kick in the rear to get my butt in gear and actually have amazing books!

  32. eryn kesler reply

    oh, these WOULD change my life! I’m just venturing into the world of album design, and these would be amazing to have in my aresenal!!

  33. emily reply

    not only would having these templates help give my business a change in the right direction, but they would rock my world! i use photojunction and LOVE it, but i find myself using the same ol’ same ol’. i would love something new to help shake things up a bit and get my creative juices flowing at a faster pace!

  34. Jourdaine reply

    Katelyn!! I have to say that I am in love with your work…your blog… aaand your design templates are absolutely gorgeous! I love the simplistic and streamline design of them! They are so me!! I am 18 and have just figured out that I love designing albums. I am lucky enough that my mum is a photographer ( and I have just started designing albums in PJ for her. Reading your story has inspired me big time! =) I would LOOVE to win your templates because they would seriously CHANGE MY LIFE by giving me the opportunity to create gorgeous album designs!

  35. taryn reply

    Ooo! I’m now looking into a graphic design class or two and how fun would it be to have some new templates to work with!! Love this!! I want MORE to offer my clients and this would be PERFECT!

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  37. lopiga reply

    verry helpfull for my inspiration thank you so much ;-D

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