• Meet Grace, Emily, Amy & Suzanna

like 4 peas in a pod. They are best friends and they’re seniors! Woohoo for graduation! It will be here before you know it! I’ve always loved senior sessions. I seem to only attract the senior girl crowd, no boys…. but I’m ok with that. I LOVE my time with these girls.  Senior sessions are supposed to be relaxed and FUN. It’s not only about the portraits, it’s about the experience, same with a wedding day.  I don’t want my bride and groom to JUST have great portraits, I want them to enjoy their time alone on their wedding day! So for these four girls, I wanted their session to be fun and relaxed and an afternoon that they’ll look back on 5 years from now and think…

…”Aw, I loved that!!!”. The reason I want this for my senior girls is because I did NOT have that experience when I was getting my senior pictures done! I was in a studio with my mom and I had numbers surrounding me as I lay on a stark white backdrop that read “2006”.  I’m not making fun of those style of senior portraits, but as I look back now, my images are SO boring. If I could have had the opportunity to hang out with my friends and take a variety of different portraits with them, I would have!


So this is the first time I’ve done senior portraits for FOUR girls at one time. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous. It’s hard to make sure every girl is getting the same amount of great, creative shots but let me tell you, I had a BLAST! I adore these girls and I loved my time with them. I loved it so much I will probably offer group portraits next summer! (Unfortunately I’m done with Senior portraits for this year because I’m getting MARRIED! ah!) Anyway, enjoy these favorites and have an awesome Monday!!!

You get it girl! Grace you’re adorable!


Love Amy’s laugh!!!


Ok, So here is me being honest… really honest. I don’t particularly lovvve Maymont. There it is, I said it.  BUT! I think Maymont is good for me! I don’t like shooting there because I think it is the photographer’s crutch of Richmond. Don’t know where to shoot? Lets go to Maymont! It seems to just suck the creativity and individuality out of photographers.  Everyone knows “the spots” to shoot and exactly where to go to get good light and before you know it, your work looks like EVERYONE else’s. I found my work looking like that a while ago and I decided to change it! So shooting at Maymont is good for me because I always try to make it look COMPLETELY different from the last time I shot there.  It’s a challenge and it’s hard to do, especially with four different girls. BUT! These 4 rocked it…. seriously, none of their images look the same and they are so unique to them! I love that!! Again, Maymont is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! One of my favorite weddings was shot there and one of my favorite engagement sessions! I just think photographers need to work super hard to make Maymont “theirs” and that is a tough challenge! Oh my gosh I’m rambling! Sorry sorry! Back to the pictures!

Somehow the flowers matched everyone!

ahhhh! The light! I see the light!  … and it’s beautiful!

Oh yea, get it girl!

You four are adorable! I loved my time with you! Happy senior year!!!!!!!

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  1. Jessie reply

    They all looked so great!!
    Side note…I took my senior pictures at Maymont and honestly I loved them but they aren’t nearly as fun as these. I started in a studio for the Plain Jane pictures but Maymont was fun, but I see all of the same pictures like you were talking about. Great job on these! Ps…have you tried shooting the 2 statues near the mansion with the smaller fountain? Check my facebook for pictures from my 23rd birthday…

  2. Megan Garrison reply

    Love what you did with Maymont. I haven’t shot there in MONTHS because of the very reason you spoke about, it’s definitely a crutch for Richmond Photogs.. and Richmond has SO many beautifully diverse areas to offer! Love your angle on it.

  3. Toney Fitzgerald reply

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! I LOVE THESE PICS!!!!! Katelyn you did such a good job. I think you captured each of the girl’s personality. They really are all beautiful pictures!!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you……

  4. Bob Fitzgerald reply

    Katelyn, the pics are spectacular!!! Beautiful shots of the girls!!!! I know this was no easy task… Thank you!!!!

  5. Michael reply

    These are so good, I really like ALL of the group shots. Lets take bets on which on Bob is gonna blow up to poster size?? haha we love the Fitzgerald family sooo much! Glad the girls had fun. Have them call Katelyn when they get married!

  6. Lauryn reply

    ohhhh I am with you on the Maymont thing friend!!

  7. Kathryn reply

    AHHHHH!! my beautiful sisters :) These are soo good Katelyn! I LOVE them!!

  8. Caitlin reply

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the brick! Ohhh and the purple flowers! Gorgeous!

  9. Meredith Sledge reply

    Katelyn!! Every single one of these pictures is amazing. FOR REAL. I loooooooooooove them all!!!! =)

  10. Emily Smart reply

    katelyn you have no idea how excited we were to see these! goodness we acted like SUCH little girls…texting eachother “oh my gossshhhh pictures are up!!”…typical us. haha you did an amazing job thank you again!

  11. Suzanna reply

    THANK YOU SO MUCH KATELYN! i had so much fun and can’t wait to see the rest!

  12. Jill reply

    Just realize that i NEVER comment, but ALWAYS love the pics!…sooooo I LOVE the pics and i didn’t even recognize Maymont- well done :) Such a sweet, adorable group of girls!!

  13. britney reply

    omg!!! i LOVE these…. you girls are beautiful, and kk you did a great job with all 4 girls! can’t wait to see which one’s dad pics to hang somewhere in the florida room.. haha michael, im thinking the one of grace in between the brick walls?

  14. Girish reply

    Well done. Nice shots of all the girls. As you said it was a challenge I think and you did it great getting all the same attention to everyone.

  15. Molly Whitmore reply

    Love love love! So fun they did their shoot together – shows the “togetherness” of the girls.

  16. Alexis reply


  17. Molly reply

    THese are absolutely beautiful!

  18. Laurajane reply

    I love every single one of these picture. This is like my 2nd or 3rd time looking at them. It looks like so much fun. These are the kind of sessions that I want to be doing. Silly question: They’re in so many different outfits. How do you work changing in locations that seem to be all outdoors and rather public? Is there like some special trick?

  19. VIctoria reply

    so pretty! love the pictures!!

  20. lindsey reply

    PERFECT!!!! grace you are seriously GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  21. susan reply

    i love this set of shots…the fun and love just shines thru these. My youngest daughter lives in Richmond, and my friend Kim lives there too. (she is a photographer) Ironically i came across your name for the 2nd time in 2 days….on kim’s Facebook site today and when i was visiting one of my other daughters here in NJ yesterday. she showed me your site because she was referred to it by someone you know (Brendan Mc Elroy), who is a friend of hers and her husband. (small world!) She thought i should look at it, since i am just starting out in my photography business. when i say starting, i really mean that…i don’t even have a website yet, and altho i know you are REALLY amazing and probably booked into the millennium, i would appreciate hearing back from you, and how you began! thanks so much!

  22. Abby Grace reply

    Oh my goodness, these are so adorable! That last image is so much fun! The fact that the girl in the boots crossed her ankles totally made the photo. My favorite image is definitely the first alley shot that you took- the one of the gorgeous girl in the blue & white striped dress. So beautiful!

  23. Shelley Hohe reply

    What do you know….I was just searching google images for senior girls group photo session for ideas for my niece & her friends….low and behold I click on an image and it’s yours. So cool!!!! I just love your work and who you are as a lovely lady!!!

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