• The Bowers Family

This post is fun for me because this isn’t just a family, it’s my chiropractor’s family!  Dr. Jeff of Bowers Family Chiropractic in Fredericksburg, VA has been our family chiropractor for many many years.  He’s been “popping” my spine back into alignment since I was in middle school! When they advertise themselves as a “Family” business, they couldn’t be more accurate.  They truly do treat their clients as friends and family.  When they asked me to do some business and family photos I was thrilled and I’m so excited we found an evening that worked! Enjoy a few favorites and Dr. Jeff, after this week of tubing and crashing headfirst into the water at 30mph, all 3 of us kids will probably be seeing you next week!

The wonderful ladies that run that office so well!

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  1. Anna reply

    I’ve always wondered about Dr. Jeff since he’s seen the rest of my family… now I know what he looks like! These are great pics, KK!

  2. Lauryn Galloway reply

    UM- Can we say model? Who is that little girl? She is so gorgeous and sassy!

  3. Amy Parker reply

    Dr. Jeff, these are great! Also reminds me that I need to make an appt. I’ll be in town next week…

  4. Charity DellaCamera reply

    hahah seriously his daughter has such attitude the pictures are awesome of course katelyn!

  5. Kriea reply

    What a great family shoot! You did a great job of showcasing everyone’s separate personalities!

  6. Mimi reply

    My chiropractor, too! These are great!

  7. Ashley Terry reply

    I love the photos in the alley! What a unique idea for family photos. Your ideas are so inspiring!

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