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So I wanted to do a sneak peek from yesterday’s TWO engagement sessions but I can’t do it! I just can’t pick! This is going to be bad. I literally have about 350 favorites total! I did get to take a first run through them all today and my philosophy is that if I don’t do a sneak peek, I will edit them faster and have them up quicker! That’s the goal!

But because every post needs a picture, I decided to do a little advertisement for a company with an incredible goal and purpose. Toms Shoes are just plain jane, canvas shoes that sell for $44.   You can buy them in all different colors and neat patterns! However, the best part is that half of each purchase goes toward donating shoes to children that don’t have any.  For every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. It’s an awesome idea and it’s working!

Jess and Justin were both sporting their Toms yesterday and asked if I would take a pic of them and of course I couldn’t pass up a shoe shot!  I thought I would use them as the “sneak peek”.  Be sure to check out Toms website and buy a pair for yourself! I am not currently an owner of a pair but I will be soon!

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  1. Brittany reply

    Katelyn these are so cute! Love the shoes shots.

  2. Jessica reply

    yay! TOMS!!! All of us Beale girls like to sport the TOMS as well…you should definitely invest in some KK!!!

  3. Jess Moze & Michael reply

    WE’RE TIRED OF LOOKING AT SHOES. And so is the rest of Boiling Springs. HURRY UP.

    Just kidding. These are adorable. Miss you already (Jess does). Michael says you better stay up till 4am to finish. He loves you.

  4. Michele B reply

    yay! i just bought my first pair!

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