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done a post like this before. Ever. Isn’t that strange? I feel like a “Ten things you don’t know about me” post is mandatory in this crazy blogging world. I guess I’ve never blogged one before because EVERYONE posts stuff like this.  And sometimes I wonder… “Who really CARES about it?!”.  Who cares to know that I can’t bend my last three toes on either foot?! In my opinion, no one probably care about the intricate details of my little life. People have better things to do than to read “Ten new things about Katelyn!”.  However, that way of

thinking COMPLETELY goes against my marketing strategy.  I practice PERSONAL MARKETING and I preach it at my workshops. The idea is that I have created a business around WHO I AM and people connect with that. If my brides didn’t have a clue who I was, there wouldn’t be a connection there at ALL. So I am personal in every aspect of my business. I won’t even hire an office assistant to help with emails and meetings because I think it’s so important that I’m the one connecting with my clients! So if I believe in personal marketing, then it’s about time I have a “Ten things you didn’t know about Katelyn” post!!


As I think about it, I actually LOVE knowing that Jasmine loves Pinkberry and that J&M totally renovated their adorable CT home in Restoration Hardware style, and I think I know Zach & Jody’s cat by name! I love following my fav photogs on instagram because I feel like I get a glimpse into their life! Is that WEIRD? I don’t know. I just hope I’m not the only one that “likes” every instagram that Jstar posts with Polo in it!  I enjoy feeling like I KNOW these people…. and that sounds creepy but it’s means that they are GREAT marketers. When photographers create a brand off of their personalities, they have hit the jackpot!


So, today I’m posting a “10 things you didn’t know about Katelyn” post because it’s a smart thing to do.  I’m not going to worry about the fact that everyone does this and I’m not going to pay attention to those that could care less about my toes.  This post is for the amazing blog stalkers that enjoy following my brand and to all of you out there, I just want to say a huge THANK YOU! Thanks for following, thanks for sharing and here are some incredibly random facts about Katelyn James:



1.  It’s true, I can’t bend my last 3 toes on either foot. When we asked the doctor about this in high school he just shrugged his shoulders and said “oh, it’s probably just a birth defect”. Wait WHAT?!!!  I have a birth defect?! I mean, it never bothers me so I guess I should get over myself and just accept it.


2.  I’m a HORRIBLE driver.  It’s so bad that Michael won’t let me drive when we’re riding together because that always results in a fight! It’s really bad. 


3. Even though I’m a horrible driver, I have NEVER gotten a speeding ticket….. but I have gotten pulled over for 7 things in one stop at college…. but we won’t go there. Who knew you were supposed to drive with SHOES?! 


4. I have NEVER been to Disney World….. let the gasps begin. I know, I didn’t have a childhood I guess.


5. I have a new obsession with frozen yogurt shops. They are popping up everywhere in Richmond and I’ve tried all but two!  (Ps. If you’re in RVA, the Sweetfrog in Cary Town is WAY better than that weird place that went in beside it! Just my opinion:)


6. Michael and I tried to grilled corn on the cob Wednesday night for dinner and it was a miserable failure.  When you throw have of your dinner away because you don’t know how to cook, that’s how you know you’re still newlyweds!


7. Gummy bears are my weakness. Every time I walk into a convenient store it’s like I just gravitate towards that aisle. 


8. My favorite color is TEAL! (Just kidding, I know you already know that!!) However, what you might not know is that my LEAST favorite color is PURPLE! Yup, I just don’t love it.


9. One of our favorite date nights is driving around and looking at massive houses. After driving through western Loudon county yesterday, I’ve decided that Michael and I need to do some home tour driving in those rolling hills! WOW. GINORMOUS homes!


10. I NEVER paint my fingernails for some reason!


Welp! Now that you know how strange I am, I’m going to get some work done before I leave for an engagement session this evening! Ps. Here’s a peek from yesterday’s! Can’t WAIT to share!

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  1. Tiffany Sigmon reply

    I ADORE this post.

  2. Katie Yuen reply

    Secret confession: Andrew and I also drive around looking at houses and pretending what it would be like to live there. [Worst part is, we’ve been doing that since high school!] LOVE getting to know you more!!! You’re an amazing marketer Katelyn!!

  3. Abby Grace reply

    Hahah I love this! Tori and I both posted these same sort of blogs today- we must all be on the same brain wavelength. And OHMAHGOSH fro-yo. It’s my new favorite dessert! I love that they’ve become to the 2010’s what arcades were to the 1980’s. I’m sure when we’re older our kids will ask why fro-yo was so popular, and we’ll yell back “HAVE YOU EVER TRIED A PINKBERRY CONFECTION???” This made no sense. I apologize.

  4. Kimberly Burke reply

    I saw this come over my FB feed and for some reason I had a feeling that one of your ten things would be disney world, haha Its never to late, my hubby took me there for our honeymoon and we went 6 times last year , and we go on our anniversary every year, it is a must :)

  5. Sarah reply

    I love looking at houses too!! Whenever I get stressed JR just says “Do you need to go look at some nice houses right now?” it might be one of our favorite dates, and possibly a little creepy :)

  6. Sydni Jackson reply

    i have no idea why they put in a new fro-yo place right next to sweet frog! but fortunately i walked by on the opening weekend and got a free cup! i don’t know if the yogurt is better or worse, but i could sit in there all day and watch those little lights change colors on the ceiling haha

  7. Carrie Logan reply

    I loved driving without shoes until I was told I had to wear them!! Boo. Love that you love fro yo, but girl! Go to Disney World and paint those nails! Ha, just kidding. I’m sure you’ve saved lots of time and money by not! ;)

  8. Laura Gordon reply

    Um, yeah… I totally can’t move my last two toes! I thought I was the only one! How odd!! lol

  9. Nicole @ Post Grad reply

    OK – I never paint my fingernails either. I just realized that that might not be normal. lol Also, as for grilling corn… peal the husk back piece by piece being careful not to rip it off. Remove all the silt. They put the husk back up around your corn cobs. Run it under some water to let some water (which will help steam the corn) get trapped up in there. Then toss them on the grill while the rest of your food cooks. The husk keeps it from burning, but you still get a great charred flavor. Oh and Loudon county? Gag me. My best friend from college lived out there and I felt like Grace Kelly every time I visited. I wish!

  10. Jill Samter Photography reply

    :-D I live in those rolling hills of Loudoun county and LOVE IT! This area is so gorgeous – across the street is the Potomac River and mountains. I get to see the ginormous houses when I ride into the city for grocery shopping. I love living in the country of NOVA!!!!!!!!!! Next time let me know you are on the way up and I’ll show you both around! :-D

  11. Deborah Zoe reply

    I love you!! That’s why we hired YOU. And because you have red hair….;)

  12. jae reply

    don’t worry – disneyworld isn’t just for kids, so fear not for your “missed childhood”. as for corn on the cob grilled? peel it first, wash it, add a bit of butter and salt, put the husk part back and then grill it. guaranteed awesome.

  13. Julie reply

    omg – you don’t like purple?! holy crud. my wedding colors are purple and grey. i hope you don’t hate my wedding photos :( lol

  14. Purple Nickel reply

    Yikes… so you probably don’t like us since our co. name has ‘Purple’ in it!! haha… BUT we don’t use the color anywhere in our branding. So maybe we’re safe? Please say so! I personally LOVE blog posts like these. And I want to blog more like this. So thank you for sharing and continuing to inspire. P.S…. my big toe is fused + can’t bend. I always have to be wearing shoes cause I trip over it- Casia xoxo

  15. Samantha June reply

    Your marketing strategy is AMAZING and definitely works! I do feel like I know you :) but having said that I definitely now feel like a creepy blog stalker! Thanks for sharing! :)

  16. Shalese reply

    I cannot drive with shoes on! I just can’t, so I guess I’m living on the edge! Also, my best friend is addicted to gummy bears, too! I can’t wait to tell her she’s not the only one :)

  17. Sharon Elizabeth reply

    yay! so glad you’re doing these now!!!! you know you love reading about my pickle phobia !!! =)

  18. Brenda (Katelyn’s mom) reply

    This post is funny, because Emy just told us recently that her college roommates also thought it was weird that she had never been to Disney World! Well, you may not have gone to Disney World, but we had some wonderful family vacations to some great places . . . where you learned to love RVing, campfires, climbing on rocks, and of course . . .an appreciation for waterfalls! :) Luv Ya

  19. Annetta reply

    Great post, Katelyn! I feel like I know you through your blog which makes me the more excited to meet you this fall. I don’t paint my fingers either. As for the corn, I tried it this week for the first time over a fire pit but I wrapped the whole cob leaves and all in foil first then cooked it. Turn every few minutes. IT was deelish.

  20. Robin Day reply

    Yep, I work in Middleburg and most of my clients live in the area…when the road turns to dirt, that means keep driving because the houses will only get bigger. The Melon family lives in western loudoun and has an air strip for a 747 airplane! It’s old money horse country. is that picture in Shepherdstown, WV? I grew up there and still live near by. It looks like German Street (aka main street) is in the background. Small world.

  21. Sweet Spot reply

    Love your post, but please come to Sweet Spot for the real deal in gummy bears! We’ll hook you up! :)

  22. Sarah reply

    I love posts like this. I think they’re a great way to let your followers get to know you even better.

    And I can bend my 3rd and 4th toes, but I can’t move my pinky toe on my left foot. At all. Nevermind the fact that it hasn’t grown since I was 5. :P

    It also makes me a little sad that purple is your least favorite color. It’s my favorite color and will definitely be veryyyy present at my wedding…whenever that happens. :)

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