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is a coaching day at our house!! We’re busy making sure the house doesn’t look like too much of a disaster and hiding our piles of laundry that still need to be folded. Coming back from two back-to-back trips has left our bedroom looking like a small bomb went off! Anyway, that’s not the point of this post… the point of this post is to give an update on The Collection!! It’s hard to believe this but it has actually been TWO MONTHS since we launched this crazy idea! For those of you that haven’t heard of The Collection yet, it’s an

online resource that we have created for photographers! We realized that we won’t get the privilege of teaching EVERY photographer that follows our work in person and so we wanted to offer educational content that was accessible from all over the globe!! So The Collection was born and it has been a huge success!! We love having a space online to direct photographers to that holds all of our resources! We’re super excited to offer video based teaching in the future! It’s a work in progress! However, for now, we are adding a new Mini-Guide every month!! Our newsletter went out last night introducing the newest edition to the Mini-Guide Family!! “Mastering Ring Shots” debuted in the store yesterday and I’m so excited about this one! I have shared some ring shot education here and there but I love having everything I know about them in one spot now!  I can’t wait to have DOZENS of mini-topics filling the Mini-Guide section one day!! I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Ps. My newsletter family received some additional information last night about ring shots in their inbox. Be sure to signup so that you can have some additional tips and tricks fill your inbox each month as well! Signup HERE! 

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  1. Megan k. Marcus reply

    Can’t wait to read more ring shot tips, I feel like your tips in the past have helped so much!!

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