We're taking a Break

  • For the First Time Ever...

This is harder to write than I thought! It’s weird… but also so freeing at the same time. This is our off season… the one time of the year when things are going 100MPH. Michael and I love listening to Michael Hyatt’s podcasts about building platforms and the number one thing he mentions is that CONTENT matters. What you post matters. It needs to be life-enhancing for your audience and it needs to be substantial. I have been blogging for 6 YEARS. Yes…. SIX! And for almost half of that time, I have been blogging EVERY weekday. It’s a part of my life… a part of my schedule. I have been so loyal to this part of my business and you know what?

I have seen the fruit from my labor. We have thousands of blog friends that visit the blog daily. The blog has become our online home base for our business. It’s where you can read about our clients, view our work, keep up with Bokeh boy, see our recent house projects and so much more!! We are SO thankful for this little piece of the internet that we have the privilege of reaching each and every day. However, at some point, everyone needs time to regroup, refresh and renew their inspiration. Sure, I can pre-blog and take a week off. But after several conversations about this with some friends of mine, I think it’s been confirmed that cutting back my blogging is what I need to do for a little while. I REALLY enjoy blogging… and while others see it as just “something I have to do”… I see it as something I GET to do. But even great things need rest. Michael and I are in the midst of a massive rebrand for the first time EVER… we’re also gearing up for a new year for The Collection and serving a new group of 2015 KJ Brides and Grooms! Even in the off season, there is a lot going on. We need time to study what is working well…. what isn’t…. what is taking up too much time… and what we should spend more time on!! The only way to grow and figure all of this out is to take a step back.

So, as weird as it is for a daily blogger to say this, I’ll be taking a little break from blogging the until the Rebrand has launched!!! There will be 2-3 posts a week instead of 5 and we’ll be monitoring how it goes as far as engagement.

We LOVE this blog…. and we love all that follow it and read it. Recently, someone mentioned to me “What does it feel like to have so many friends online that love your stuff?!” and all I could say was “Gosh, I don’t know….I’m just so thankful”. And that’s the honest truth. I don’t deserve this amazing following. Every single one of you that take time out of your busy schedules to read this blog blow me away. Thank you for coming back… day after day. :) YOU GUYS are our business… you may not realize that or not… but you are. You are the ones that talk about us… that share our work… that like our posts. You are the reason we have grow and we want to give you the best!!

So get excited!! Because we are getting closer and closer to our launch. It’s going to be amazing!! Gosh I wish I could show you some sneak peeks but I just have to wait!

And because we’re using our extra free time to rest and make this blog better than ever….  I wanna hear about what you love most!! Leave me a comment and let me know the following:

  • What do love the most about this blog?!
  • What do you think the new “LOOK” is going to be like?! :)
  • What would you like to see more of?!
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Laura Beth Stricker reply

    As a prospective bride in the near future, I love seeing all the photos and your adventures!!

  2. Sarah Bradshaw reply

    I can’t tell you how proud I am of you!! Breaks are SO important, and so life-giving. As a Blogger, I’ve found that my focus and message and heart are completely revived during breaks. As a blog reader, I find that I grow more in anticipation of blog posts when I don’t read them every day… it’s like the break makes me all the more excited about the blogger, because I know they have more to share, and I can’t wait to see and read it!

  3. Maggie reply

    I love the balance you have created between your personal and work life. I come back to not only see your amazing work, but also because you are so transparent with your personal life! I love it!

    I think the new look is going to be more sophisticated and geared towards your current clientele at this point! And I hope to see more KJ decorating projects!!

  4. Rebecca reply

    You are amazing! You have to make room in your life so we can continue to have more great things from you! I am certain that you are going from great to whatever is after … Enjoy your time off!!

  5. Rebecca reply

    Ps your are simply admirable!!

  6. Molly reply

    I really love your wedding photographs!

  7. Morgan Leigh reply

    Where to start?! First off, I’m glad you’re taking a break, I’m sure you and Michael need it!! I will miss seeing daily posts though! I love everything about this blog. I love that it is clean and shows off your work perfectly. I love everything you post, I love seeing your work, but I love being able to peek into your personal life, and that makes me want to do that more often! For the new brand…hmm…well I might be cheating if I answered because you might have hinted at the new colors…but I’m thinking there will be hints of teal instead of that being the main focus on your new blog!! I think you balance your posts very well! BUT I was talking with some of the girls at the workshop and we LOVE seeing your decorating posts…and would totally attend a KJ Decorating Workshop Experience!! haha!

  8. Jessica Beale reply

    Proud of you! Love you!

  9. Sarah Farish reply

    I love the most that you are honest and real. I’m not engaged or close to engagement or marriage, but I love seeing your honesty and passion for your work. I’m also encouraged to see you stick so close to your Christian values and uphold them.

  10. candi reply

    I found your blog a few years ago and I have been hooked ever since. I love seeing your photo post and Home posts most (will you be sharing your Christmas decor?!?). I admit I am not much for filler posts. With ANY blog I follow, I can always tell when they are stretching content just to have something to blog. splitting one post into multiple days or doing a “this is what’s coming” post. I think many of us just feel like we have to post something to keep it going. But breaks are a good thing! It gives you time to regroup and breathe. Can’t wait to see your rebrand! I am sure it will involve TEAL!

  11. Mandi Mitchell reply

    Good for you!! Excited for the break you will get and the rebrand! Thanks again for all of the blogging inspiration. I’ve already blogged 5 times since last week!

  12. Mary Marantz reply

    Oooooh you KNOW I love this!! The break that we took this fall was one of the BEST things we ever did! We came back so much stronger & with a renewed vision for the blog, the business & where we wanted to go. So happy to see you guys taking one now too! So deserved!

  13. Kristin Peddicord reply

    Girlfriend, I’ve been praying for you about this!! Ha ha! Not sure why, but it’s just been on my heart. You seem to always be “on the go”! And that’s wonderful, but life needs a break every now and then. As a peer in the industry, it really helps me to see others in the industry taking breaks too. Even as a bride, I would love to see my photographer take time out for herself. It’s much deserved. And it’s real LIFE. Enjoy this time and REST!

  14. Talara Jo reply

    I love the stories you tell about wedding days and engagement sessions. I have read many other wedding blogs and it always seems so impersonal! Another thing I love about this blog is that I feel like I know you, Michael and bokeh and I love hearing your personal stories. It inspires me because reading this blog is like a daily inspiration!
    I’m not sure what your new brand will be like! I want to say a different color but it’s hard to imagine katelyn James without a beautiful shade a teal near by :)
    I honestly love the balance of everything you post in your blog! But if I had to name one thing I would like to see more of its the behind the scenes haha those make me laugh

  15. Brooke reply

    I really love getting to see your heart for ministry on your blog. It’s always so beautiful seeing how you infuse your love for The Lord into your couples and blogging. I wish I could see more of that. And I think a good ask anything post is how to be a wedding guest. Seriously I struggle with it hard and I’ve only shot three wedding in my time so I can only imagine what it will be lik e later on.

  16. Meg courtney reply

    good for you girl. excited to see what’s next for you guys:) xo

  17. jane reply

    I enjoy the positivity of your posts, your honesty and approach in life.

    Photography is a hobby of mine and I use it to slow down and de-stress. I rarely take portraits or photos of people so it’s a learning experience to see the angles, pov and different perspective from another photographer. It would be cool to see more abstract photos but this about couples, I know!

    I hope the new site is everything you wish it to be. and more.

  18. tangie reply

    What I love most about the blog is your consiste4ncy (sorry! I know you just wrote about needing a break…LOL!). I love how you have a perfect balance of sharing your work, your personal life and tech tips for fellow photogs. I feel like I know you just by following your blog. I have no idea what the new look is going to look like. What would I like to see more of? I would to see more “Ask Anything” posts. I love learning from you!

  19. Kristina W. reply

    I’ve been following your blog since our junior year at CNU! My favorite posts are your personal ones – I love seeing pretty vacation photos and decoration ideas! You’re so talented and creative in many aspects of your life.

  20. Ashley reply

    So excited to see all that is going to come from this and your new look! I love your blog because you have always been so personal and open. It is always so encouraging to read all that is happening in your lives and business!

  21. Sydni Jackson reply

    I love your consistency, but I also love when your content is varied. Now that I’m not in the middle of getting married and all my friends getting married, I like to read more of the behind-the-scenes stuff, good things posts, vacations you take, etc. to be honest my least favorite is when there are 4-5 engagement or wedding posts in one week – because I want to look at them and value them but i don’t have time to look at 4-5 big blog posts with tons of pictures each week. Just being honest! Hope that helps. Love you and your blog and can’t wait to see the re-branding changes!! I’ve def noticed a bit of a style change in your photography (more romantic, dreamy-type shots and less of the super bold and bright, so I’m very curious to see how your rebrand will reflect the changes!! Keep trusting the Lord :) <3

  22. Erika Mills reply

    I think it is so important for you to take a break! There is always such a thing as sharing too much and I think it’s important to value your “down” time. As a photographer my favorite posts are your behind the scenes, educational and your personal ones. I am really hoping the new blog has Michael infused in it! I love your brand, clean and bright but would like to see that masculine undertone that supports your photography too! I will never get sick of your ask anything series, those are my favorite and I would love to see those done consistently! Can’t wait to see what Jen rolls out for you two and the KJP brand!!

  23. Jennefer Wilson reply

    katelyn! i couldn’t be more proud of you, friend!!! Changes are never easy, and while your routine may feel a little strange for a bit, just know that the lord is going to redeem, make use and multiply your time spent being faithful to “sabbath”. You know?

    The best part of working hard is that you get to rest hard, and I couldn’t be more proud of you two for taking time to rest and dream.

    Big dreams take listening ears, open hearts and willing feet. SO PROUD OF YOU. :)

  24. Shaina Koren reply

    You guys are amazing and you definitely deserve a little time to step back! What I love about your blog is how personal, sweet, and loving you are in your writing and your posts – the best part about THAT is that it’s genuinely who you are in person to! Thank you for letting YOU shine through in your writing and always being so open and honest with us! You and Michael inspire me :) …and bokeh too! I have no idea what the new look will be…I hope it’s still teal! Cannot wait to see it!

  25. Roslyn Hogno reply

    LOVE, that you’re so honest and down to earth with everything that you write, and post!!! it makes the readers feel entirely comfortable with you and your photography. It truly shows in your writing, that you have a one of a kind passion for what you do! Theres nothing else that gives a reader a goose-bumpy feeling when reading a blog, than knowing the writer/blogger has put all their heart and soul into each and every word! True passion right there.. :)
    New Look?!?! Sooo excited for this! Change is good :)
    As an amateur/self confessed ‘not so great but I’m learning’ photographer, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE, to see more helpful tips and handy hints on every day photography things! Your blog post about how you incorporate your camera bag into shooting and frames, has saved my life! Every time I’m shooting, I will think, “hmm what will Katelyn do!?..” and your most recent post on the cheat sheet you created for Michael!? What a fantastic idea! I’m now in the process of creating my own little cheat sheet book.. something little and compact to throw into my camera bag on those days I feel a little, ahh spaced out!!! things like these we fellow photo geeks really appreciate, and it keeps US even more inspired and confident in continuing to do what we love the most!
    THANKYOU! Cant wait to see what 2015 has to offer. Merry Christmas!! x

  26. Jennifer reply

    breaks are good for the soul!!! Sometimes even though we love what we are doing, we can be overwhelmed with life. I simply cannot wait to see the rebrand!!! Hugs!

  27. Donna Wysong reply

    I love your joy! it doesn’t matter what topic you’re covering in your post, your joy shines through and I walk away from my computer smiling. as if I have just got up from sharing a cup of coffee with a dear friend. enjoy your break, you deserve it! and merry christmas!

  28. sharon reply

    Well I asked myself this question. What was it about your blog that brings me to it almost every day? If I really had to pinpoint the one thing that stands out the most, apart from your beautifully presented work, i would say that it is the whole energy of your blog. IT’s always joyful and positive! it’s friendly, uplifting and you take the time to share with us all, not just one little paragraph. I’m thinking your new branding will incorporate some kind of teal??!!!! I wish you all the best with your continued success. you and Michael have both worked hard for it.

  29. cOLLEEN dELANEY reply

    Good for you and Michael!!!  Soo very awesome for you two to take a break!! I always think MAN they have GOT to be EXHAUSTED!!!!! I am SOOO PUMPED to see the re-brand. Is it launching new years day?!?! New year new KJ & MICHAEL look?!?! I just love love LOVE everything about the blog, your style, what you write about, and the pics you share, especially this one baseball e-shoot you did this past fall, I mean NAILED IT ;)!!!  I am SURE the re-brand will be a PERFECT new layout, look, style and the same wonderful KJ writing we know and LOVE!  I am also thinking GASP…A NAME CHANGE?! I also hope there is still some KJ TEAL in the new brand!  Here’s to 2015…I SWEAR I’m not biased or anything ;) XOXOXOX

  30. Julie reply

    Katelyn, I’m spent and looking forward to regrouping as well. I have so little time for anything, I do not read your blog every day. But i will say this: it is the only blog I ever read! That means your mix of content is always engaging to me. So as you cut back a little (and Lord knows everybody needs a break– I had no idea you were doing this every day as I only catch it a few times a week) just know you have provided me with so many ideas, both for my photos and my business model, and you have also provided so much motivation. You are wonderful! Have a great Christmas!

  31. Jill Powers reply

    So proud of you!! xo

  32. Kate Robinson reply

    Good for you Katelyn! It’s awesome how honest you are with your audience, of course you will be well respected for that! I totally admire your amazing effort of blogging 5x per week, but completely get that you need to slow down and re-group. I’m sure from this break you will come back re-charged and full of inspiration! I love your life posts, and also how real you are on the blog. Thank you for all you guys do, you’re an inspiration. Kate x

  33. Amber lane reply

    I love seeing your adventures and your home :) I also would love to see a few posts on how you tote around your camera safely while on these adventures and how you make sure to take picture not just from a cell phone while you are on vacation or with friends. My camera bag is way too big and I know I would damage my camera if I just threw it in my purse. Some other things that might be interesting is balance… How do you balance a husband and wife business and while balancing your actual marriage? How do you balance a life/work balance when your work is often in your home? Things like that :)

  34. becca reply

    I love seeing the house and what y’all are up to. Of course the brides/weddings too. The ask anything is amazing and learning posts suck me in just like they do on JStars blog- free advice from someone so established is always good. Bokeh. Trips. Love it all! Keep of the variety because you hit lots of audience that way. If it was just weddings I’d be less likely to check in all the time, it’s the You that we all keep following for :)

  35. Michelle reply

    I originally stumbled upon your blog due to a link to one of your beautiful rooms in your home. I LOVE home design and decorating, and you style is so simple, colorful, and beautiful. So because of that, I learned what an amazing photographer you are and have really enjoyed following along as you chronicle your business, what works for you, photography tips, your amazing adventures, and of course your gorgeous photos! With that being said, I am NOT a professional photog, just a mom who dabbles in it, and have really loved your “ask anything” posts and your posts about your home and life in general. BUT, I still read every post even if it doesn’t quite pertain to me or just for inspiration, so I guess I’m just saying, I love it all. :) I hope you enjoy your time off…I know it’s important to retreat in all aspects of life to gain some perspective and to catch your breath. But seriously, keep sharing pics of your home…gosh it’s just fabulous!

  36. ashley reply

    I have been following your blog since the beginning. I have to say the best blogs are e-shoots and personals. I like getting to now your couples and your family. Its great how you share your heart with others and I love reading that content. It really makes me connect and continue to come back to the blog. With that being said, I would like to see more material about the couples. Sometimes I read and wonder more about their stor . I know you are a fan of j* and I love how she illustrates a story simply through her words. Not saying to do exactly that but I hope to see a story in the new blog. Maybe some way to relay the e-shoots to the wedding. But I love your blog, work, story, family, etc. So keep doing what you do! Just a positive suggestion. Can’t wait to see the new stuff. Katelyn, you are amazing. Keep giving it to god and he will continue to guide you.

  37. Christy Tyler reply

    I’m so happy to hear you’re doing this, love! You deserve it more than you realize and it will be sooo very wonderful for you personally AND professionally! Enjoy the time, and I can’t wait to see the rebrand!

  38. Matt Kennedy reply

    SOOOO good :)

  39. Holly reply

    Breaks are good for the soul. I told my students the other day that the reason teachers have the summers off is that there would be no teachers left. It is exhausting pouring out. Breaks are your time to be refilled.

    What do I love most? The consistancy! It is my happy place once a day! I love the teaching posts. I love eshoots esp. on locations (I have Alaska Bookmarked! Ha!)

    I think the new look with be classic. I have seen your style change over the years and I see a timeless look these days. I expect your brand will reflect this.

    More of? Babies! J/k I’m A fan. I will click on it all! I would love to see some “giving back with Photos”. I have been doing some of this with my students and I would love to show them examples or particpate. Maybe more anniversary? Being married, you know that the wedding is just the start of the story, so it would be fun to see your blog/brand represent that. Or just a whole blog about your coming to my house and helping decorate :) Hope you and Michael have a wonderful Christmas!

  40. Vanessa Chupp reply

    SO GLAD you guys were able to be honest with yourselves and brave enough to let yourselves take this break! It’s a scary thing taking a step back from something in your business for ‘you’ time, but so needed! Hope you two have the loveliest Christmas, and that this slow down allows you to recharge : )

  41. Robyn reply

    Good for you! Stepping back and taking a break is so important. I think so often we are moving at such great speed through our lives that we forget to recognize that Breaks in routines are important – it gives the mind a chance to catch-up! Dream, Doodle, nap! :)
    Your new image/branding will be classic simplicity. I think your Blog has just the right mix of business, personal and of course Bokeh! A must for any blog success!

  42. Emilia Jane reply

    So happy for you to take a little more time to yourself. I promise that it will be worth it!

  43. Lauren reply

    Excited to see the new site! Enjoy your break now, I know you’ll be glad you did when busy season rolls back around. :)

  44. Bethany Mitchell reply

    What i love most about your blog is your style and Honestly your consistency!!! {And I am not at all trying to make you feel bad for taking a break- I think it’s great that you are and I am happy for you both!!} I love seeing your amazing work from weddings, sessions and I really enjoy your home posts!!! And since your’e asking I would love to see more about your home. We are slowly remodeling our house and I honestly get a lot of my inspiration from you!!! Oh and I love the vacation posts!!! After viewing those I am always ready to book a vacation that day!! Overall I love your blog!!! Sorry this was so long and i don’t have any ideas on what the new look is going to be like expect I’m sure it will have lots of teal!! :) {which i love}

  45. Annamarie reply

    awhh yes! so proud of you!! This is great!xo

  46. Anne Casey reply

    I’d love to see more of your personal home projects! I LOVE seeing all of the weddings and shoots that you do and hearing the stories behind the couples.but seeing more of your home decor projects would be fun. and maybe some about your personal style? your house is gorgeous, you dress fab, and how is it that you’re always smiling SO BIG? I just love it. I discovered your blog several months ago and really look forward to taking the time to read it. Congrats on a great 2014 and I can’t wait to see what you’re up to in 2015!

  47. Korie austin reply

    I have just started following your blog and your work is amazing! My photography is just in the beginning stages. I have been taking photos for 20 plus years since I was a teenager but just now making my dream come true of starting my company. I love being insipried by others and the encouragement I have found on your site. Thanks for the encouragement. I wish more photographers were that way. Especially Christian ones. Well your work is stunning and I am a fan. God bless you and your business

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