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ever envisioned something and then dreamed about it, wondering if one day it would come to fruition? My business has been through many seasons of that. Some things have happened and some dreams are still left to accomplish. There was a night last fall when I stayed up until almost 3am contemplating my workshops and what I wanted them to look like in the future. I LOVE my workshops! They are so much fun and I still keep in touch with attendees… even some that came 3 years ago! It’s very much a “Family” style experience when you gather a group of photographers together for one day to learn and grow!

My workshops in the past have left me with such a grateful heart at the end of the day. I’m thankful that I enjoy teaching…. I’m thankful that other photographers are interested in learning from me and now I’m thankful for a husband that works full time with me so that we can accomplish new things together that I could never achieve on my own!! That being said, let me get back to my 3am night of dreaming. I stayed up one night in late October and decided that I wanted to transition into a different style of workshops in 2013. I wanted smaller groups, longer teaching times and an intimate teaching environment where people can relax and feel at HOME! These attendees aren’t just my “students”, they very quickly become great friends of ours and I want these workshops to be as personal and engaging as possible! So last October, at 3am, I wrote down a CRAZY idea that I never thought would become a reality…. I decided that I wanted to host my workshops in our HOME.  The reason this was crazy idea was because our home at the time was a 1300 square foot Cape Cod that could comfortably hold about 5 people in the living room.  So, we began searching for a new home in November. Now it’s the second week of July and we’ve been living in our brand new, custom built home for a month now!! ….. That’s right, all of this started one night at 3am in my office. When Michael woke up the morning after I had my massive brainstorming session, I shared my ideas with him. I told him this:

– I want to host workshops in our home.

– I want them to be two days long with more information and smaller groups of 10 or 12 photographers.

– I want to build a house. 

Surprisingly, my amazing husband was on board with all three ideas and we started praying about the house searching process. So WAY back in November when I announced that we were building a home, this is why we started this adventure. Dreams do come true and we are so excited to announce that we’ll be hosting our very first Workshop Experience in our new home on September 9th and 10th!!!  REGISTRATION and MORE INFORMATION will be available on WEDNESDAY JULY 10th on the blog!! Get excited and if you’re interested and want access to registration before we announce it on the blog, you can signup for our newsletter HERE! 

We couldn’t be MORE excited to show you a little snippet of what the new workshop experience will look like!! A HUGE thank you to Jeremy Mitchell Cinema for cranking out this beautiful film in record time!! He’s so wonderful and talented and we are so thankful for his help with this!! Without further adieu, here’s a peak of the NEW Workshop Experience!!



Katelyn James I Workshop Experience from jeremy mitchell on Vimeo.



xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Minh H. reply

    How exciting! Your home is gorgeous, you did a wonderful job decorating it. And Jeremy Mitchell Cinema did a beautiful showreel

  2. Annmarie Swift reply

    OMG! I can’t wait to start my business and sign up for this workshop! You are such a creative and professional inspiration! Congratulations, katelyn!

  3. Kendra Phillabaum reply

    I Love it, Katelyn! :) So excited for you guys and to attend one in the future!

  4. Erin Schrad reply

    I totally LOVED my Workshop Experience in 2011, but I am already officially jealous of 2013 and beyond Workshop attendees! Katelyn and Michael, you are such warm and inviting and giving people… truly an inspiration.

  5. Brandi reply

    Congratulations! What a wonderful dream of yours to come to fruition! I know that this will be amazing for everyone involved.

    Have you ever considered doing a “mommy workshop”?

  6. Annamarie reply

    I love how the video turned out! I’m really glad Jeremy didn’t show me knocking over the map and everything on the welcome table :)…And I’m so excited to see this new workshop idea come together! :) Congrats Katelyn!!

  7. Annetta reply

    LOVED your workshop in 2012 and would love to do one again now that they are in your home. I love your house. Great job on the promo, beautiful.

  8. ashley link reply

    awesome!!!!!!!! sounds amazing! so happy for you! :)

  9. Anna K. reply

    Katelyn this is amazing! I am so excited for all that you are doing!

  10. jamie reply

    so excited for the fall and for anyone who signs up!!!…i loved my time in 2011 at your workshop and I know anyone who attends will walk away with friendships and knowledge to apply to their business. Thank you for dreaming and for sharing with all of us!!

  11. Amanda Truth reply

    LOVE THIS!!! Jeremy did an amazing job on the video, and your new workshop layout sounds absolutely incredible!!! I only have one question…can we attend a workshop if we have before? :) Loving the sound of this new workshop layout!

  12. katie reply

    Katelyn! This is SO exciting! Congratulations!!!! I’m so very happy for you and Michael! I know this is going to be an even more amazing part of your business now, speaking as a past workshop attendee!!!!!! I want to come back for a workshop reunion! ;)

  13. jade reply

    Love love love… awesome,, So happy for you.. and hoping one day i will get to see your home and meet you in person ;)

  14. ashley barnett reply

    Yay! So happy we got to be a part of this with you guys! We are SO excited for you and can’t wait to see where all the new workshop attendees take their businesses! xoxo!

  15. Jill Powers reply


  16. Carrie logan reply

    so AMAZING!!!! ahhh katelyn i am so excited for you and michael! and bokeh :)

  17. Ashlyn reply

    Wow… This looks amazing!!

  18. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    All this video has done is make me want to come to your workshop even more than before!!!!!!! Great video and I love how you incorporate Acts 2:42 into the video/new workshops (breaking bread and fellowshipping!).

  19. Julie @ Table for Two reply

    SOOO excited for you and Michael! I love that in the video, whenever you open the door, you have Bokeh under your arms and he’s squirming like crazy! Haha, how do you even hold on?! Also, quick question about this workshop experience – does it pertain to food bloggers? Like, my food blog is my business..couldn’t this apply? Not necessarily the “posing” part, but the business aspect and everything else you talk about within these workshops? xoxo

  20. Mary reply


  21. Nikki Santerre reply

    YAY! I’ve been awaiting this video ever since our coaching reunion. I am so excited for you guys! The video turned out amazing!!!

  22. Kat reply

    So excited for what’s in store for you and Michael!!

  23. Brittany Claud reply

    LOVE the new workshop experience! This video turned out great! I’m so happy for you and michael! !! :)

  24. Jody Gray reply

    Aw! I want to come!!!!! :) Love love love love :)

  25. Sarah Adams reply

    SO wish I could have been there during this video shoot- but my goodness is it awesome! So fun to see your new place FULL of photogs. Love it!

  26. Caroline reply


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