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Saturday morning I packed my car with my batteries, my shootsac, my lenses, my camera, etc. and hit the road.  I was leaving camp which was located in Emporia, VA and making the drive to the Historic Kinloch where Emily and Tim would be married.  I’m not going to lie, I was tired.  Retreats and camp just do that to you and so it was refreshing to have Em greet me with a big hug and “Yay! Katelyn you’re here! I feel like you’re this old friend who I haven’t seen in forever!”.  I mean, how could I not absolutely LOVE spending the day with this girl?!!


Emily was stunning and I can’t explain how excited I was when I took my first look at her dress! BEAU-TI-FUL! It was definitely a favorite of the summer! I see a lot of wedding dresses and let me tell you..this one was gorgeous! … and so Emily!  Of course Tim was handsome in uniform and so excited to marry his best friend! Wait until you see his face as Em was walking down the aisle! Priceless.


Some may not understand this but in the midst of running around the whole state of VA and finishing my first week of classes, shooting a wedding was a nice break. ha! Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous but when your clients seem like friends, it really makes you feel as if you are just a guest capturing their day and loving every minute of it! What can I say, I have an awesome job!


Emily and Tim, you two are incredible and your love for each other makes me smile.  I loved sorting through your images and being able to really SEE the love you two share.  Thank you for allowing me to capture it! Best wishes!

Emily’s aunt made her jewelry! I loved it!

Let me explain this next image.  We did the boys pictures before the ceremony while the girls were still getting ready.  Well we had to walk right beside a window to the bridal suite.  I warned the guys that they better not look in there and this is what I got! It made for a cute pic!

I love Tim’s reaction while Em was walking towards him!

beautiful cake!

I don’t normally post images like this next one but I love how candid it is!

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  1. Jan reply


  2. Christy Payton reply

    Katelyn, these are gorgeous! As per usual :)

  3. Melody reply

    I love the willow tree pics…

  4. Charity DellaCamera reply

    You know I’m partial to Marine weddings:) Her dress is gorgeous, the setting is gorgeous!! I love love the weeping willow! Congratulations Tim and Emily!

  5. Michael reply

    The b&w with the swing is awesome…I wanna see that one blown up on a canvas.

  6. Catie reply

    again amazing, im glad that you had such a good time too. i love the shot of the guys passing by the window. it made me giggle.

  7. Jess Moze reply

    I love the bouquet on the dresser, and I love them on the brick wall. You are right, her dress is gorgeous! And the WILLOW TREES. Oh, the willow trees. You need to shoot near them more often. They make for great shots. Congrats Tim & Emily! Beautiful job, Katelyn.

  8. Rainbow reply

    Thank you for being AWESOME!
    I knew the photos would be out-of-this-world!

  9. Bonnie reply

    This is the best birthday present this mom of the groom has ever recieved! Thanks for all you do.

  10. Stephen reply

    These are great, and there were just enough pictures to look at

  11. J.T. Hosack reply

    Katelyn, you are fantastic. These are fantastic. The emotion, the love, joy, I can get it all out of these pictures. It’s refreshing to have someone who can do that in their composition. Thanks for that. ~JT~

  12. Mandy reply

    KK! There were so beautiful! I think the willow tree was such a great backdrop for the pictures! Also, the bouquet on the dresser looked so cool! Great job again! I just love seeing all of your pictures!

  13. Emily G reply

    Emily has to be the cutest person ever! LOVE her!

  14. Alexandra reply

    oooh i looove these photos :) they are each so beautiful! you are a very talented and skilled photographer :) you caught the off guard moments beautifully :) keep it up <3 xxx

  15. sydni reply

    that dress is stunning! i lovee it!! and you did a great job at capturing its beauty and the happy couples!

  16. caroline reply

    yeahhh…beautiful bride. and you know im partial to the corn/willow backdrop haha. dress=GOR-GE-OUS! way to capture it all kk

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