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has them. Big or smal…. every family has their traditions. I’ve been hearing some CRAZY ones recently!!! My parent’s weren’t big on the Santa thing growing up. They just never made a big deal about it… instead, we focused on family traditions. However, I LOVE hearing about what some families do to make the season extra fun! For example, I just recently heard of this one:  Planting green tic tacs (“Reindeer Seeds”) in a pot of sugar and overnight they turn into candy canes! Or leaving out reindeer food on the front porch…. I don’t know what your traditions may be but I’d love to hear them!!

And since it’s the season of giving, I’m going to make this a giveaway! Leave a comment sharing your favorite Christmas tradition and you’ll be entered to win some Starbucks goodies!!!  Speaking of traditions and Christmas plans…. we have a plan to see Les Mis the day after Christmas… TWICE! Michael and I are seeing it at CineBistro and then we’re meeting the family to see it AGAIN!! We’re obviously die hard fans. Michael even pre-ordered  the soundtrack!!!! We’re excited!!! Merry Christmas everyone! Leave me some Christmas traditions in the comments and you never know, you may win a little goodie or two!! :)


** congrats to Sarah Goodwin and Mary Powell for wedding the giveaway!! **

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  1. Karin Spindler reply

    Me and my sisters all sleep under the Christmas tree every Christmas tree!

  2. Stevie reply

    We have a pretty low key Christmas around our house, but one tradition that NEVER gets missed is on Christmas night, we gather all of our friends and family around a big table and play cards into the late hours of the night. It’s truly the best part of the day, celebrating with the people I love.

  3. Sarah reply

    My mom still buys my brother and I Christmas pj’s and my dad reads us the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve. We’re both in our 20’s, but it’s our favorite part of Christmas.

  4. Katie reply

    We have Christmas on Christmas Eve with my immediate family and Instead of a big dinner we make homemade personal pizzas. That way my mom can spend more time with the family and less time preparing an extravagant meal. It also solves the problem of picky eaters – we get to choose what toppings to put on. We even have a traditional restaurant bell that we ring when a pizza is ready.

  5. Heather Sensiba reply

    We top our christmas tree with a party hat (for Jesus’ birthday) and bake a cake, top it with candles, and sing happy birthday to Jesus on Christmas after dinner. It’s been an awesome way to remind our three young ones what CHRISTmas is really about! I love the green tic tacs idea! lol

  6. Heather reply

    Growing up my parents we would always have a Christmas breakfast together because we were all so busy during the year to eat breakfast together. Spending time at the table together is something I will always cherish more than any other gift under the tree. I love the things that money can’t buy….means the most to me!!!

  7. Karen Allen reply

    My family has a tradition of celebrating Christmas on New Years! As we all married off and have in-laws scattered across the country, my parents decided to just make it easy and New Years is the day we celebrate Christmas, so we can celebrate Christmas Day as our individual families or with our in-laws. But then we have a week long vacation somewhere (this year is skiing in Colorado!) and celebrate together. :) We did this with my dad’s side of the fam growing up and as kids it was SO AWESOME to have two Christmas’s, and to spend New Years with our cousins every year! And it’s always fun to have New Years to look forward to after Christmas has passed. :) Have fun at the movies!!

  8. Lauren Vaughan reply

    my family always watched “its a wonderful life” every christmas eve. it’s my favorite holiday movie and things don’t seem right without it. even though it’s not my mom”s favorite by a long shot she still sits with my dad and i for a bit just because she wants to spend time with us.

  9. Allie R. reply

    My mom always writes letters “from Santa” and puts them in our stockings. After opening presents on Christmas morning, we read our letters, which talk about our past year and the things that Santa is proud of:) There is always a P.S. with a note where Santa hid one last present. Very fun and a cute way to recap each persons year. I have all of my letters since my first Christmas!

  10. Chelsea Batey reply

    My favorite Christmas tradition is a little ridiculous now that I am 22 years old. However, Christmas Eve is always spent with the immediate family (my mom, dad and little brother – 19). We always go out to a movie, this year we saw Life of Pi. And of course we HAVE to splurge on drinks and popcorn (because we only do it once a year). Then we have to stop by 711, each get hot chocolate or coffee with the little marshmallows and head out on an adventure to find all of the pretty Christmas lights in our town! Afterwards we head home to make cookies for Santa and read the Night Before Christmas (yes, even this year!). Then we head to bed and wake up to see if Santa came :) Santa still visits me as a 22 year old grown woman, and I’m pretty proud.

  11. Sara W reply

    My family is Italian, so we have awesome food for every holiday…but we ALWAYS have a big platter of Chick Fil A nuggets!! I have no idea why but it’s always there!! Hahaha :) my mom also has me put the angel on the tree, so we have the same photo every year, from me on my dad’s shoulders and getting bigger and using a stool :)

  12. Heather Holleger reply

    Our family always reads the christmas story out of the bible every year before we open up our presents. We’ve done that ever since I can remember!

  13. Debbie Dean reply

    Every year, my Mom buys my seven siblings and I matching pajamas to open on Christmas Eve and wear all throughout Christmas Day. We’ve gone from snowflake onesies to candy cane-striped Long Johns to college memorabilia tshirts and sweatpants (supporting whoever the newest college child was that year – CNU, GMU, etc)). This year, my Mom got all of us camouflage onesies in honor of my Army brother fighting in Afghanistan. They were warm and comfortable, and kept me thinking about our soldier all day. :)

  14. Tessa reply

    Every year for as long as I can remember, my dad makes Christmas cookies. His mom did it every year for him and his brothers and sisters. These cookies are to die for and only come out once it’s my birthday in the beginning of December. Basically the best cookies, and cookie dough on the face of the planet. No one can top :D

  15. Molly reply

    Starting in early December, we make coffee cake using the recipe that my grandmother used back in the day. It’s always fun to see how many we go through, either as gifts or that are eaten, in a season.

  16. Andrea reply

    My family goes out to eat Chinese every Christmas Eve. It allows us to take a break from wrapping presents, cooking, and hustle and bustle of the year to just enjoy being together. After dinner we drive around and look at lights and then come home to watch a christmas movie, followed by the candlelight service at our church.

  17. Mallory reply

    One Christmas, our family realized just HOW many times a version of Sleigh Ride is played on Lite98 around the holidays. We started the tradition of counting how many times we heard it, with a few rules of course:
    1) at least two people in the family have to hear it. It started out that both people had to be together, but we adjusted the rules so that when my sister and I were away at school, we could call Mom at work, and if we both heard the song, it counted!
    2) It can only count if it’s on the radio or heard in a store. Hearing it in movies didn’t count (or we could rack up a lot just by watching Elf!).
    3) The counting ends on Christmas Day!

    In the past, we just kept a mental tally list of the total count, but this year, I kept the tallies on a paper on the fridge. I listed how many times we heard it each day, with a grand total! Last year’s total was around 40-45 (keeping track of it in our heads probably wasn’t as accurate…) but THIS year, our grand total was 141 times!!! Crazy!!

  18. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    I am so excited to see Les Mis! I thiiiink Matt and I still have a giftcard for the movies (oopsies!) so we might be seeing it soon! :) A newer, fun tradition is for me and my sister – we sit behind the piano and semi-sight read Christmas carols/play them by ear… but we purposefully play them poorly. It makes us all laugh a lot! That’s why my family got a big kick out of this song this year:

  19. Sarah G reply

    Does procrastinating with last minute shopping & wrapping until 2am count as a tradition? We’ve started to adopt families & give them gifts instead of our family exchanging gifts or given to charities in their honor, it’s really stuck and been so fulfilling.

  20. Rachel reply

    Every Christmas, my immediate family does a book exchange and the books always fit individual personalities so well! :) We call it the Peterson Library Christmas!

  21. Deanna Trail reply

    Every year on Christmas Eve we go to my godmother’s house for dinner before church. Ever since I was 6 years old we “kids” (I say that now because I’m 23 and still take part) go upstairs and watch “A Christmas Story,” play Clue, and track Santa on Kind of cheesy, but it never fails.

  22. Amanda reply

    My husband and I started a new movie marathon tradition of staying in our pjs all Christmas Day and enjoying some really good movies!

  23. Meredith Sledge reply

    I always leave the Christmas lights in my windows on on Christmas Eve. :)

  24. Jessica reply

    My husband’s family always eats chili cheese dogs every Christmas eve! It’s a delicious, informal, fun family tradition.

  25. Sarah reply

    My family reads The Night Before Christmas, and each member reads a page at a time. I always hope to get the last page: “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”

  26. alicia reply

    My family doesn’t always get to celebrate Christmas morning on the real Christmas morning due to traveling to see extended family, but us kids always demand that mom make German pancake with Buttermilk syrup for Christmas morning whenever we actually celebrate it :)

  27. Krissy Traustason reply

    My family has this tradition that we got from my Icelandic background that we have christmas dinner on Christmas Eve precisely at 6pm and then open presents after dinner and desserts. :)

  28. Alisa reply

    My family has deep Scandinavian roots and my favorite Christmas tradition is making snowballs. Snowballs are made by rolling a chunk of vanilla ice cream in coconut, adding a beautiful holly and a candle once frozen. We then turn the lights off, light our snowballs and make wishes for the new year. I treasure this tradition!

  29. Lauren Carns reply

    We always read the Christmas story from Luke 2 on Christmas Eve, after a big dinner. Then each family member chooses their favorite carol to sing. And then all of the siblings open gifts from each other as we drink eggnog and eat my sister’s famous truffles. :-) This year we also cut down our own Christmas Tree, and it *barely* fits in the peak of our Living Room ceiling!

  30. Mary Powell reply

    My family is crazy with Christmas traditions! We love them! My favorite and possibly the weirdest is that we always eat Christmas breakfast with chopsticks! One Christmas when when we were kids, my dad had just returned from a trip to China and brought all of us back a set of chopsticks. We decided to try them that morning and the tradition stuck. We eat our cinnamon rolls, sausage and eggs with chopsticks! It’s strange but it’s us and I love it!

  31. Meagan reply

    My in-laws sing the 12 days of Christmas. Each person or couple picks one of the days & we sing the ENTIRE song. I was the first ‘attachment’ (aka the first to marry into the younger generation) so I’m always with Meemaw as the Partridge. What makes it so hilarious is she is nearly deaf so I sit next to her & in every round I elbow her & we spout “and a partridge in a pear tree.” It never fails to bring on rounds of hysteria as people forget what they are, sing the wrong words etc. Its hilarious.

  32. Courtney Stevens reply

    We tend to leave most of our wrapping until Christmas Eve. My mom goes upstairs in the master bathroom, and my dad and I are in the basement wrapping. We’re running around the main floor, taking tape from each other and yelling for the other person to get away from our wrapping area. It sounds a little chaotic but we have so much fun. Then we all put the presents under the tree and go to bed, and open them Christmas morning.

  33. Anna Burke reply

    My family has several traditions, but my favorites revolve around Christmas Eve – we attend Christmas Eve service at church, followed by a huge family dinner and then we get to open one gift in addition to our Christmas pajamas! This year, I got to participate in Justin’s family tradition on Christmas Eve of pizza from Mr. G’s in Branson and then attending Christmas Eve service at his grandparents’ church! When we got married, we started our own tradition of giving each other an ornament for Christmas each year that represents something we love. Traditions are so fun!

  34. Sarah G reply

    i won I won! :) thanks girlie, I am sure to use that Starbucks giftcard up pronto! And I saw Les Mis last night. was it fabulous. I took my 14 and 11 year old cousins and they loved it too!

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