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We started at the same time. Jamie Delaine was, at the time, the only other super young photographer in the industry that was making waves and doing big things when I entered the industry. I loved following her, reading her blog and watching her grow. We never really had a chance to connect during those early years. She was in Vancouver, I was in Virginia. However, I’ve always admired and loved her heart and passion for the Lord and for others. So it came as no surprise when I received her email explaining that she wanted to do something big, brave and bold.

Jamie is a newlywed and together with her husband Randy, they have created an incredible movement that is going to change the lives of thousands of children in Haiti!! They had this idea that would allow the photography industry to come together and do something amazing!! This project is already a massive success and it hasn’t even happened yet. The idea of The School Sessions is that photographers from all over the country will commit to doing a shoot and use the profit to go towards the $200,000 goal to rebuild a school in Haiti. April 12th is the date when a lot of photographers are hosting their shoots and I can’t WAIT to see social media blow up with instagrams and updates!

I love this idea and the passion behind it because it’s POWERFUL! I love mission trips but in this season of life, I don’t feel called to travel and manually rebuild a school in Haiti. (Because of my construction skills, I don’t think anyone would want me to be rebuilding anything!)  I do however feel that if I can help make it possible for OTHERS to go rebuild a school monetarily through my gifts, I want to be a part of that!!

So here’s what you need to know…..

  1. You can donate at any time with or without a session!! So if you’re busy and don’t have time to shoot a session, that’s ok! You can donate what you would have made for the session instead! That’s JUST as helpful!!!
  2. If you want to offer your own School Sessions, your clients can be involved and donate/book their session through this link to feel even more involved!!
  3. They currently need 200 more photographers to get involved!!!
  4. If you can offer a School Session but you aren’t available on April 12th, that’s ok! You can shoot your School Session at any time!
  5. One of the BEST things you can do to be involved is SHARE about this! … Especially if you’re a photographer! Read more about how to get involved HERE!

I’m SO excited for Jamie, Randy and ALL of the amazing photographers that have already joined in! I can’t wait to see what God does through this movement. Randy and Jamie have hearts of gold so be sure to send them some comment love and encourage them throughout this big endeavor! They are truly an amazing couple with such such genuine hearts!!!

Happy Wednesday… if you’re in the ice storm up north, stay safe!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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