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I always get a little nervous meeting a new couple for a shoot without meeting beforehand.  As I walked down the main street of downtown Fredericksburg to meet Emily and Tim, I’ll admit I was a little nervous. However, the anxiousness quickly left me when I walked around the corner and met Emily! She is the cutest thing! She is so petite but has such a bubbly personality.  As we started walking down the streets I explained, like I always do, that some of the spots that I may ask them to pose in front of may seem a bit grungy and dirty but I PROMISE the pictures will look awesome! Emily quickly said that she understood and would love to shoot some in the back alleys! (I knew I was going to like this girl!)


I couldn’t have asked for a better response or a better location for these two! I like to think of them as my urban, intense couple! I mean that in the best way possible! You’ll see what I mean in a minute when you scroll down! Maybe it was the location, or that they were both wearing black, OR the awesome tattoos Tim has on his arms! ….I’m not sure what it is, but there is a fierceness to these pics that make them just pop and I love it! Tim & Emily, thanks for being willing to be different! You two are beautiful and I can’t wait until august!

haha I love this one! We had a huge gust of wind and got a little Marilyn Monroe action!

my favorite:)

How cool are those doors?!

Love this one!

Slideshow coming soon!!

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  1. Anna reply

    how fun!!!! I decided to check the blog before I went to bed and I’m so glad I did :)

  2. ellen scarlett reply

    I used to work with Emily at the hospital! Beautiful job on their pictures!!

  3. Sarah D. reply

    Yeah, so, this is in Fredericksburg— where I live. It looks like you’ve discovered part of Jail Alley, one of the best portrait spots in town. =)

  4. Sydni reply

    love em!!!! especially the couple from when the wind was blowing… put up the wedding from saturday!!!! i’m waiting!

  5. JT reply

    I’m glad I hopped on during work, haha. I wasn’t expecting new things so soon!
    I don’t know where you find your locations, but they’re awesome!

    Amazing pictures KK!

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