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I’m in the middle of editing Tim & Emily’s wedding but realized I may need to post a little somethin’ somethin’ since their post will be coming in a day or so. So hear it is! …The Lineup.

Several people have asked what is in my camera bag and while this isn’t the whole collection, these are the favorites, my babies, the lenses that ALWAYS make the shootsac on a wedding day. They are in order from left to right. The left being my ABSOLUTE favorite!

The 50mm 1.2. Amazing. That’s all that needs to be said really. Oh but I’ll say more! This lens showed me what I wanted as my style. It taught me the true meaning of DOF (depth of field) and it rocked my world when I started to realize I could achieve super creamy images. I could seriously shoot a whole wedding with this thing and be perfectly satisfied! Here’s a great 50 1.2 example:

Next comes the 24mm 1.4.  This little sucker was hard to get a hold of and is the newest member of the family! I love the wide angle for certain portrait shots and it really makes bridal party shots a breeze! The 24 is also AMAZING for indoor shots when space is an issue! For example, Charity’s beautiful dress was HUGE! but it was no problem for the 24 1.4.  It handled it quite nicely!

The next in line is my lovely 70-200mm 2.8 IS.  I love this big guy because he makes me look legit. ha! But seriously, this lens saves me during the ceremonies when I can’t be all up close and personal.  It’s also great for low light. I don’t think I have ever used the 70-200 and shot above a 2.8, its just not me. Below is a ceremony shot from the 70-200!

Last but not least, my first L series canon lens.  The 24-105mm is great. It’s not my favorite but it gets the job done when I need more zoom capabilities than I get from the prime lenses.  I’m just not totally obsessed with this one like I am the 50 1.2.  It’s a safe lens to me.  There isn’t a lot of challenge when I use this lens but I do have to give it some credit because it just so happened to capture this awesome moment! Love it!

Not pictured are a few lenses that helped start me off.  One being my little Macro. One day he will be upgraded but for now, he works just fine.  I also own the 50 1.4 which I would recommend ALL wedding and portrait photographers to start with if they can’t swing the 1.2!

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  1. Rachel reply

    Thanks for all of this Katelyn! Way helpful :) Excited to see the upcoming wedding shots!

  2. Karin Dowling reply

    I’ve been interested in seeing what you use, so thanks for sharing! You do a great job with them all.

  3. Michael reply

    But there is ALWAYS just one more lens to buy, or one more that you NEED to have. Just kidding I know they are your babies, thanks for allowing me to pick them up every now and then.

  4. Alex Kulifay reply

    i like the newest member of your family, or at least the picture he took =]

  5. tiana reply

    i have always wanted this kind of detailed feed back of each of these lenses in action, from an actual photographer. And you have done so well in giving me that. this was so satisfactory. thanks for taking the time to blog about this, and for displaying pics of each of lenses that you shot with!!!! i love that shot of the flowers with he 50mm 1.2. it seems that lens has enchanted a lot of people. i’ve been a blog stalker for a while, but i had to stop lurking and let you know how useful this was to me, and to show my appreciated. thanks!!!!

  6. Mandy reply

    This was a cool post! I like seeing what each one does…I really like the “creamy” one..actually nevermind I like them all. If you need an apprentice or a caddy for all of those bad boys I could probably help you out. But seriously, you are so talented and I liked this post.

  7. caroline reply

    hey, you know, i really appreciate this post. i better understand your crazy love for those things and why you get so stinkin excited! great tutorial!! i feel smart. love you even more.

  8. april reply

    I’m trying to read this entire post but it’s only up to the DOF part of the 50mm 1.2 lens. :( help?

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