What I Would Tell the Old Me

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I remember starting my business in college and feeling like I could do anything. I thought I had time for everything! There was one weekend where I literally drove 2 hours to a retreat on Friday night and then left and drove 4 hours to shoot a wedding and then drove 4 hours back to the retreat only to be there for the send-off service Sunday morning and then we headed 2 hours back to campus. What. was. I. thinking?!!!!

I was thinking that I could DO IT ALL! I overcommitted and I didn’t realize it until that season of my life was over. I recently shared this with our KJ consistency course students because we can’t afford to be naive about our lack of time. I was so naive to the fact that my business stole some of my college experience away from me and now looking back, I wish things were different. In this Rising Tide Society video from their Startup Series, I’m sharing just a little bit of my heart about this! Enjoy!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Natalie reply

    I absolutely love this advice and it was truly a gift to have you on the Rising Tide Society blog!

  2. jane reply

    wonderful advice to hear from a successful businessperson. I put everything on hold now that I have two sons and do not regret it one bit.

    We never get moments back and time always moves at the same pace despite the idea that, at times, it seems to drag on or go by so quickly.

    Take care and Happy Holidays!

  3. Karen reply

    Loved hearing to live where you are – one thing I work so hard at here at home is to BE PRESENT. Be present to my husband. Be present to my small son … there are so many directions we’re pulled. It’s nice to hear someone who is hustling their biz say it’s OK to pay attention to your kids while they’re small … because you’re right – he’s not gonna be small forever! :)

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