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Do you ever see detail images from some photographers and think “Gosh, it’s just SO BRIGHT and beautiful!”?! So often I would get frustrated with my detail shots because I would shoot next to a window and while the light was good, it was always darker on one side and it bothered me. So, I started looking for natural reflectors at every wedding! Sometimes I use a white pillow, sometimes a used my timeline paper and sometimes… I use the envelope!

The reason that the envelope is the best natural reflector for small detail shots is because it stands up on its’ own! You don’t have to prop it up like you would with a pillow or plain piece of paper! You can just open the flap and pull it as close to your detail as you need it to be in order to add a little additional light!! I hope this little tip will come in handy as you gear up for another wedding season this Spring!! We use this trick all of the time! I usually just use the envelope that I’ve been given if it’s light in color but come to think of it, I should just carry an envelope with me constantly!!

The setup!

The Final Shot!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Mandi M reply

    Love this!

  2. Nicole Salter reply

    Why are you so clever? ;)

  3. Keri reply

    Those look so familiar ;) And we loved how ALL of those details shots came out!!

  4. Kristina W. reply

    Neat trick!!!

  5. Elizabeth reply

    Thanks, Katelyn!!

  6. Melissa reply

    What a great trick!!

  7. ashley reply

    That shot is stunning! It’s crazy how little things like that can make such a difference! I love it! I have a BTS post of my setup from one wedding with stacks of pillows! So crazy! haha. But definitely worth it to get the shot! :)

  8. Nick English reply

    Great article! Amazing what can be used to reflect light so simply!

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