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  • Introducing the DesignBook!

First of all, WELCOME to the new blog! I am so incredibly excited about this I can hardly stand it! The project has been in the works for a VERY long time! I wanted a new blog, something fresh, classy, and totally my style. I wanted this to incorporate my love for design and and I also wanted it to be 100% UNIQUE! So here is the story of the new DesignBook feature….. It all began on this scrap of paper.  It was 3am.  As usual, I was sitting on my bed with my roommate Britney and we were discussing blogs and social media (such nerds).  We started brainstorming about a new blog and creating something TOTALLY different!…(Click View Full Post!)

As we started getting ideas, we began to talk faster and louder! This was so exciting! I starting drawing and Britney kept brainstorming. We wanted a way for fans to become involved! I follow so many wedding photography blogs and there are some weddings that I particularly LOVE! So what do I do when I want to view those weddings? I search through tons of archives to find that specific post and I drag those images onto my desktop where they sit in a pile of misc. ideas.  Brides, photographers, and creative individuals LOVE finding ideas on blogs and so I wanted to make this even easier!


So, Brit and I came up with the DESIGNBOOK! The DesignBook is your very own space on the blog to collect your FAVORITES! Simply sign up, login and start collecting your favorite ideas and images! You can even categorize your favorites into different folders! Here is how you start!

Creating your DesignBook:


1. Sign up by clicking “Sign Up Now”


2. Return to the homepage and enter your Username and Password that you just created


3. Click LOGIN and your own personal DesignBook will be on the right hand side of your browser!


How to use your DesignBook:


Once your Designbook is visible on the right of your browser, it’s simple!


Just find an idea or image that you love and hover your mouse cursor over the image. You will see “ADD TO DESIGNBOOK” on the bottom right of the image. Simply Click “ADD TO DESIGN BOOK” and that image will appear in your DesignBook folder!

I am SO excited about the DesignBook because as far as I know, I have never EVER seen anything like it! At least not on a photography blog! So enjoy it and use it! Collect your favorites and have them stored right here on the blog! They will be waiting for you every time you visit! You can even email your DesignBook to a friend and encourage them to start collecting their favorite images as well!


So after months of tweaking and reworking, I am proud to present the NEW BLOG and introduce the DesignBook! The amazing people at Flosites were awesome and really took on a challenge when they decided to take on this project! I appreciate their willingness to try something TOTALLY out of the box!! So enjoy the new blog and get excited for Steph and TJ’s wedding! It’s next in line!


Ps. I am still in the process of setting up ALL of the past posts since 2008! (whew!) So be patient with me! All of the past weddings that I have posted are up and working so far!


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  1. Carmaleta Ann reply

    I love it!!!!!!

  2. freelikeme reply

    I follow religiously and i LOVE the new look and functionality, and the Designbook is the best idea I’ve seen in a website in a long time. You’re doing a great job!!

  3. Tracy Anne reply

    What an innovative idea, Katelyn! While some think blogs are ‘dying,’ new features like this just might keep them around. Can’t wait to try it out.

  4. Abbey reply

    Wow!!!! You’ve outdone yourself Katelyn. Congratulations on the new branding. This is truly a unique idea and you’ve done a fab job of differentiating yourself. You’re an inspiration to all of us newbie photographers!!!!

  5. Ryan Shaughnessy reply

    I love that I was the first to see this thing!!!! Woohoo for the sneak preview yesterday!

  6. Korie Lynn reply

    I am utterly and completely blown away. This is INCREDIBLE!!! So innovative, Katelyn! Just mind boggling…in the best possible way :)

  7. Anna Burke reply

    I love it, KK!!!!!

  8. Amanda Hupp reply

    Oh my gosh Katelyn! You have made my desire to be a wedding planner even more…well, desirable! This idea is incredible!!!

  9. Sydni Gould reply

    you are awesome!! this is so cool!

  10. Erika reply

    Katelyn, this is such a great idea! I’m excited to use it :)

  11. britney reply

    AHHHHH the blog looks so GOOD! thanks for the shout-out ;) i love it kk.. i got ur message this afternoon but i have no service, so im going to call you sometime next week, love you. this is amazing!!!

  12. Brooke Huley reply

    Wow, so neat!!! Nice work! :D

  13. Erica reply

    Wow! I’ve been following your blog for a while but have never commented. This is such a great and useful idea for anyone– photographer, brides, or artists. I just wanted to say congratulations on such an innovative and great idea! And thank you! I will definitely be using it. :)


    ross is amazing. i love it!

  15. Lydia reply

    Wow, Katelyn, what an awesome idea, and the blog looks amazing! Off to sign up for a DesignBook account!

  16. Kristina N. reply

    This is so exciting!!! I cannot wait to start using this feature!

  17. Randy Thomas reply

    geez and we use to hack up magazines and photos and keep them shoved in folders. I love technology.

  18. Julie Renee reply

    Katelyn, the new blog is beautiful! I am so proud of you! (said in my best mommy tone) Nice work, girly!

  19. JasmineStar reply


  20. Tira J reply

    I love it!!! I knew that after we had our first few email convo’s about custom blogs that you were totally going to run as far as you could with some amazing ideas! Kudos to you Katelyn for taking blogs to the next level. xoxo

  21. Sara reply

    this is phenomenal! Absolutely incredible, but then again, we wouldn’t expect anything less from you. I can’t wait to go through and add my favorites for future reference!

  22. Laura Holderfield reply

    Katelyn – this is AMAZING!!!!!! I love it!

  23. Deborah Zoe reply

    I can’t stand how much I love this! You are the best Katelyn and I am so excited to see where you go next! Congratulations!

  24. Chelsea Patricia reply

    Oh wow. You are BRILLIANT!

    You seriously need to 1) Copyright this 2) Sell it for other photographers.


  25. katie yuen reply

    this idea is so so cool ohhh my goodnesssss i’m excited! (i’ve always just dragged pics i LOVE into a google doc :P)

  26. johnnabrynn reply

    well… aren’t you the coolest thang everrrrrrr!!! rock on, little lady, and a big congrats to you and your fabulous idea of design book!

  27. Girish reply

    Super cool site. Really pretty.

    Nicely designed.

  28. Evie Perez reply

    Shut up girl!!!! What a great idea to create a Designbook!!! I adore the new blog, it’s different, you, and modern. You have such a big heart of creativity!!! Keep on dreaming big :)

  29. Benita reply

    This. is. brilliant!!!!!! :)

  30. Andie reply

    LOVE everything about your new site and blog!!! You’re right – I’m so excited about the DesignBook!!! I have never seen something like this on a photographer’s website before! It’s definitely encouraging for me to follow through on some big ideas for my sites, even if they take a little longer to launch! This will also be a great way for me to quickly show my clients some of my favorite shots of yours when they’re looking for a photographer!!! Beautiful!!! xoxo

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