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biggest dilemma…. more important than which flats to take, or choosing to take 5 necklaces rather than that one realllly heavy one that I love. This decision drove me crazy for a few days before the honeymoon. I remember saying to Michael “Ohhhh I just don’t know which one to choose!!” He would always respond with something like “Katelyn, it’s not that big of a deal.”   Ummm Excuse me?! YES, yes it is most definitely a BIG DEAL! Deciding which lenses to take to our Mediterranean honeymoon was huge.  The first thing I did was take my battery grip off the bottom of my camera body. That saved me a ton of shoulder pain! Next, I thought about what I

would need while walking around different cities. I most definitely needed a wide angle and I wanted a little bit of zoom.  Since I shoot with only prime lenses for the most part, this narrowed my choices down quite a bit. I decided to take the 24-105mm 4.0. After deciding that, I realized I could only take one more and that lens needed to be a great portrait lens. I HAD to take a prime with me! So of course the 50 1.2 made it into our suitcase! I was realllly satisfied with the lens selection. At moments I wished I had me 85 or my 24 but overall, the 24-105 and the 50 were absolutely perfect for capturing details AND landscapes. Here are some examples!


This shot on the LEFT was shot with the 50 1.2… unfortunately it didn’t do much for my fizzy hair. The image on the RIGHT was shot with the 24 and allowed me to zoom in and frame that with the rocks in the foreground.

This is probably one of my top 5 favorite pictures from the whole honeymoon… he’s so cute:) Oh and it was shot with the 50mm at 1.6 ISO 400 1/1600sec

Even though this is more of a landscape shot, it was also shot with the 50mm.

This however was shot with the 24-105 at 4.0 ISO 500 1/320sec

Both images below were shot with the 50.  Image on Left: 50mm 1.2 ISO 320 1/2500sec



Can’t capture Athens with a 50! This is also shot with the 24-105


So to all of you honeymooners out there that have an SLR and are at a lost for what to take with you, I HIGHLY recommend taking a wide angle lens and a portrait lens! It worked really well for us!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Faith cherisse reply

    Awesome! Very nice choices.

  2. Abbey reply

    Awesome! I recently went to PR for our anniversary and couldn’t decide which lens to take and ultimately I decided to take the 35 1.4 and I loved it. I was able to do landscape and some portraits with it.

  3. Ashley Daniell reply

    These photos are GORGEOUS!! I always have the same debate on which lenses to take. Unfortunately my only zoom right now is the 70-200 1.4 and there’s no way I’m lugging that around on vacation!!

  4. Tira J reply

    Very wise choices. By far, the 24-105 4.0 is the best travel lens out there. It’s what we use all the time on the road. It’s the most versatile and it is sharp. And the 50 1.2, you can never go wrong. I have truly enjoyed all of the images from your beautiful honeymoon.

  5. Emma reply

    Katelyn! Thank you so much! This post helped TREMENDOUSLY! I now know what lens to buy!

  6. Jennifer reply

    Hi Katelyn! I just bought the Mark 2 with the 50mm 1.2. I have my first wedding on New Year’s Day. Which zoom do you recommend for weddings/receptions? …just wondering what would be the best investment to add to my 50mm. Thanks!

  7. Lydia reply

    Great advice, Katelyn. I usually grab the 50 (was 1.4 now 1.2!) and 28 1.8, but I might go for the 24-70 2.8 as my second lens next time.

  8. Karla reply

    I am sure you get this question a lot but I would like to start taking pictures that are a bit more professional. I have used an old manual camera for a while now because it takes great pictures. I have also used a point and shoot automatic camera. Is there an automatic SLR camera you could recommend that isn’t as expensive as the Mark II but produces professional quality photos? Kind of a starters SLR camera. Thanks!

  9. Michelle Stoker reply

    Beautiful honeymoon photos!!

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