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I’ve mentioned before that I’m not really a shoe person. I have HUGE feet and those cute little heels in the window aren’t so cute when they are DOUBLED in size! So because I’m NOT a shoe girl, I have become a Jewelry and a BAG girl!! I love jewelry and I love BAGS!! All types of bags. Big bags, small bags, HUGE bags… Bags are just fun! I love getting a new purse and switching all my junk over and instantly feeling like a new person!!! Please tell me I’m not the only one that gets that feeling.  So today, if you’re a guy and you follow the blog, this post only applies to you if you’re the super sweet type and want to win something for your momma/wife/girlfriend!

It’s a very GIRLY day on the blog because I’m hosting a CONTEST! I mean, who doesn’t LOVE contests? You do simple things that put you in the running for something FREE! Yeaaaaa!! This time, it’s a FREE Thirty-One LARGE UTILITY TOTE!!  Ever heard of Thirty-One Bags? Well if you haven’t, let me explain why they’re awesome! They’re cute, they aren’t outrageously expensive and they can be monogrammed.  If you can find me any southern girl that doesn’t like to have things monogrammed I would be SHOCKED!  These bags are GREAT gifts…. especially for MOTHERS DAY! …. If you haven’t checked the calendar… it’s approaching, FAST… like we have a matter of DAYS until we need to have something in hand to give to our mommas to show them that we love them! So, if you’re like me and haven’t bought your momma something special, JOIN THE CONTEST and maybe you’ll be able to give your momma a Large Thirty-One Utility Tote!!  My *new* cousin Katie Reynolds is a Thirty-One consultant and she’s the one who is setting this up for everyone! So high fives to her!!!  The GREAT thing is that even though there is only ONE winner, there is an ONLINE PARTY going on RIGHT NOW where you can shop and find some cute deals for mom! (And lets be honest, since there are some May deals out there, I think we can get away with ordering a little something special for ourselves too!:)



The Winner will be announced TOMORROW MORNING on this post! I will also announce it on FACEBOOK!




Here is all you have to do to enter! :

– Just browse through the new summer catalog and leave a comment  here on this post telling us why a LARGE UTILITY TOTE would be PERFECT for you!!

** Bonus Points if you like Katie’s new faceobok page “Really Reynolds” on facebook! If you like her page, let us know in your comment:)**


** Just a reminder, if you comment with a different name or email address than your previous comments, I have to approve them so they may not show up immediately.**


The winner was picked with a random number generator! (Love those things!!)

KYLIE!! You won Large Utility Tote!!! I’ll be in touch!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Dana reply

    Winning a free large utility tote would be so helpful with travel – we seem to always have STUFF. It would be nice to have it nice and organized in one place. :)

  2. Leanne Wight reply

    I would love this tote. I’d leave it in the back of my car so when I’m running to both kid’s track meets, I’d have everything together in one place so I could just grab and go!

  3. Bethany reply

    I would love to have a large tote to carry all my shoes when I travel! I always seem to have too many for a suitcase :)

  4. Sydni Jackson reply

    I love Thirty-One!! We just got a kitten so I would LOVE the utility tote because we are traveling a lot and it would be perfect to be able to tote all of her stuff around in one place when we’re in the car!

  5. Katie Reynolds reply

    Katelyn you are the best!!! The May Special is: The All-in-One Utility Tote is just $5, when you spend $31! (monograming is included in that $31) Don’t you love shopping for someone else, and getting a lil something for yourself??

  6. Heather Anderson reply

    I would put the tote bag in the trunk of my car and use it to put groceries in or pack items in for vacations!!!!

  7. Meg reply

    A large utility tote would be perfect for us – a new baby on the way means LOTS of stuff to haul around and keep organized :)

  8. Amanda reply

    Oh wow I could use one of these large totes for all of my kids junk!!! Love the grey color! :)

  9. molly stillman reply

    OH MY GAH. i love thirty one! i have DESPERATELY been needing a new large bag that can hold my laptop, my iPad, and all my stuff to and from work. i hate carrying my work stuff in a separate bag to and from work… too many bags. i feel like i’m moving in. or something. also, i liked Katie’s page on Facebook! :) xoxoxo thanks for doing this katelyn and katie!!!

  10. rachel reply

    I would love a large utility tote to store my magazines in my office! It would help me keep the puppy at bay from them for a little while! I would also use it to travel and move all my wedding supplies home for the wedding in august! I love the large utility tote! Especially the Minty Chip :) and I like Katie’s new facebook page for bonus points!!!!

  11. Kylie reply

    I just received my first thirty one bag about a week ago and I amalready addicted!! I received the bag from my kids and teacher at my student teaching placement! What a great bag to keep everything I need for school! I would love to win this bag for my mom! She is a special education teacher and it would be a great bag to keep all her school stuff in!! (i have also liked katies facebook page!)

  12. Erin Schrad reply

    I’m right there with ya, girl… big feet and all! Bags are definitely my “shoes”. A Large Utility Tote would be perfect for me because I feel like I live out of my car with all the travelling I do for work. The back end is always strewn with random jackets and shoes and photo equipment (tripod, monopod, reflector, etc) and what not… this would help keep it contained and easy to take in the house when it’s time to “clean out”!

    Oh, and I liked Katie’s page. :o)

  13. Nicole Faby reply

    I have three kids and if you are a mom you know… I never have enough hands! This huge tote would help me take one less trip back to the car at the park for picnic supplies, one less trip carrying in groceries, more time playing with my kids at the pool then carrying over towels and supplies! Please pick me to win this time saving bag!!! I need more minutes in my life ;) xo

  14. Nicole Faby reply

    I also liked her page! Bonus chance!!

    Original post: I have three kids and if you are a mom you know… I never have enough hands! This huge tote would help me take one less trip back to the car at the park for picnic supplies, one less trip carrying in groceries, more time playing with my kids at the pool then carrying over towels and supplies! Please pick me to win this time saving bag!!! I need more minutes in my life ;) xo

  15. Seneca reply

    Katelyn! I hear you about not being a shoe person becuase of big feet, my feet are giant too! ;p But I sure do love my bags! This tote would be awesome for the days we spend at the lake this summer. To throw everything in it, and easy for the kids to grab things from! Have an amazing day! :)

  16. Anna Burke reply

    YESS!!!!!!!! Love thirty-one! First, go ahead and lay on the bonus points because I liked Katie’s page! Next, I think the Large Utility Tote would be PERFECT for my Wedding Day Emergency Kit! Currently, I have everything CRAMMED into the Organizing Utility Tote, but bigger would definitely mean better for my business :)

  17. Sabrina reply

    I love shoes, bags, and jewelry… just not shopping for them! The same goes for my mom. Growing up, she had to preorder shoes for dances and things because they didn’t have her size in the store! But, I’d actually love to win this bag for my mom. She’s a teacher and always has so many bags with her!! To think of her only having one bag to carry around makes my heart happy :-) And I just liked Katie’s Facebook page! Yay!

  18. Rebecca (Beauchamp) Perez reply

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE one of these totes for my new wedding & special event business! I will soon be meeting clients at various locations & need to tote around binders & samples of my favor products – this would be the PERFECT solution! I hear that looking *stylish* & *organized* is very important when meeting clients :) -I have liked Katie’s page, I wish her success!

  19. Christina reply

    Hi Katelyn! I would really love to win this tote bag because I’ve been looking for a great work bag to give to my mother for mother’s day. She’s a psychologist and has tons of paperwork and her appointment scheduling book to carry around with her and has been needing a new tote bag for such a long time. She works so hard, always putting everyone else before herself- her family, friends, and patients- that I’d really love to be able to give her something special.

  20. Sharon reply

    Katelyn you are not the only one who feels like a new person when they get a new bag. My name is Sharon and I am a bagoholic! I will admit that openly and freely. I would love a Thirty-one Bag. I have all kinds of stuff that needs a place. I promise to give the bag an extra special home.

  21. Jennifer M reply

    Thirty-One is wonderful! The Large Tote would make an AWESOME pool or beach bag! It would also be fun to use for tailgating in the fall for VT football! :) I’ve also liked Katie’s Facebook page! Fingers Crossed!

  22. Jessica Hunt reply

    I would love a large tote to help me move all my things from college dorm room to different room every other semester! That stuff is HEAVY and cumbersome. This would be such a great gift! Thank you for offering! ;)

  23. Meghan Martin reply

    I would love to win this tote bag for my mom for Mother’s Day! I don’t have much money since I am only 18 so I’m on a tight budget. My mom is a Special Education teacher at Glen Allen High School and could really use a new tote bag to carry all of her stuff to work. I really think she would love it and I would loveeee giving it to her! By the way, I have been following your blog for sooo long and i love it! I check it every single day!

  24. Heather reply

    I’ve been wanting to purchase a lunch tote…cause who doesn’t want a lunch tote that ‘looks’ like a super cute purse that’s insulated?? I’d love the large tote for the beach, pool or church (I have a 7,5, and two year old, three hearty bibles, diapers, sippies, snacks…you name it lol) my kids think I’m a pack mule with all that I carry around at any give time. At least I could look cute and trendy doing it! I love love love that almost anything can be monogrammed!!! I’ve also had my eye on the bathroom organizer…who says toilet paper can’t look fashionable :) I’ve also liked Katie’s FB page. Happy Wednesday!

  25. Amelia Renee reply

    the storage tote would be sooo perfect for my mama! She’s always running my sister around, and she could put whatever she needed for her day in there! And the facebook page? LIKED! :)

  26. Melissa reply

    I like the Large Utility Tote and the bird print!

  27. Kathleen reply

    The Large Utility Tote is perfect for everything! One in the car, one in the house, heck, even one in the office. I have one and I love it and I would love to have another one because you can always use them!

  28. Molly reply

    Liked on Facebook! Also, being a mom of a 2 and 3 year old I usually carry everything but the kitchen sink with me everywhere I go! I can’t have enough bags ;)

  29. Bekah reply

    I LOVE Thirty-one bags! They always have such cute prints. And I would love to win this bag because I would give it to my mom for Mother’s Day. There are eight kids in my family and so that means lots of stuff that needs organized! Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Debbie Pyle reply

    With newborn and kid photography there are several props that we usually bring to the shoot so the large utility tote would be great for that. And I liked your cousins page.

  31. Rachel Dee reply

    31 is great! I personalized a Lil’ Expressions Tote for my mom and sister-in-law for Christmas. So fun! I would love the large tote to organize my trunk and I’m sure my mom could do the same. Facebook liked. :O)

  32. Ashley C reply

    I think this would be great to organize diaper stuff. I will have 2 in diapers in 3 months!


  33. Amanda reply

    I love love love Thirty One bags – and I am like you – size 10 or 11 shoes, =’s more bags in my closet! As for the large utility it would be perfect because the one that got for Christmas from my BFF got swiped by my hubby for his car!!!

  34. emily reply

    TOTALLY feel you on the shoe thing. i’m 5’11” which means my feet are HUGE! i think one of these bags would be perfect to organize my “work in progress” craft items to tote them back and forth around the house and places i go. and i made sure to “like” really reynolds on FB!

  35. kaitlin hebert reply

    I liked her page “Really Reynolds”!!

    Katelyn—I would LOOOVE to win this bag to make my husband happy. Let me explain. We have a cute little house, but a large growing family. I have no room for an office or studio, but with a little help from you “10 minute office” post a few years ago…I made my own little corner in our little bedroom my haven. I have all of my packaging in boxes all over the house (wherever room allows) I have scissors hanging on nails in the wall, other things on command strips. I have endless files stacked in filing cabinets that serve as a dual purpose storage area and printer desk. Room is tight. Organization is hard. I would looove to have this bag to have a little piece of organization in an otherwise cluttered and hectic life. A place I can store my prized possessions so I don’t spend precious moments of the day looking for everything. This bag would make my hubby so so happy and in turn make my life a happy and better place!! : ) Plus—this would be the most awesome mommys day gift ever. But whats more exciting is that i would be getting a package from KATELYN JAMES! Love you!

  36. Kristina H reply

    Katelyn–I would love, love, love to win a Large Utility Tote!! Why? because–my WHOLE life has changed in the past 2 weeks! I just got ENGAGED 12 days ago, and my fiancé (ahhh! that word!) and I bought a house the very same week he finally asked me the oh-so-long-awaited question!! We are “project” people and let me just tell you–a wedding and a fixer-upper house, is about as many projects as I can hold at one time! I would use this tote to hold my NEW wedding binder (yay!!) and maybe attempt to organize my piles of paint samples, wedding magazines etc. *Sigh* Did I mention that our new house is also in a new state?! Do you think this utility tote is big enough for a move?! (I also liked Katie’s FB page.) Love your blog, and love the contests! <3 kristina

  37. Lauren Bourdon reply

    My mom ADORES 31 bags and she has been telling me how much I would love them. An lo and behold, I DO! So cute! And as a law student that is ALWAYS carrying around big (stuffy) books and a laptop and other essentials, carrying them in a cute bag is WAY better than a lame-o back pack :) (Also, I friended her)

  38. Laura M. reply

    A large utility tote would be perfect for me to give to my mom for Mother’s Day. She always does so much for me and my sister, but being a broke high school student doesn’t allow for big gift giving around Mother’s Day. She doesn’t mind that we can’t get her much, but I know it would mean a lot to her if this year we gave her something extra special! :)

  39. Mallory reply

    I would LOVE to win one of these bags to give my mom. She doesn’t do a lot for herself and is always willing to give a helping hand for others. She’s also had to be on the go a lot, outside of her busy work schedule, to help family members get to numerous doctors appointments, etc. I think this tote would be great for her, not only for carrying her usual books, magazines, and word searches to have handy in the waiting room, but also to carry her things when she comes to visit my sister and I at school! My mom is the best, but I may be slightly biased ;)

    Also, I liked Katie’s Facebook page :)

  40. Katie S reply

    I wear a size 11 shoe Katelyn, so bags is one things that always fits! A large utility tote would be good for me to take to work, take grocery shopping to save on using plastic, and while i switch and use another bag it can be used for storage and organization around the house. :) Utility can be used for many things. I like *Really Reynolds* on facebook, and adored the catalogue! Thanks for placing this contest on your blog. You are wonderful. Thank you. :) Cheers to bags!

  41. Harris S. reply

    A large utility tote would be wonderful because I love bags too Katelyn! My mother calls me the bag lady. I would use the utility tote for books and other things for when I am on the go! I liked Really Reynolds on facebook and love Thirty One stuff. Thanks for you wonderful blogs and colorful photography!

  42. Laura C. reply

    As a fellow gal with large feet & no interest in shoes, I would love a tote bag. Perfect for life at the beach!! {& a new baby on the way!} Thanks for the opportunity & God Bless :)

  43. Jessica K reply

    I would LOOOVE a large utility tote because I am a teacher and they are PERFECT for hauling everything I need every day to and from school. Please pick me! :-)

  44. Brooke reply

    I would love to win the “U R U Crunch Sac”!!! So cute and I have a CA vacation coming up that I would LOVE to have this for!!! I love my bags and accessories — and most definitely CUTE shoes!!! :D So I would use this bag for my ‘things to do’ while traveling!! Thanks for the contest!

  45. Maureen reply

    The large utility tote would be perfect for me! I often have a little baby in my arms when I am coming down the stairs and can’t carry a laundry basket too. If I used a large utility tote, I could carry both down the stairs…at the same time!

  46. Maureen reply

    (Oh, and I liked Really Reynolds on Facebook)

    FB Name – Maureen Armstrong Tenney

  47. Charlotte J. reply

    A large utility tote would be perfect for me because I manage a bed and breakfast and need it for all of the shopping I need to do and we are as green as possible. Not only that but it would be perfect for all of my scrapbooking supplies! Plus I like Really Reynolds!

  48. Kristina W. reply

    I was so excited when I read this blog post yesterday because it’s a contest not just for photographers but for all your loyal blog followers! :) It’s so hard to find shoes… I have size 11 to 11.5 feet! It would be fabulous to have a huge tote bag so that I could monogram it! I work in Alabama and live in Florida (so I’m suppoed to be Southern!) but have nothing monogrammed with my new initials! Remember when my Kristina N. changed to Kristina W.?

  49. Kristina W. reply

    And I liked her facebook page!

  50. kim carr reply

    Can large utility tote with the cover be used as carry on luggage when flying?

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