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This isn’t a long post… or a fancy post…it’s a really very simple post. Someone asked me the other day “How long have you been doing this? Really? 7 Years? That’s a long time!”. Yes, I agree! Seven years is a long time to shoot every weekend from April to November and blog every weekday and constantly think of things to teach and share. Seven years is a lot of emails, a lot of late nights and a lot of hard work. But you know what’s even MORE work… doing it for TEN years.

Today’s post is honoring two women in my life that have been inspiring long before I started. Jasmine and Mary have been creating, inspiring and leading for years. When I started, I looked to them… when I started teaching, I looked to them… when I started speaking, I looked to them. And yet somehow, there are days when I feel like I’m all out of stuff. Some days my motivation, creativity and inspiring content is just gone and then I remember these two.

Just this week, Jasmine blogged a genius marketing idea that involves instagram and connecting with vendors and Mary shook the internet world with her empowering post about overcoming comparison! Every time I think that I have nothing left to offer… every time I start believing the lie that my good ideas have run out… I remember these two. Their hard work and passion for the industry is inspiring and they will forever be my go-to girls for that extra kick-in-the-butt! So if you’re feeling like you’re at the end of your rope… you’re not. There are people that have been fighting the fight just a little bit longer and they are proof that you’re not done yet.

So go conqueror this weekend… do what you do! Do it WELL! …. And remember that there is always someone behind you… you may be someone’s Jasmine or Mary! :)

PS. On a slightly unrelated note, we have a few seats left for next week’s live COME TOGETHER event on JUNE 11th that we’re hosting with Amy and Jordan Demos!! We’re SO EXCITED about this! It’s our most affordable LIVE educational event that we have ever offered and there is a great chance this will never happen again!! JOIN US and grab one of the last seats! SIGNUP HERE! 

PPS. Big thanks to Amy Demos for that picture of us! I love it!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. ashley reply

    I think you’re doing a great job! Thanks for working hard and sharing your heart with others:) And I so wish I could be at the “Come Together” event! Maybe one day my full-time job won’t stand in my way. :) I hope everyone has a blast! :)

  2. Nicole Salter reply

    Sometimes I don’t even feel like I have the ability to write 1 blog post, and somehow you teach and speak and blow me away. Keep truckin’ girl!

  3. Kristina W. reply

    A grateful heart sees so many blessings!!! You’re an inspiration to me, Katelyn!

  4. Cyndi reply

    Dear Katelyn and Michael,
    It’s so refreshing to hear the joy and hope in your voices…through your blog and educational posts. It’s difficult sometimes, because after 50 years on this planet, there are times when you know that things can be HARD. I mean, really HARD. But day in, day out, you remind us that : even the veteran, die hard, no chance I’m gonna quit, never gonna give up, I have something to offer, spirit is not enough. It is truly FAITH, that sustains us. Maybe some folks attribute that faith to our own willpower. Maybe others, feel sure it’s our own efforts and hard work. Others still, might feel assured that our friends and coworkers have supported us through the learning stages. What I have come to know, is that God places people in our lives at specific times for us to grow with and from. Perhaps we aren’t ready to learn from them, and they move on, but hopefully, we see the opportunity to receive the gift of their experiences and life lessons and can take them in.

    Life is full of surprises. We went to lunch this week in Richmond, on my son’s last day of school (at Seven Hills) and saw a silly coloring page with Michael’s name on it dated 9/11/10 near the cash register. The owner of the store got to chatting with us and mentioned that his son went to CNU and was about your ages. I happened to mention that our pastor’s daughter went to CNU and was about the same age, when Michael’s crayon picture was pulled from the wall….And around the circle came…10/10/10…friends at CNU…their children…our lunch…a silly crayon picture.

    Here we were…miles from home. In a place we’d never been, at a time when so much was uncertain. What I saw was that the Lord is with us always, every where, in everything we do. Life is connected in ALL things, regardless of how far away we think we are, from what we know, from who we know and from the things that are familiar to us… (How could we have known that a crazy lunch date with friends in an off the beaten path (at the Dairy Bar) would result in such a close to home connection??? )

    What I realized was, we’re all close to home…everywhere…at every time…because if we’re focused on Him, we see Him in all things, through all things and IN all things…and if we’re close to HIM we’re always at HOME. Okay, I know I sound crazy… but hopefully SOMETHING I’ve said rings true! Really! It was CRAZY~

    I so enjoy listening to all the things you are both learning and experiencing at this sweet time in your lives. It’s a joy to watch, listen to and see. Never discount the importance of your contribution to the community, especially the non-photography community. Meaningful, valuable messages transcend age, time and generations. Your family (Emmy, you too) are a blessing to all who have the privilege to know you. Love your blog, love your newsletters (yours and Joe’s too Emmy) and love all your insight.

    With Gratitude,

  5. Casey reply

    Want to hear something humorous? I liked Jasmine’s idea, and decided to attempt it with the vendors for my wedding this weekend… And this is the response I got: “I don’t instagram but I’m not seeing any links to the page/site in the email. Is there any way you could send me a word/pdf format? I print everything out and printing ‘pictures’ is less effective for my needs.” #FAIL.

  6. Didi reply

    I can echo Cyndi’s message to you. I can add this regarding today’s blog – among the people that continue to inspire me day in and day out are you, Katelyn and Michael. Katelyn, with your bubbling personality and a sincere unconditional willingness to share your love of photography with others and to help all photographers that seek you out, whether they are older, younger, experienced or not, never ceases to inspire me to continue to get out there every single day and push myself to do better and better. Michael, with your seemingly never-ending supportive smile and encouragement, not only for Katelyn, but to everyone you meet, also inspires me to look for that goodness in the face of disappointment. Both of you have without even realizing it have inspired this older photographer to discover a faith in people and in God that I thought I had lost. And, I thank you and bless you every day for that and for the day that I discovered your website and Katelyn’s wonderful blog. Your blog, along with my Starbucks and my daily thankful prayer to God, gets me off to a wonderful start each and every day. YOU have inspired me! Thank God for you both! Didi

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