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sitting in V-Team meetings during my senior year at CNU and hearing Rachel talk about Caleb. Rachel and I served on the Vision Team for Intervarsity during our senior year and when you meet weekly with the same people over and over again, you can’t help but get really close to them. I think I learned more about Rachel in one year than I had in all 4 years of knowing her at college! We would meet on Tuesdays (I think, I don’t remember?! Ah! I’m getting old!) and we would start meetings by sharing about life. I would normally throw my hands up and announce that “I’m OVERWHELMED!! I can’t be in college and run a business and be engaged!!! I’m freaking out!!”.  That seemed to be the theme

of my life during senior year.  We’d go around the table and once we got to Rachel, she’d share her heart and almost always end with “Oh and I miss Caleb”. I always felt bad after hearing that. How dare I complain about my busy life and planning a wedding when my fiance’ worked on campus and I saw him every single day. Caleb was in Pakistan for the 6 months before they were engaged. Talk about LONG DISTANCE. These two know the long distance relationship thing all too well… and yet somehow they made it work. Caleb and Rachel were born in the same hospital. Both were born with some complications that left their families and church families praying that they would survive. Little did they know, way back then, that these two would grow up to be best friends and decide to spend their whole life together.  They went through the awkward years, like everyone does. Rachel liked Caleb, Caleb didn’t have a clue. Rachel continued to like Caleb and Caleb continued to be oblivious. FINALLY, after a long walk and some help from Caleb’s twin brother, Caleb made the connection and realized that this best friend of his may just be the love of his life.


They started dating and the rest is history. They dated while they were states a part and then half a world a part. Caleb’s family are missionaries in Pakistan and both Caleb and Rachel have such a passion for that country. It’s so wonderful to see two people so excited about the same thing and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. There is no doubt in my mind that these two are going to do amazing things together for the Lord.  We know that they have been fighters from birth! And you have to understand, Rachel’s battle with medical issues did not end after her struggle at birth.  She has undergone numerous mouth and jaw surgeries, 10 to be exact, and she’s been a fighter her whole life.  This girl amazes me. Even during extreme pain and her jaw being wired shut, she found a way to smile and be joyful. I don’t understand. Rachel is one of a kind and after thinking about all that she’s been through, I get chills when I look at these wedding images.  Rachel and her doctors have worked for years to make her smile the smile she has always dreamed of.  We had talked about taking some fun portraits after her braces came off but I’m glad we didn’t.  I’m glad we didn’t because I loved being able to capture her beautiful smile on the happiest day of her life. Rachel you were GLOWING girlfriend!!! You were so stunning and I was so honored to be a part of your wedding day, you have no idea!


I wish the two of you the VERY best with this new adventure in life! What incredible things are ahead of you!!! Enjoy your images and I hope you’re having a blast in the TN!!!

Loved her simple style! AND the teal earrings!

In her dress!! And she’s excited!! LOVE this girl… this is Rachel at her best!! So happy and ready to be MARRIED!!!!

First look!

Get it girl!!!!!

Rachel informed me that we were taking portraits at one plantation, and then going to a different plantation for bridal party portraits…. LOVE HER. Love her so much! Perfection!

This is mantle-worthy!! You two look awesome!!


Love it!

Looking good girls!

Their FIRST KISS… EVER!! And it was a good one!


Gotta have some corvette shots…

Beautiful colors!

Caleb and Rachel and an ice cream toast! Such a fun idea! Guests were served all different toppings!

Dress | Galina, David’s Bridal

Venue | Deer Run Pavilion

Caterer | Legends Grill

Honeymoon | Gatlinburg, TN

Florals | Family friend

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  1. sherri lynn reply

    What a cute couple! I love the simplicity and elegance of her dress – and all the fun details at the reception!

  2. Sara reply

    Soooo excited these are up…I’ve been obsessively checking since the wedding…haha! I love everything about these!! congrats Rachel and Caleb!!!!

  3. Esther Kangas reply

    What a beautiful and contagious smile! And I LOVE how her dress had pockets, too cute :) That pi/e picture definitely had my stomach grumbling though :P Favorite picture might have been him kissing her on the forehead on the porch with that ray of sunshine peeping through! You sure know how to capture those cherished moments, Katelyn!

  4. Abby Grace reply

    these photos made me cry- they’re so so beautiful! I love all of the portraits- the colors are absolutely delicious. Katelyn, you’ve outdone yourself again. And again and again. I’m bookmarking this weddin gon my iPhone so the next time I’m struggling for poses, I’ll put this us. ASeriously, girl- this wedding is gorgeous, and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to drool over it. Congratulations to the bride and groom! And kudos to you for saving your first kiss for your wedding! SO AWESOME!

  5. Rachel Cutherell reply

    Oh my goodness KK!!!!!!!!!!! Caleb and I are in LOVE with these!!! I don’t even know if I can pick a favorite, I just love them all so much!! Thank-you for capturing our big day with STUNNING images. We love you!!

  6. Kristina W. reply

    Oh Rachel, you are so beautiful, inside and out! I loved it when we would get to talk at CNU and it was always obvious how much you loved Caleb, so I’m just so excited for you! You look absolutely gorgeous in these photos! Congratulations!

  7. Jodi reply

    what a SWEET couple!! loved hearing about their relationship and everything they’ve gone through…it just makes the pictures that more special! beautiful shots Katelyn!

  8. Jennifer Krieg reply

    That yellow pops & is oh so gorgeous! Beautiful bride!!

  9. jess weiss reply

    WOW– gorgeous pics and gorgeous wedding party! where did they get married? awesome <3

  10. Cati reply

    Love the FIRST KISS EVER!
    And the “Loving you is as easy as… 3.14159…”
    Love the ice cream toast!
    beautiful couple, beautiful style, beautiful wedding, beautiful story, beautiful pictures-

  11. Lexi reply

    Love this post! What a cute couple and all the bright colors. LOVE THAT THEY SAVED THEIR FIRST KISS FOR THEIR WEDDING DAY!!! That’s what I am doing too. :)

  12. beverly reply

    such a beautiful story —rachel, so happy for you and Caleb! hated that we missed it, but as always katelyn captured the love of you two and for guests who were not there and people who don’t even know you feel like they do because of these pictures. congrats! you have been so faithful to the Lord, may this season of marriage bear much fruit.

  13. Mo reply

    I absolutely love these!!! KK, you did amazing!!! Caleb and Rachel look fantastic! You did a great job capturing their special day and I am so glad you were there to celebrate with us all!! :)

  14. Colleen reply

    i see what you mean about the toppings/details shots, kk! haha great job!!! :)

  15. Ashley Quigg reply

    Oh my goodness! These photos are wonderful! Congratulations to Caleb and Rachel :)

  16. Kristin reply

    Such a sweet wedding…love the shot of her getting in her dress!

  17. robyn L. reply

    My good friend/former roommate’s husband was the IV staff worker at CNU a few years ago…probably when you were a student there. Small world!

  18. Alex reply

    Such a beautiful story of how their journey began. I love the deep connection you help me feel just from reading then you top it all off with absolutely amazing images that capture their love! The perspective in the ceremony picture with the two tall skinny trees really interests me….just thought I would share that thought with you. Your images always get me thinking. Keep capturing the love!

  19. Julianna reply

    What a simply wonderful wedding. Very cute, simple, and classy! Pie/Pi desserts…how clever. And the corvette….red hot…no pun intended.

  20. Adriana Morett reply

    Your photos are so beautiful… love your style!!

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  22. Nicole reply

    I literally teared up reading about this couple. The pictures are beautiful and you both look so happy! I wish nothing but the best in your lives together :)

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  25. Karen Ellis reply

    Where did the grooms get their vests and pants?

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