• The Move

up we had two springer spaniels. They were so sweet and definitely had personalities of their own. We were expecting Bokeh to have a personality but he kind of blew us out of the water with his. Sometimes it’s scary how smart and animated he is. If we’re in the middle of something and he wants to play he’ll put a toy in his mouth and toss it at us. If we don’t respond, he’ll pick up the toy and will push it against our legs. If we still don’t respond, he’ll huff at us and then walk away and flop down on the floor. Recently, he has been acting like he needs to go outside and then when we get up off the couch to let him out,

he runs back to where we were sitting and takes our place so that we can’t sit down again…. he usually does this with a toy in his mouth. I’m telling you, he’s smart! It’s the poodle in him! :)

Since he’s pretty smart, he notices when we’re about to leave IMMEDIATELY. There are certain things that really trigger his fear of being left behind. The hair dryer, keys, shoes, etc… If I touch any of these things, his tail is down and he starts to get nervous. Once we’re about to step out of the door and he doesn’t see his leash, he starts to shake. It’s really quite sad. So with all of this moving that has been going on, Bokeh has been somewhat confused! It was like we were getting ready to leave CONSTANTLY. We were packing and taking stuff to the trailer and he didn’t know what to do. FINALLY, on the last day of packing, he seemed to get the hang of what was going on. He grabbed his Mr. Polar Bear and made sure he took it to the truck before we left for the new house. :) So cute!!

He literally just followed everyone around all day! Every picture I took, he was in it somewhere! 

We had quite a crew of movers! My family, Michael’s family, my brother’s girlfriend Madison, etc. It was so wonderful not doing this by ourselves…. we would still be moving if we didn’t have their help!

He grabbed his one final toy before we left!

He’s moved in! 

It was a long day:)


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