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is BY far the greatest asset of my business…. and this couple is the perfect example why.  Because I’ve been blogging since 3 months after I STARTED this business… I have gained a few followers who have been with me for the long haul. There are some days when I get emails that read something like “I’ve been following your blog for 3 years and now it’s MY TURN! I’M ENGAGED!”…. these are my FAVORITE emails….EVER. Why? Because these are brides that GET me… they know my business, they know my style and they love it.  Kristy is one of those girls.  She’s been following the blog for a while and it just so happens that

she loves photography too! So this past fall, I drove up to see my sister at Virginia Tech and go to CRU with her and her roommates one last time since she’s about to graduate.   It just so happens that Austin had proposed to Kristy like 24 hours beforehand and so it was like kids in a candy shop when all the girls started to surround Kristy, gawking over her ring and smothering her with congratulations! It really was perfect timing. I got to give Kristy a big hug and tell her that I was available for her big day!! That was followed with a bunch of squeals and high fives (just kidding, there weren’t any high fives, we’re cool people).  Needless to say, Kristy was excited and so was I! There is nothing better than photographing a couple that loves to smile, loves the Lord and loves photography… better yet, MY photography!! I knew MONTHS ago that this engagement session was going to be amazing … and it WAS! Just wait until you see these colors!!:) Austin and Kristy are such a beautiful couple with big hearts and beautiful smiles. I feel so honored that I get to be a part of this exciting time in their life!!! July can’t come soon enough!!!  Enjoy some of my favorites!!!!

how cute are they?? Reaaaaal cute.

Oh hey awesome wall! Radford, I never knew you had it in ya!


ah!!!!! Beautiful!

Favorite!!! One of them:) I wonder why…

Ok, Katelyn had a not-so-great idea to blow white things all over the place! It made a mess!

Kristy WOW…. so stunning.

Ohh I luvvv this!!

Such a beautiful couple!!!!!

Gimme that hair!!!


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  1. Amanda Miller reply

    Beautiful ring, photos… and couple! Plus, I love the locations!

  2. molly reply

    OHMYGAH. one of my fave engagement sessions EVER. her hair! the colors! the location! the couple! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. there aren’t enough loves to say how much i love it.

  3. Kaitlyn reply

    Katelyn! I cannot believe you were in Radford! I shoot in all of these locations frequently. It is so crazy to see these beautiful portraits and know exactly where you took them.

  4. Morgan reply

    You are so beautifully talented! Even though i’m only in college, every time I read and look at your blog I just want to get married already so I can take pretty pictures like these! Keep them coming, useful for study breaks during finals :) Thanks for everything you do!

  5. Lydia reply

    Wow. You’re incredible talent and ability to illustrate love & emotion never ceases to amaze me. You are such an inspiration to me as a photographer. I hope I can be as awesome as you are someday. GREAT JOB! This couple is beautiful!

  6. Meagan reply

    Probably my absolute favorite engagement session to date.

  7. Dede Edwards reply


  8. katie reply

    kk.. i can’t tell you how much i love this session. TOO MUCH. beautiful couple!!! can’t wait to see their wedding!!!!!

  9. Emy reply

    OMG. Kristy and Austin, you two are gorgeous!! I love every single one of these shots. SO beautiful! And Kristy, I would give anything to have hair like yours… Austin your hair is nice too! haha :)

  10. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    So beautiful! You can just tell this couple is head-over-heels in love and excited about it too!

  11. ellie reply

    this is probably my favorite engagement session you have done. seriously. :)

  12. KyAnn reply

    Geeeeez, they are toooo cute!!! I can’t even handle the cuteness in this session. ;) I LOVE every. single. picture!!!

  13. Mallory reply

    This is BY FAR one of my favorite engagement sessions!!! AMAZING pictures!!! :)

  14. Erin Cefalu reply

    Love love love the photos with the white flowers! GORGEOUS!

  15. Ashley Jock reply

    LOVE these!!!!!

  16. kelsey Newman reply

    Wow y’all look great! LOOOOVE these!

  17. ashley reply

    these are all so phenomenal, katelyn. i can’t pick a favorite. i love all of the shots of her resting her head on his shoulder. so sweet. the colors pop in these photos and i love it! another great job, girl! :)

  18. Patricia Carlisle reply

    Beautiful pictures!!

  19. Holly reply

    Ohhhh how I love some teal and red! gorgeous!!

  20. Rachel Leigh Greene reply

    These are wonderful!!!! Love them :D

  21. Hannah Nicole reply

    just beeeeeautiful. the colors are insane, the light is perfect, and the images are GORG. :)

  22. Sarah reply

    OMGSH! This is my favorite session ever. I love all of the colors and they are such an adorable couple. Love love LOVE it :)

  23. Kara Buccat reply

    Seriously! These pictures are amazing as….usual! you gotta do a run through of how you photo edit. I know the magic is str8 out of the camera because you are sooo awesome. :) Any editing tips would be much loved! :)

  24. Annetta reply

    WOW!! What a beautiful session! Love all the colour and richness in the photos.

  25. Elise reply

    Great colors and great smiles!!

  26. Ashley {Ashley Daniell Photography} reply

    These are beautiful Katelyn!! Like over the top beautiful! I LOVE them!!! You have such an amazing way of getting people’s personalities to shine and your couples always look so happy and at ease. Love! (and love all the teal…. lol)

  27. Holly reply

    You never stop blowing me away! Absolutely LOVE the colors, the couple did such a good job coordinating for the day. :)

  28. Stephanie Stewart reply

    Love this colorful session! What a CUTE couple! And is it just me, or does Kristy remind you of Rachel McAdams? Gorgeous! And I want her hair too!

  29. Samantha June reply

    OMGORSH! Gorgeous images! This is random but I love the way she tied her scarf in those first pictures :) I’ve never seen it done like that, definitely will be giving it a try!!

  30. Amanda McGruder reply

    Holy Bananas this couple is too cute. Beautiful photos and amazing colors!

  31. caroline reply

    OH. MY. GOSH. what a freakin BEAUTIFUL couple. could the colors BE anymore perfect?!?!? love em :)

  32. jamie reply

    Love all the colors in the pictures! i love the two of them walking in the field with her arm holding onto his!

  33. ashley barnett reply

    These are GORGEOUS Katelyn!!! Love love love them!

  34. karin reply

    HOW is her hair so perfect??

    Beautiful pics, Katelyn!

  35. Kathryn Grace reply

    These are AMAZING!!! I loooove the one of them in the arched windows. Can I ask how she tied her scarf in the first photos?? It’s so cute!

  36. Alex reply

    The location is beautiful. It warms my heart to see how you were able to capture their love and excitement for one another. I have so many new favorites from this session!! I cannot wait to see how you capture their big day! Great work. I enjoyed the hair change too.

  37. Kelly Baldwin reply

    So freakin adorable!!!! The shots, the colors, the people – it’s all so great! :-) Great job!

  38. Serena reply

    Um, this session is totally adorable. I LOVE her second outfit! As in, I’m currently obsessing over her cardigan – ah!

    Fabulous job, Katelyn! :)

  39. Christy reply

    Just love these Katelyn! Beautiful couple!

  40. Abby Grace reply

    I love this session for so many reasons- I went to RU so I IMMEDIATELY recognized the landscape. AH! Brings me back!

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