The Beale Family

  • The Beale Family

I’m rushed for time but I REALLY wanted to get this on the blog this morning before I go out of town! All I really need to say to paint a picture of how close I am to this family is that we still tell people that we are cousins!! haha I have grown up with this crew and what a wild bunch we are when we get together! I just love them and I was so excited to get to walk around Grandma Beale’s farm last Saturday to do a session with them!  Happy early Mother’s Day momma Jan!!!


Please enjoy a “few” of my favorites!  I was feeling really guilty about blogging so many images recently and then I realized, there is NO such thing as blogging rules! I can post as many as I want!!! haha So I think this is a another 30+ post! yay!

I forgot to tell you that we added a few extras into the mix! Lena and Justin are just as much a part of this family! When you have 5, whats 2 more?!

Sorry, I’m a little partial to couples…. there are a lot of couple pics!!

Katie, I love your laugh! Don’t hate me for posting this!! I love it!!

Leave it up to my boyfriend to go exploring through a old barn and find a “pony” sign. haha I love him.

The “Beale Band”.. it totally looks like an album cover!

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  1. Danielle Bernard Lux reply

    Wow- I love this family! These pictures are great Kaitlin! You are so talented and I was very blessed to have you as my photographer :) Will you be around Fredericksburg anytime in the next few months? I’d like to get “one year” pictures done before July to send out to friends and family in September!

  2. Andi reply

    I love every one of them!!! I can’t wait to see what you do with my peeps.

  3. Corinne reply

    Thanks KK!!! They look great!!!

  4. Louisa reply

    SOOOO cute!!!! I love them all. =)

  5. Anna reply

    yay!!!!!! we love them… couple thoughts… where’s Jessica’s tub picture??? haha… and secondly, do you still tell people that you and Michael are cousins??? :)

  6. Katie Beale reply

    yeah… I’m gonna have to demand a repost or a part 2 with jessica’s tub picture :) and I don’t mind that you put that laughing picture of me on there, I love that one :)

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