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and she wanted nothing to do with him.  She wasn’t interested. But TJ pursued her for months until she gave finally gave him a chance and look where they are now! I love Steph and TJ’s story.  They dated all throughout college and became best friends. He proposed, she said yes and now they are husband and wife and so happy! Their day was spent with family and friends who just adored them.  I mean, how can you not love these two?  Have you seen them?! Between TJ’s sense of humor and Steph’s laugh, there is no chance you won’t fall in love with this couple. Everyone at their wedding was ready to celebrate along side of them! Ever since meeting them at their engagement session, I have…

looked forward to their Wedding! They were married on July 3rd at the Historic Kinloch and the weather was perfect! Everything flowed smoothly and I loved being a part of the big day! Steph and TJ, I hope Jamaica was fabulous! (We were there the same time so I know you had great weather!) Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives and share in your wedding day! Thanks for being patience as I loaded the new blog! You are the FIRST NEW WEDDING on the NEW BLOG! woohoo! Enjoy my favorites!

LOVE FIRST LOOKS! Isn’t she so cute?!

Still “First Look” shots….

Best. Laugh. Ever.

Loved this next one.

Walkin with her daddy! Coming down the isle in an outdoor ceremony is always beautiful!

love her.


I’m really starting love these high energy bridal party shots! haha Look at that guy on the right! Priceless.

Work it girls! Wow!

and there are the boys….

You belong in a magazine Mrs. Murray!

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    Lastly an accurate site! I’m brand-new to blogging and I have wandered through a couple blogs now because I wish to begin a blog myself and all was trash so far (no overstatement, actually). I have even noticed a few ideas for my first posts, thanks! BTW, please reply to my email in case it is prohibited to “rent” a few of your thoughts though I will certainly link to this site.

  2. Sarah Danaher reply

    Love it!

  3. Anna Burke reply

    YAYYY!!!!!!!!!! I could totally tell from their sneak peek it was another BEAUTIFUL Kinloch wedding :) AWESOME pictures, Katelyn! They are a beautiful and happy couple :)

  4. erin sullivan reply

    Katelyn, I love the new blog format and these wedding images! Great work… I look forward to seeing all your upcoming shoots in this new format. :)

  5. Megan Cable reply

    The new blog looks fantastic! Beautiful photos :)

  6. jessied0409 reply

    Those ring bearer pillows are to die for…and those girls are fierce in that picture…gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! After seeing all of your pictures from the coupld of weddings you’ve done there, I wanna get married there one day!!

  7. val reply

    woohoo! Love it all. Love the story. :) Love the cake and the flowers.. love love the pictures! love love love the last pic!

  8. Shannon reply

    Wow loved the first look! the blog looks amazing KK!

  9. photogrl12 reply

    Looooove these!!!! Great job Katelyn! :)

  10. Caroline reply


  11. Greg Duvall reply


  12. JEnnifer reply

    This is one of your best weddings ever! The portraits are beautiful the First Look and the ceremony full of feelings and the bridal party pictures just look like a lot of fun!

  13. Steph Murray reply

    YAY! I love them! Getting married outside makes for the best backdrop! Thanks again! Now I want them all over our apartment :)

  14. SPRING reply

    These are STUNNING!!!!!!!!!! Katelyn you keep outdoing yourself… i’m so impressed!!!!!

  15. Justin Mendoza reply

    One day… One day

  16. Richard Allen reply

    Beautiful wedding. I am proud of you.

  17. name* reply

    so beautiful! you made the prettiest bride :)

  18. Rosco reply

    OMG Look at that cake! I love snacks!!!

  19. Rebecca reply

    I knew Steph when she was in high school and she always lit up the room with her smile. I’m so happy to see you capture her personality and their love in these photos. Marriage is wonderful and these wedding pictures are marvelous!

  20. ashley reply

    beautiful pics of a beautiful couple! couldnt be happier for you guys!

  21. Patti Allen reply

    Your wedding was wonderful and we are so proud of you and TJ. These pictures are beautiful. Love You Gma

  22. Kate Faulkner reply

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!

  23. Angie Barrett reply

    The pictures are BEEEEAUTIFUL! What a gorgeous couple!

  24. nelly reply

    one of the most beautiful weddings i have attended in quite sometime. Tj murray and stephanie laris are the epitome of what a married couple should be. your pictures both exuberate and portray the essence of what a marriage should represent.i am both honored and envous the love i have witnessed today.thank you.

  25. tj reply

    katelyn you are pretty awesome. thanks. love-tj

  26. Kim DePasquale reply

    Great pictures. I love the ones of Stephanie laughing! You definitely captured the love they have for each other and the fun times everyone enjoyed.

  27. ESD reply

    Chimerical! Katelyn captured Stephanie and TJ’s pulchritude in every shot.

  28. Victoria reply

    i am OBSESSED with the pictures.. as Steph already knows.. they are gorgeous!

  29. samantha reply

    so pretty!!! great pictures! love you guys!

  30. Jeanne reply

    Beautiful pictures! Priceless! Feel the love…..

  31. melody.hinmon reply

    What a beautiful couple!!!!! Stephanie I love your wedding gown and your husband is extremely handsome.

  32. Brittany reply

    The pictures are so pretty! I love the ones in the field!

  33. Becky reply

    awesome pictures :)

  34. Bobby Turnure reply

    Great wedding, great pictures, great couple. Best of wishes to you both. Keep the happiness in the marriage. Always be true to each other and enjoy the time together.

  35. Callee reply

    Heyyy. These pictures areee sooo pretty. :)
    Btw im a friend of taylors.

  36. Meghan O’Connor reply

    LOVED this pictures what a beautiful wedding… and think all of these pictures capture their moments :)

  37. Brady reply

    Love the pics….love you guys…truly captured an amazing day!

  38. Sarah Smith reply

    great pictures! Miss you Steph! :) Everyone looks so pretty and happy

  39. Chelie reply

    I love all of your photos! You look so beautiful! You had such an amazing photographer! The setting is gorgeous and you guys look so happy :)

  40. Caroline reply

    Beautiful pictures! Hope you had an amazing honeymoon!

  41. Heather Fordham reply

    Steph looks so gorgeous & they look like such a fun couple! Beautiful photos!!

  42. Rebekah reply

    LIVE a long and happy life LAUGH often & LOVE each other everyday!!!! Enjoy married life and I am so glad I was able to be part of your wonderful day! Katelyn as always you have done it again and captured Stephs laugh and smile that lights up a room when she enters and you captured the love TJ has for Steph! Love the field shots and first look photos! I agree that Steph should be in a magazine…look at those eyes :-) What a wonderful wedding!!!

  43. Ryan reply

    Stunning Bride & Handsome Groom! Amazing wedding and amazing pictures..My wife talks about your blog all the time and I can see from TJ and Stpehs photos why….Out of this world AMAZING!!!!

  44. Dawn Burt reply

    Wonder pictures-you two makes a great looking couple!

  45. Leslie Wuerfel reply

    Absolutely stunning shots of you two. Breathtaking. I was so happy to witness your wedding and feel your happiness. Much love to you. Aunt Leslie

  46. Wesley Yeager reply

    amazing pictures amazing day amazing couple. lets do it again!

  47. Sarah reply

    You are an amazing photographer! The pictures are so beautiful! You really captured the joy of the day!! =)

  48. Stacy Dunlap reply

    Steph, you look beautiful and very happy! I am so sorry we couldn’t make it we would have loved to see you get married. I hope you and TJ have a wonderful life together!! Hope to see you soon.

  49. aaron spicka reply

    fantastic images. congratulationss!

  50. John Jacobs reply

    Wow congratulations to TJ LARIS!!!

  51. Pat reply

    awesome photos, sorry we missed the Day!!

  52. Brandy Burns reply

    Absolutely stunning!

  53. Alexis reply

    Absolutely love all the pictures :) so goood!

  54. natalie reply

    Stephanie you look so amazing! been a long time since camp! congrats!

  55. Marie Marshall reply

    Everything about Stephanie and TJ’s wedding was absolutely beautiful :-) My favorite part? Is being able to look back at all the WONDERFUL pictures. I love to see how happy they are together.

  56. Tom Murray reply

    Gorgeous day and wonderful time…the pictures are awesome!

  57. Nelson reply

    Awesome pictures, you guys look great!

  58. Isabella reply

    Love the pics Aunt Stephanie!! =)

  59. Cathy Ashton reply

    Beautiful pictures. They totally showed what a beautiful wedding it was and their love for each other as well as their character.

  60. Dad reply

    What can be said that hasn’t been already. Love the pics and just reminds me how great everything was on July 3.

  61. josiah lee aka jin reply

    the fact that you can make tj devlishly handsome shows that you have skill as a photographer. oh and the priceless “guy” is none other than jon swartz :o

  62. Renee reply

    Great pictures. “Watch the straps!”

  63. Taylor reply

    The wedding was so fun! Love you Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Tj :)

  64. Mykiaja reply

    I like the pictures. And i liked being the flower girl :)

  65. Jimmy reply

    Beautiful pics Steph.

  66. kristine reply

    steph! i showed my mom your pics too, love the pics with your full on smile – that’s when you look the most you :)

  67. Alicia reply

    The brides earrings are gorgeous!! Anyone know where they are from?

  68. Lilibeth reply

    Nice pics Steph.

  69. Tammy Allen reply

    What beautiful pictures..I am sorry we had to miss this wonderful event.

  70. Michelle reply

    Steph should be a model!

  71. Justin Smith reply

    Great photos. Congrats on the marriage. Close to the 100 just thought I’d help out.

  72. Greg Robinson reply

    Beautiful pictures on a beautiful day. May God bless this union!

  73. Mark reply

    Wow! These are an awesome set of pictures. Certain to be a fond memory for years to come.

  74. Larry reply

    Wow. Great shots. My favorite is “Priceless”.

  75. Sheri Burns reply

    These are fantastic! I bet it’s so hard picking the ones to be framed…Congrats and thanks for letting us be apart of this special day!

  76. Roy Branklin reply

    The Pictures are breath taking just like the ceremony!

  77. Scott Allan reply

    Katelyn, you are an artist of the highest degree… Your subject matter is wonderful also! Congrats you two!

  78. Richard & Mary Ford reply

    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL COUPLE!! Truly your love and happiness on that day was captured in all the pictures – great fun looking at all the joy that surrounded you both…. blessings to you in this wonderful life you’re gonna share!:) R&M

  79. Kimberly Olson reply

    i love these pictures! you look beautiful! and thank goodness tj has changed his hair from that infamous picture we laugh at! jk T, you look very handsome!

  80. Kimberly Olson reply

    i wish we could re live this wedding! these pictures are gorgeous

  81. chelie reply

    Steph- so i keep coming to this page to look at your pictures because they are so gorgeous! not only do you look fab in these pics but the vibrant colors of the background pull everything together for perfect memories

    Katelyn- you are seriously an amazing photographer!

  82. Megan reply

    BEAUTIFUL pictures! Katelyn also did one of my freshman dorm-mate’s weddings and her work is always so beautiful. thank you tj and steph for a great weekend!!

  83. Karen and Lew Hendricks reply

    Great Pictures. You tow are beautiful!

  84. Kevin reply

    love you both, these are great pictures

  85. admin reply

    steph I love you!!!!! and tj too! :) and my comment counts!!!! we’re so close! Start picking out your canvas!! :)

  86. Beverly Saville reply

    Steph, you look so beautiful!! So sorry I had to miss the day.

  87. Pop Pop Murray reply

    The pictures are absolutely georgeus. You two look like you’re right out of central casting.

  88. kelli schnelt reply

    I feel like I was there with you on your special day with the pictures.

  89. Darryl reply


  90. Pop Pop Murray reply

    The pictures are fabulous. You two look like you came right out of Central Casting.

  91. JD reply

    congrats guys! and i love your couch.

  92. Matt reply

    Congrats TJ and Steph. I love presents ;)

  93. Felicia reply

    These pictures are amazing…I love the ones of you laughing, your laugh really is fabulous Steph…wish I could have been there, love you LOTS!

  94. Jessie reply

    You look absolutely gorgeous! :)

  95. Katelynn Brown reply

    absolutely beautiful as always Steph! I love these photes! I still can`t believe you two are married-truly a great love story!

  96. Rachel reply

    Congrats, love you guys

  97. kevin reply

    love these pics more and more each time i see them

  98. Dave reply

    I will still always be cooler than you, Steph

  99. yasir reply

    great pictures!!

  100. debora reply

    so pretty! truly a beautiful couple

  101. erin reply

    awesome pictures! what a beautiful wedding!

  102. sammy reply

    i love you guys!!!

  103. Beasley reply

    LOVE all the pics! glad i finally got to see them :) see you in two days!

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