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if I’ve ever admitted this or not… but I’m a HORRIBLE comparer-er. I compare my work, my business and my life to others CONSTANTLY and it’s probably the most UNHEALTHY, destructive and discouraging habit EVER!! Why do I let myself think like that?! It’s like I’m using other’s accomplishments as a scale to find out if I’m really doing ENOUGH. The thoughts creep into my head that say “Well she has KIDS… and she’s doing more than I am!”…. and “They’re doing WHAT?! I should have thought of that!” and “How many fans do they have on facebook?!”….. EW. GROSS. Comparison is just down right NASTY. It’s disgusting

how we minimize our own achievements just based on what others are doing in their businesses. So many times I am guilty of this and I know I’m not alone. Today Michael and I are leaving to meet up with friends and then spend a night away with our puppy. No computer, no editing, no blogging, no blog stat checking….ok maybe a few instagrams… but that’s it! I’m not working for two days and I’m excited!  It’s not healthy to spend every day trying to be an over achiever. Trying to conqueror a daily to-do list is a great goal but sometimes you just need a break from it all.


If this strikes a chord with you and you totally understand what it feels like to be in a constant state of comparison….decide today to stop it.  I’m serious. Comparison is only going to make you grow SLOWER. It’s a constant battle for me but I’m reminded over and over again that when I stop comparing myself to others… that’s when the GOOD IDEAS come floating into my mind! When I stop looking at other people’s accomplishments, I start noticing how grateful I should be for where I am.  And when I stop TRYING to be an over achiever… that’s when I get the most accomplished.


So there are some thoughts to chew on this weekend!!:) Happy Friday everyone!!

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  1. Siana reply

    It IS an awesome point to make, I am certianly guilty of it as well!!

  2. Amelia Renee reply

    amen amen amen! words of truth right there. enjoy your weekend off!!!:)

  3. Alicia White reply

    Amen … !!!

  4. Erin Schrad reply

    That is the perfect picture for this post! Bokeh is definitely overachieving here trying to carry that big stick! Have a great little holiday!

  5. Christy reply

    I needed to hear this today. Thank you Katelyn! Have a fabulous time away from it all with your little family! :)

  6. McCall Doyle reply

    I definitely need to hear this today. Thank you for having insight beyond your years as well as admitting your own flaws…that takes guts. Happy weekending! :)

  7. Elaine reply

    I’m also trying to break this awful habit! Glad to see I’m not alone! :-)

  8. Ashley reply

    I’m guilty of this. I agree it needs to stop so creativity can flow!

  9. Holly reply

    hey katelyn! this strikes a chord with me … ALL THE TIME. i love this quote from steven furtick (a young pastor who spoke at the global leadership summit last summer!)… he said, “we struggle with insecurity because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everybody else’s highlight reel.” thanks for sharing from your heart today! :D have a great time away!!

  10. Kathryn Denelle Stevens reply

    Thank you, Katelyn! I needed to hear this. I am going away this weekend too! It will be the first time my husband and I have gone away, just the two of us, for ages. And, I’m really trying to let go of the notion that I will be falling behind on work, and compared to the others out there who are working hard! I totally agree that I grow and therefore my business grows when I take dedicated days off…completely off…I think more clearly, my mind gets to think about things other than my business, and I ultimately come back to work feeling reinvigorated and full of energy and good ideas for my business! Have a GREAT weekend off!

  11. katie s reply

    I love that picture of your baby! Thats an overachiever pic there!!! I love it!! Thanks for the input and sharing with us, have a great weekend!!

  12. Amanda reply

    Thank you for this! I’m printing it and its going up on my bulletin board!

  13. Hollie reply

    I am SO guilty of this and I needed to be reminded of it. Comparison is the thief of joy (said by someone famous not me, lol). I’m going to challenge myself to stop it. Instead, anytime I compare myself to someone I’m going to pick up my camera and try to shoot in a different way, look at a magazine for posing ideas or take a good hard look at my OWN work and see what I like and what I could improve on. These are all things that will make me better as a photographer. Comparing myself to others will only slow me down. No one is going to steal my joy. :)

  14. Sarah reply

    Girl, I’m probably worse than you. I look at your stuff, for example, and I just sit and wonder what I’m doing wrong. I’m horrible about comparing myself. Just keep your chin up. You’re no doubt one of the best photographers I know. I can only hope to be as successful as you one day.

  15. Julina reply

    I need to print this message and hang it somewhere where I always read it… probably right next to my computer

  16. beverly reply

    mmm..speak it girl!

  17. sarah danaher reply

    I deal with this ALL THE TIME. Honestly, I know this is crazy dumb (and I feel awful admitting it), but on days when I feel lazy, I actually think, “Sarah, you have GOT to get it together!! I bet Katelyn isn’t doing this right now!!’ Isn’t that horrible of me? Gah.

    But thanks for writing this… I was definitely convicted of this a couple of months ago, and working hard to remember that my achievements, whatever they may be, are simply evidences of grace from the hand of a very kind God, and should be received with gratefulness. It’s hard to remember in the present, when it seems like I’m failing all the time (heck, I slept until 11am this morning!), but I’m trying.

  18. Derek reply

    I just saw this Zach Arias video yesterday, I think it kind of applies, and can also remind us to just stop thinking about others.

  19. Kristie B reply

    Thank you Katelyn! I needed that reminder, I also struggle with this ALOT! :)

  20. Lupe Ruiz reply

    Thank you for this reminder, Katelyn. I am always comparing myself to others and think I will NEVER be as good, as popular, or as busy as other photographers. And each time I feel worse and worse. It makes me want to give up learning and throw in the towel. It’s comforting to know that you, as WONDERFUL and AWESOME as you are, do the same. I think I’ll do what Amanda did and print this and put it up on my wall as a constant reminder ;)

  21. Kari Jeanne reply

    Love this :) Comparing has been on my mind lately – thanks for sharing. Always nice to hear I’m not alone with my struggles!

  22. Lelia Marie reply

    I struggle with this all the time too. And when I can’t keep my brain from doing it I try to compare myself to where I used to be instead of comparing myself to where others are. I’ve come a long way and I should be proud of that.

  23. Kristina W. reply

    Hehehe, thoughts to chew on… I think you’re super amazing at everything you do Katelyn! And constantly striving to improve is one of your best traits! :) But everyone needs their downtime so I hope you have an awesome weekend!

  24. Jenny Davis reply

    This post is amazing. I read your blog a lot but rarely leave comments. I needed to read this today. God sent me to read this post because I have needed this message terribly. Thanks so much Katelyn! I hope your weekend is exactly what you need.

  25. Heather Holleger reply

    Thanks Katelyn! I REALLY needed that today! Thanks for sharing. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who struggles with this!

  26. Allyson Dempsey reply

    I feel and do the same thing… thanks for writing this, I don’t feel so alone! You are an amazing photographer (don’t know you personally, but I’m sure you’re an amazing person as well). I have followed your work for awhile and you are one of the photographers that inspired me to pursue my passion as a photographer!! Thanks =)

  27. Annetta reply

    Thanks for this Katelyn. I’m comaring all the time too, especially in my photography. I know I need to stop it but it’s hard.

  28. Charis reply

    i just recently found your blog…loved your work! I think we all struggle with comparing…I know it’s pretty hard for me not too. Thank you for some great thoughts!

  29. Catriona Stewart reply

    I am guilty of doing this constantly too, Katelyn! Such an encouraging blog post.

  30. Mandy Naylor reply

    Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Compare yourself to the images you took when you first picked up a camera :)

  31. Ciiku reply

    I read somewhere that comparison is the death of happiness. That was enough to bring sense to my being. Enjoy time off.

  32. emily emshwiller reply

    what a good reminder, im guilty of this too.
    ive been seeing an imagine float around pinterest “comparison is the thief of joy” isn’t that the truth! :)

  33. Alexandra {Heart Love Weddings} reply

    This girl is guilty of it too. Trying SO hard to make all those thoughts go away! Love your honest and your heart in this post. You picked a great photo to illustrate it too :) I hope your weekend off was restful and fun! xo

  34. Vanessa reply

    I needed to hear this. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I too have a horrible habit of comparing myself to others, and when I do, I feel like my work is a joke. This is my first year second shooting — I have so much to learn. While sometimes I feel overwhelmed, I also feel inadequate in the business. Especially when I third shot, I keep comparing myself to the second shooter and felt the need to be more like them in order to be a good second shooter. Sigh… I hate this feeling.

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