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We walked out of our hotel to head to Michael and Brittany’s venue, The Maples, and my heart sank a little bit…. it was raining. It was sprinkling just enough to be annoying and by the time we arrived at the venue, everything was soaked. So I immediately started planning out all of our “covered” portrait options around the property. I have explained before that rain doesn’t hinder our work… if anything, it makes us MORE creative!! But we all know that no bride PREFERS rain on her big day! So for the sake of Brittany (and her pictures), I was praying for the skies to clear up! …. And guess what?! They did!!! The sun peaked through the clouds right as Brittany was stepping into her dress!! Even though I was a little disappointed when I thought that it was going to be a rainy day, deep down I knew that no matter what, rain or shine,

Michael and Brittany were going to have amazing photos because they are an amazing couple! They are the type of couple that the more you’re around them, the more you love them! We spent the majority of the day with them and it was so funny trying to address both of the “Michaels” accurately! One time during the day I said “Oh hey Michael can you grab my bag?” and the groom started moving towards my bag! Yikes! We decided that I had to start saying “My Michael” during the posing portion of the day!

Michael and Brittany were married at The Maples in Upperville, VA and it was STUNNING!! Brides, if you’re waiting a gorgeous barn with awesome stone work and a million portrait location options, this is your venue! New venues leave me feeling inspired!! I had a blast with Michael and Brittany as we walked through tall grass, ducked under some branches, ran from horses! That’s right… we had a hilarious and somewhat intense horse encounter during their sunset portraits and it made for some amazing blooper shots!

Enjoy this amazing wedding that belongs to two amazing people. Michael and Brittany, we are SO thankful that you both are a part of our lives. We couldn’t be more excited for you! I hope you can find a snippet of internet during your honeymoon to see your gorgeous day! :)

Holly Chapple did the florals and they were jaw-dropping… especially this bridal bouquet!!! 

So many gorgeous florals to shoot on!!!

Brittany you look like a princess!! 

Wedding day selfie! 

Ah! Isn’t this house amazing?!

Time for the first look! And it wasn’t raining!! YAY!!!

From Michael’s angle! Love this!

Those TREES!!

AMAZING! This property is so impressive!

Recognize these two?! :) We love them!!


First 5 minutes as husband and wife! 

Hands down my new favorite bouquet shot! 

They didn’t know they had a spectator! 

Until THIS happened of course! :)


Ceremony | The Maples Farm
Reception | The Maples Farm
Florists | Holly Chapple
Dress | Bobbie’s Bridal
Dress Designer | Maggie Sottero
Bridesmaids | Donna Morgan ‘Morgan’
Groomsmen | Ted Baker Suit
DJ | DJ Beach
Coordinator | Some Kind of Wonderful Events
Hair & Makeup | Salon Nordine
Invitations | Paper and Lace Austin
Cake | Jason Reeves
Catering | Magnolias at the Mill
Lighting | Evan with Holly Chapple Flowers
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Vanessa Chupp reply

    Everything is so Gorgeous! The Florals, the House, the Trees, Her Dress! Beautiful work capturing their day Katelyn and Michael!

  2. Jaclyn reply

    The florals and ring shots are the best!!

  3. Patty schiffman reply

    Beautiful all the way! Where is this place at? Would love a pic of her hair!

  4. Britney reply

    Absolutely stunning wedding and images. beautiful work <3

  5. Julianna reply

    Gorgeous!!! Congrats Brittany and Michael! West AJ Hokies for lyfe. Great job, Katelyn!

  6. Kelsey DeWitt reply

    The first look reaction was so cute!! Amazing wedding with gorgeous details!

  7. Michelle reply

    Beautiful shots!! That venue is amazing! I think I want to pin this whole things. ha! :)

  8. Didi reply

    Hi Katelyn, I wish I had known you were in my backyard! I would have loved to meet you and michael. As usual, your photography is outstanding and beautiful. you are so very talented! can’t wait for your next workshop opening.

  9. tangie reply

    Beautiful! That is all.

  10. Annamarie reply

    Amazing Katelyn!!! Love those last few glowy portraits and the detail shots are perfection!!

  11. SHalese reply

    LOVE this! What beautiful light in all of the portraits . . . and such a dreamy venue. :)

  12. BEcca reply

    YES! That bouquet is gorgeous!!!!!

  13. Tiffany Sigmon reply

    This wedding looks like a dream. So so beautiful. <3

  14. renee @ slowing down to savor life (through creativity) reply

    oh my gosh!! STUNNING!! i love them all but that last one…WOW!!!! beautiful, like always!!

  15. Tiffany McClure reply

    The horse was like, “Katelyn James?!?! Is that you?? In my field??! Can you sign my hoof??” lol :) But really, this is probably one of my favorite weddings that you’ve shot!! Glad the rain held off for them! :) Such dreamy portraits!

  16. Ashley reply

    Wow! What Gorgeous Pictures! I felt like I went to their wedding lol! You so beautifully show cased all the things that took place at their wedding. They must have been so happy with their picutres

  17. annetta reply

    What a beautiful wedding!! Love those pretty florals. Katelyn you did an amazing job, again!!

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