January 2013

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is blogging about their 2013 goals…. welp…I’m just taking it one month at a time. One of my goals is to sit down with Michael and actually figure out my GOALS!! AS soon as I think about that stuff I immediately get overwhelmed. Next year is going to hold so many new adventures for the Alsop household. I’ll share about some of that later this week (And no, I’m not pregnant!). It seems like 25 is the magic age when everyone starts to ask and wonder when the babies are coming… welp… not any time soon!! Definitely not ready for that step!! However, we are so excited for this new year and all that it will hold for us as a couple and as a business.

The most obvious life change will be this new house.  I’m not going to know what to DO with a PANTRY… and STORAGE SPACE and a GARAGE!! These are all things we’ve lived without for the last two years. I’m so excited for our pasta to live in a food pantry and not under Michael’s polo’s in the closet!! It’s going to be so exciting!!


So about these goals…. please don’t make fun of me for including “Goal Making” on my “Goals” list. It sounds redundant but that’s something we need to sit down and really hammer out in the next two weeks! Here’s the full list of Goals for January 2013:


– To make GOALS for the business

– To make GOALS for our family… Physically, Spiritually and with our time.

– Complete the Bridal Guide… it’s getting so much closer!!

– Shoot my two weddings next weekend WELL!

– Have a blast with my January Coaching sessions!!

– Plan a time to sit and plan, dream with Michael… preferably at Barne’s & Noble or Starbucks

– Be more effective with my time

– Go to the Dentist :( ugh.


So here’s to an amazing start to an amazing new year!! HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!! Check back tomorrow for Joe & Melissa’s wedding!! Woohoo!!!! Ps. How sweet is my family? I know that’s not a self portrait but I don’t care… I just love that picture!! And here’s my second family below! Michael and I are so blessed to have them in our lives!


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  1. Ashlyn reply

    Sweet photo! I’m a huge goal maker- some are -read through the Word in 90 days, memorize James, get active/eat healthier, take lots of photos, finish algebra, and mainly- just be the girl God wants me to be and do what he wants me to do. :)

  2. Ahna Beth reply

    I cannot WAIT for the bridal guid! I’m going to be a first to purchase it. I’m not going to be a bride any time soon but I know it will help me as a photographer. :)

  3. Kristin reply

    These are fabulous. I am sure you will have an amazing year!

  4. Kristina W. reply

    What cute family photos! Oh my goodness, how I wish people would stop asking about baby making plans! And I don’t even turn 25 for another two weeks, haha!

  5. Mallory reply

    Love your family photos!! :)

    And I really love that you make your goals month by month…I think I need to use your idea, because setting goals/resolutions for an entire year can be SO overwhelming for me!! Good luck with all of your goals!!

  6. Deborah Zoe reply

    GIRL I HEAR YOU!! I can’t wait to have a pantry and a garage and a real basement…oh perhaps a driveway!! :-P can’t wait to hear all about the new house!

  7. Danielle Brooks reply

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I love it! You have motivated me to kick my business into high gear and to set goals for myself. Primarily blogging goals. Thanks for your honest writing. You are someone to aspire to.

  8. caroline reply

    yall are cute :) love it!!

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