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What a whirlwind of a weekend! Michael and I flew out Saturday evening and after meeting up with our dear friends Zach, Jody and Jaxon, we boarded our connecting flight to Champaign, Illinois! We were headed to the Reset Conference! This was my first time attending and speaking at Reset but from the moment we met Kellie and Rebekah, we were in love. These two had a dream and they made it happen.

Over 150 attendees came swarming through the doors on Sunday morning and the energy was high! It was HERE!!! We have been emailing about this for months and yet it was finally right in from of us! Michael and I got up early because Michael was in charge of the morning devotional. What some people don’t know about Michael is that he’s a GREAT public speaker. I absolutely love it when we get to go to a conference and we both get an opportunity to BOTH share. I loved watching Michael start off the conference by pushing people back towards a more balanced life and a life that is focused on what God is calling us to!

After Michael started off the morning, I had an opportunity to give our “Creating Community” talk. It’s one of my favorites because it’s explains the foundation of our whole business! I loved this group, I loved seeing new faces and I loved getting to share our story. I also LOVED getting to spend time with our sweet friends Zach and Jody. Zach inspires me to read more books and Jody shows us that it IS possible to have little kiddo and still travel!! One of the highlights of our time together was watching Michael with little Jax. They are now buds!!! …. And even though we aren’t at the kid phase, you have to admit, Michael looks pretty good with a baby. ;) Enjoy some pictures from our mini-trip!

Interested in learning more about RESET?! Visit their website! 

Our hosts! Kellie and Rebekah took such great care of us!

So Michael and I were chosen to play “Password”… ya know, like on Jimmy Fallon. We almost bombed the whole thing… and then made a miraculous comeback at the end!

Kellie gave me the sweetest introduction…. that mentioned how she felt connected to me because we are both preacher’s kids! And they she went on to explain how sweet it was that no matter what she posted about the conference, my dad always shared it. :) He’s one of my biggest fans. :) But you can’t say things like that right before a girl has to speak! I was all teary!!

And then these guys spoke in the evening!

Jax had a few opening remarks. :)

oh my gosh!

Thanks Jessica Hollins for this!

I think it’s safe to say… Jax stole the show!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Rebekah Albaugh reply

    We loved having you guys! It was south fun seeing you and meeting you. You speak from the heart and that holds so much value. God Bless!!

  2. Sara reply

    Katelyn, It was so amazing to hear you speak. You sparked something in me, and on my almost 6-hour drive home, I brainstormed how I am going to make my clients a community. You were truly an inspirations, and I am so excited to begin my newest adventure. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Anne Meintrup reply

    It was so nice to meet you guys :) Thank you for a beautiful inspiring message!

  4. Flavi reply

    Katelyn :)

    I just want to thank you for being such an inspiring person. I loved hearing you speak, I am not a wedding photographer, but will implement your ideas into my business for sure. I can’t wait to see where this business will take me :)

    Thank you, Thank you !!!


  5. Shanna Aitken reply

    Katelyn, You were absolutely fantastic, and so inspiring! Thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom – I left the day feeling so uplifted.

    (Also, I’m a little giddy that the side of my head is in one of these pictures. I’m a complete dork! haha!)

  6. Kristen Burtch reply

    First off, Do you ever stop? My goodness. Second of all, you and Michael are such a blessing. You always go above and beyond to give your all and allow others their chance to shine…like when Michael watched Jax. Every post of yours shines and I am so grateful you share it with us.

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  8. Susan reply

    It was so inspiring to listen to you speak! Thank you for your energy, your time and your words of wisdom. I am now motivated to be a more regular blogger and find a way to build a community for my people!

  9. Brooke reply

    I will have to agree that Jaxon totally stole the show, lol. Michael was a great speaker as well & I can see the top of my head in the photo of him speaking during worship. :) It was so great to see you & hear you speak in person & I hope that our paths cross again in the future!! :)

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