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  • September 2015 | Behind the Scenes

I’m tired and I sound like I’m an 80 year old man. My voice is gone but my heart is full. This past week we did something that we have never attempted before…. we hosted our FIRST EVER, large scale destination workshop. When I mean LARGE SCALE, I mean 18 attendees instead of 12, a full blown styled shoot at a real wedding venue and over 20+ hours of teaching content! whew!! It was amazing! I’m still recovering but I’ll tell you what… this is the BEST type of “tired”. I’m sure some people wouldn’t think that hosting 18 people for over two days and teaching non-stop would be fun but I LOVE IT.

We started the workshop with a welcome dinner inside of the barn. Michael and Jill prepped the food and everyone got to meet one another for the first time! We had friends from CA, OK, OH, MD, NC, GA, NY, VA, DC and PA all come together for this two-day workshop! From the VERY FIRST NIGHT, I could just tell that this was going to be an amazing group. I was 100% spot on with my judgement call. Over the next two days we became our own little “tribe” of friends who all have a passion for photography, business and being creative.

We hosted this whole shindig at the incredible BIG SPRING FARM and I cannot thank Buddy and Jill ENOUGH for being such amazing hosts. (as always!) Their love for people is so evident in the way they open up their home so willingly to serve others. Just being at this gorgeous venue is an experience in and of itself and I was SO excited for our new friends to see the beauty of the spring, the mountain views, the rustic barn and the restored farmhouse!!

Day one included a massive styled shoot with a ceremony setup, a gorgeous tablescape (that we later used for a group dinner under the stars! ah!) a boutonniere bar and one amazing couple!! It kills me not to show you these images but you can keep scrolling for a sneak peek!! :) The incredible Kaitlin Holland of The School of Styling is responsible for putting this styled shoot on and we are SO thankful for not only her talent and time but also her friendship!!!

Overall, I do not think this workshop could have gone better. There were so many sweet moments where I knew that the attendees just GOT IT and that feeling is PRICELESS!! Sometimes it happened after hearing about my workflow system… another time it was during the editing demo and then for quite a few, they had their “ah-ha” moment when I demonstrated the “posing evolution”! As always, I ended my presentation with a picture of my and my dad dancing together at our wedding. I’m bawling my eyes out while hugging him as tight as I possibly can and it’s one of the most cherished pictures of my lifetime. I end with this photo because it represents so much of what we stand for. Our jobs matter. They make a difference and ultimately, if we truly care about our clients and serve them well, our jobs can actually CHANGE people’s live for the better!! THAT is what gets me excited and if I’m being honest, I’m secretly hoping that the good Lord always allows me to host workshops because I absolutely adore them!! :)

Here are some BTS shots of the workshop with some shoutouts to the incredible team that made this happen!!


Love this!

Oh my GOSH! This is straight out of a dream!!

This amazing lady… she styled and planned the shoot and I’m so thankful for her!! Follow her HERE and you can thank me later!

CUTE! :)

Bokeh was WELL LOVED!

Trip to the top! We took a sunset break to head to the spot with the BEST view at Big Spring!

Yea get it Gayle! :) haha Don’t kill me for posting this! I just love it!

Styling | The School of Styling : Kaitlin Holland

Florals | Amanda Veronee

Decorative Rentals | Paisley & Jade

Venue | Big Spring Farm

Models | Josh & Brittany Anderson

Assistants | Jill Powers & Buddy Powers

Dress, Stationary, etc coming soon!

CHEF’s Catering for the amazing meal!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Erin reply

    Oh that looks so fun! You inspire me so much Katelyn! I do not know where I would be without your passion for helping others in this business!

  2. Nancy reply

    This looks and sounds amazing! This would be a dream come true for me!!!

  3. Lauren reply

    Ah! Amazing! Looks like such an incredible experience; someday I WILL come to one of your workshops! :)

    • Katelyn James reply

      We’ll be ready for you, Lauren! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, if you aren’t already… that’s the best way to stay up to date on future workshops!

  4. Brett reply

    wow!! What an awesome workshop experience!!!!! Best tribe ever!

  5. Leslie Pendleton reply

    So fun! Makes me want to be friends with all of you! And I miss the mountains!

  6. Brittany reply

    We loved being a (small) part of this workshop. Big Spring farm is breath taking!
    Kaitlin from The School of Styling is amazing! Thank you so much for having us!

  7. Molly Sanchez reply

    This looks like it was sooooo much fun! #Someday

  8. Katelynn Dow reply

    This makes me even more excited to attend one of your workshops someday! Definitely a HUGE dream for me!! Katelyn, you are just awesome!!

  9. Meggan Whitsitt reply

    It truly was the most amazing experience. From the wealth of knowledge shared, the kind and open hearts of our hosts and hostesses, and the friends and memories made, to the beautiful farm, the best food and the cutest little Bokeh Boy. Simply amazing. I’ll be forever grateful!

  10. Annetta reply

    Makes me want to come back for another one of your workshops! :) This one looks it was so much fun.

  11. elizabeth. reply

    What an incredible experience! Going to one of your workshops is on my “dream list” and this definitely makes me excited for when your next workshop dates are released. :) And, wow, yeah, I’m “thanking you later” for you sharing that School of Styling link. Incredibly gorgeous work. Love how all of you amazing creatives collaborate together! Thanks for sharing all of these dripping-with-gorgeousness-and-fun images!

  12. Katie reply

    I wish workshop alums could come assist at any workshop they wanted to.. just because they seem to keep getting better and better!!!

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