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  • Meet Peter

This was my VERY FIRST session to tryout my new MARKS II!!!! and I LOVEEEEEE IT! Oh man do I love it! Peter is well on his way to a successful theatrical future and needed some headshots done this past week. I was so pumped for 3 reasons! 1. Peter is hilarious and I knew it would be a fun session! 2. I got to try out my new baby! 3. I found this SWEET new location in the most sketchy part of downtown Newport News! haha There are so many old doors, walls that are crumbing to pieces, and paint that was peeling! It was perfect! Enjoy a few of my favorites! Notice the depth of field/color/sharpness! Nothing like the 50 1.2!


Ps. Next time you hear from me….. I’ll be in VEGAS!!!! I really should start packing now.

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  1. Michael reply

    I like the 3rd to last one…the bricks look sweet behind them…Glad I could help you find that spot in Sketchy Newport News;)

  2. Sydni reply

    so soon?
    wow. that’s awesome. i love you for being awesome.

  3. Elise reply

    That location looks fantastic! SO very cool. Well done :)

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